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Mysterious Faces of Italy at Epcot

Epcot is nearly 30 years old, but I only recently discovered these unique architectural details at the Italy Pavilion in World Showcase. I hope you find them as intriguing as I do.

Mysterious Faces of Italy

On the south wall of the Doge’s Palace, you will find a unique sculpture of a face, below which an inscription reads: “De nontie secrete contro contrabandieri et transgressorio in ogni sorte di ogli” which translates from old Italian to: “Secret accusations against smugglers of any event.” This “mouth of truth,” as it was sometimes called, is a representation of a Venetian letterbox, which allowed citizens of Venice to anonymously lodge complaints and report crimes to the government. Venetian letterboxes were found throughout the city, and took on many different appearances, often depicting mythological figures. The Epcot version gets its inspiration from Bacchus, the god of wine.

Mysterious Faces of Italy

Just a few feet away, a mysterious, yet enchanting female bust seems to guard a secluded staircase, just another of the many thoughtful tributes to the enormous cache of art treasures found throughout Italy. Viva Italia! Viva Imagineers!

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  • Was working out at EPCOT Center when it was built…saw all the amazing things as they came to life and were set in stone and made to look like they had always been there….AMAZING DESIGN/BUILD as an amazing team…incredible carpenters, masonry workers and sculptures that seemed to make it all come alive day after day….Wonderful time in my life…then my children were able to reap the rewards of both WDWorld Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Center and later on the MGM Studios and the Dolphin/Swan Hotels that we had been a part of in creating…MAGICAL as ALWAYS..

  • Incredible… Grazie! Perhaps that’s a statue of Mary?

    The water fountain area is great too… Is that Triton/Poseidon?

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