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Fairies Fly to Magic Kingdom Park July 28

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

I have an update today for all of you Disney Fairies fans.

Disney Fairies Return to Magic Kingdom Park July 28

Tinker Bell and the rest of the Disney Fairies will return to Magic Kingdom Park for meet-and-greets beginning July 28. The Pixie Hollow gang will be stationed at the Adventureland Veranda in the Adventureland area of the park.

Until that time, the fairies will continue greeting families at Epcot.

Tip: For the most updated information on meet-and-greet locations for any Disney character, pick up a Times Guide at any Disney theme park.


  • Will the Ariel meet-and-greet still be there as well?

  • This is exciting! So all of them will be at the same spot in the Veranda? When are we gonna find out whats goin in those tents that used to be toon town? I know that this was planned for pixie Hollow but those plans got erased. The Fans and I would like more new information on the expansion instead of new concept art! Were literally dying here for new information and there is so much spectulation of monsters inc roller coaster coming to the studios and new lands at Animal Kingdom and a new attraction in Adventureland! Were desperate here cuz we love our parks and would love to see them evolve more here in the Florida side. It upsets me when Disneyland and DCA gets so much love with new Amazing Parades and entertainment and attractions opening all the time. I think it’s been since weve had an actual ride open up here! I love Disney World and would just like more offerings then just this expansion. I guess it may be diffrent but I’m an annual passholder and have been goin since 2001 so I’m hungry for more rides!

    • Rob – That’s one tall order for me to fill! I promise we’ll have an inside look at New Fantasyland soon that will be WORTH THE WAIT.

  • Where is Ariel going? I’ll be there in August and my daughter want to meet her. Last time she was @ the veranda.

    • A lot of the Disney princesses have relocated to the front of the park in Town Square Theater. But, be sure to ask for a Times Guide when you arrive at the park. That will have the most updated locations/times.

  • Thank you for the wonderful news! When they first added Pixie Hollow in Toontown it was a dream come true, and being able to meet just Tinkerbell at EPCOT right now is much less fun than the former experience.

  • Yeah, I’d been hoping the Hollow Tree plans hadn’t been “erased”, but just pushed off the announcement art/blueprints because they were last on the New Fantasyland construction schedule and they didn’t want to get our hopes up too early!
    Doesn’t need to be anything as big as what was originally concept-arted, but hope it isn’t gone for good.

  • So are the fairies going to be at EPCOT still or is it discontinued until they move to Hollywood Studios?

    • They are currently at Epcot and will move to Magic Kingdom at the end of this month.

  • We loved meeting the Disney Fairies at Epcot in February. Wherever their adventures take them we will follow. I love seeing characters in their own environments!

    • How nice!

  • “They” are not at Epcot. Tinker Bell is the ONLY fairy you can meet until the new space opens at Magic Kingdom. Ariel and Eric will be Outside in their typical meet and greet location at the verandah and the fairies will be indoors where the princesses were temporarily before town square was finished.

  • Thanks for the updates, Jennifer! We are excited to be coming in December to see some of the progress for ourselves. Thanks for posting!

  • Awe, too bad my daughter wanted to see Tinker Bell so bad but we were @ the Magical Kingdom 2 wks ago. Oh well, NEXT TIME!!

  • It’s nice that the expansion is being “released” in phases as it allows us, the park guests, to be able to enjoy the progress, and still wonder about what’s left to come. If I recall, the Ariel attraction will be part of the fantasy land expansion, and that giant king Trioton they loaded up was a wonderful sign of things to come…

  • Thanks for the update. We were able to meet Tink, Terence, Vidia, and Rosetta at Epcot in May! And the fairy play area was a hit with the kids! Keeping my fingers crossed that Pixie Hollow does not get totally axed!

  • Will the Blue Fairy be part of the group? She has always been my favorite.

    • I don’t believe so. The “Disney Fairies” refers to a group of Tinker Bell’s friends who are featured in the really popular straight-to-DVD Disney Fairies films.

  • So where is the veranda in Adventureland?

    • Immediately after you cross the bridge into Adventureland on the right.

  • Thanks, Jennifer. Will they be moving to Fantasyland at some point, or stay in adventureland?

  • dom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What do you mean by that, Nathan?

  • Are they going to be putting back Tinkerbell’s Treasures into the new expansion? Watching the little ones call for Tink and seeing the look on their faces when she flew into the screen, always made my trip to Disney more special.

  • The Veranda has certainly come a long way from it’s sponsored by Kikkoman days…

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