Goofy’s Sky School Now in Session at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Attention aspiring pilots! Goofy’s Sky School is now accepting students at Disney California Adventure park! Climb on board, and learn to fly the Goofy way. We spoke to some of the first classes after they landed today – see what they had to say about this attraction, inspired by the 1940 cartoon, “Goofy’s Glider.”

If Goofy were teaching you to fly, what kind of flight instructions do you think he’d give?


  • I’m a regular at Disney World, but I just got back from a trip to Disneyland and rode Goofy’s Sky School with my brother 8 times in less than 20 minutes as single rider. The themeing is great for this type of ride and I really ejoyed it.

  • Tyler–
    Yes, it is still a modest ride, but the fact it, it feels like a much better experience, it has a better, more Disney theme, and there are some great props and details in the ride and the queue.

    The ride now has more creative details than Mullholland Madness ever had.

  • Its as if the people interviewed had never been to the park before to know that this is basically just a new paint job to one of the worst rides in the park from the original version. Would they compliment Mullholland Madness if it was brand new?

  • I just visited Disneyland from Boston and the day we went to California Adventure they were allowing people to go on for a special preview! I loved the ride!! It was a lot of fun!

  • Benjamin, Horace Horsecollar is Clarabelle’s true love, not Goofy.

  • This looks like the same technology as Primeval Whirl over at DAK, yeah?

  • Gur-hyuck don’t forget flying through barns is a good thing. That’s how I met Clarabelle! Yaaa hoo hoo hooy!

  • I’ve ridden it a few times now and I really enjoy it. Its a much better than Mullholand Madness, simply because the themeing is much better, especially the queue details.

    Also, I like the fact that the billboards are animated with moving parts.

  • “If Goofy were teaching you to fly, what kind of flight instructions do you think heโ€™d give?”

    Goofy wouldn’t give instructions…The “How-To” Narrator would!:
    “And so, pulling back GENTLY on the joystick, the pilot soars GRACEFULLY upward with a look of eagles in his eyes…” ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Too bad this couldn’t have been thematically closer to Condor Flats, but that’s a small price to pay for Mulholland Madness…)

  • What I would think that would make it better would if you had either the “dis-embodyed” instructor voice that goes along in the “Goofy How to…” videos or maybe Goofy’s would say what the instructions are as you pass them and maybe a how to tip on how to do it.

  • Another famous line from the Muppets fits in here “If you don’t seceede..” “…fail, fail again”. I don’t think Goofy would say that but he would say “Keep-a at it”

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