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Inside Corn Dog Castle at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Step inside the Corn Dog Castle – now open at Disney California Adventure park – in this video! This much-loved food location serves more than 1,000 corn dogs each day. Here you can find three types of corn dogs: cheese, hot link and regular (which is the most popular). How do they make these bits of heaven on a stick? Find out for yourself:

What is your favorite Corn Dog Castle treat?


  • Not sure why, but never stopped by the castle for a corndog. I am definitely going to try one on my next trip.

  • This is such a great place to eat and relax. I’ve had the cheese on a stick twice; it’s the best. I’m looking forward to the new restaurants in Paradise Pier.

  • I have not been there in years, but I can always remember when I was younger going near the them but back then they were called “Goofy Dogs”

  • Man…. I missed Corn Dog Castle. Their corn dogs are the best in Disneyland. I thought i would never see that ever again during the construction. Can’t wait to go there again this month.

  • I can’t believe I have NEVER had a Corn-Dog at Disneyland! What am I missing???

  • Best corn dogs in the Disneyland Resort are from Corn Dog Castle. A visit to DLR isn’t complete without one.

  • MacLaren–
    Corn Dog Castle is in Paradise Pier, in-between Goofy’s Sky School and The Little Mermaid ride.

  • oh, those hot link corn dogs….probably not the healthiest thing in the world, but oh so good. Have not seen them offered anywhere else. Yum.

  • I would love to try a corn dog at Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Is it possible to make veggie dogs and veggie corn dogs available for those of us that do not eat meat? Veggie options would be greatly appreciated and delicious I’m sure!

  • Just got back from Disneyland this evening. The Corn Dogs were Delicious!! Team members behind the scene making them, they were super sweet!! Thank them for me, I can’t wait to go back in December. Bring back the Funnel Cakes I missed those, at least I couldn’t find any. Oooh, and the lemon freeze juice that were in New Orleans, square. Yummmo!!

  • I love this place…good treat and value!

  • I see you’ve used my description/hashtag that I always use on Twitter to describe the corn dogs on Main Street, #heavenonastick.

    I always get one corn dog for every day I’m at Disneyland, but I will only get them on Main Street. It wouldn’t be the same eating a corn dog in Disney California Adventure. But, that’s just me.

    I also like how they’re the size of a small child’s arm! #heavenonastick Woot!

  • I wish they have veggie corn dog. I miss corn dogs since I no longer eat meat, and cheese corn dog isn’t the same.

  • I wish that they’d serve non-beef corn dogs so that I could partake in their yummy-ness! 🙁

  • Where in the park is this?

  • Best corn dogs ever! I’ve never had any as good as here. (And the Wagon in Disneyland.) And I do like the apples with it instead of chips. So glad that’s an option.

  • Love ’em when I’m in California, but where are they at Walt Disney World? I know that they have corn dog nuggets at Casey’s on Main Street, but I want the real thing. Are they available anywhere at WDW? Dying for a corn dog fix!!!!

  • Yummy looking. Can we get one in WDW?

  • I am so there!!!

  • We were there 2 weeks ago for 3 days. My 3 year old had a corn dog each day! It was quite the vacation treat for him!

  • omg cant wait to go back to disney california to get a corn dog =) i hear they have the best corn dogs at disney!!

  • The Hot Links corn dog is the best. Sweet with a little spice and then add the tang of the mustard. So glad that it is open again.

  • Looks yummy! I like the irony of “we can get it with healthy options like apples”

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