Disneyland Resort at Dawn: Grizzly River Run

Shannon Swanson

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

I have posted several videos for this series featuring Disneyland park so I thought it was time to move over to Disney California Adventure park. Grizzly River Run was a natural choice and Grizzly Peak created a beautiful backdrop to the morning sunrise. It’s a calm contrast to the excitement the attraction hosts during the day. Enjoy!


  • Beautiful!

  • I love these videos. So peaceful and calming.

  • I LOVE the video takes me to that special place!!

  • Staying at the Grand Californian, my room was on the “park” side right next to the (at the time) the “Mulholland” Coaster… I have to admit the “running of the coaster” was sooo soothing for me to fall asleep to…

  • Simply beautiful! It’s wonderful to see these attractions from a perspective that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise. Thank you!

  • I love these! Keep them coming! It’s nice to see the park quiet and peaceful before all the guests arrive.

  • Beautiful! Just wondering, does anyone know about staying over in the Disneyland Park? Is that even an option? I’ve heard about it from certain cast members, but didn’t know if if was true.

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