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One Moment of Magic at Walt Disney World Resort

I am often struck by just how much emotion surrounds us within our parks. Recently, while walking through the hub at Magic Kingdom Park, I discovered a sweet moment that had previously eluded me. Jiminy Cricket appears to be showing off his “Official Conscience” gold badge to Pinocchio in a scene from the 1940 Walt Disney classic film.

Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio at Magic Kingdom Park

Classic, indeed.


  • What always amazes and enthralls me are the little details like that. It’s about creating an environment, down to the littlest detail,it’s not just an amusement park, but AMAZAMENT park.

  • People visiting Walt Disney World or any other Disney resort miss so much when they are racing to here and there…. Sometimes the most Magical Moment is not on a special ride, or watching fireworks…. Sometimes the Most Magical Moment is sitting on a couch chair inside the Grand Canyon Concourse (Contemporary Resort) watching the monorail pass by the wonderful mural that you can study for hours discovering a new detail you never saw before… or perhaps sitting next to Figment’s House (my for-fun name for the Imagination Pavilion’s Funnest resident!) watching the Dancing fountains…..

    It is the EXTRA detail and love that goes into every square inch of any Disney resort that makes for a new special discovery every time you visit…whether it is weekly, monthly, yearly or whatever….there is No Place I’d rather be…..

  • I always find there is more too see than my eyes can look at…truly amazing.

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