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Our Peruvian Vacation with Adventures by Disney

Marty Muller and Craig H. Richlin on their Peruvian Vacation

We just returned from a trip to Peru with Adventures by Disney and wanted to share our amazing experience. Until recently we had never been a part of a tour. Our only experience with tours was last December when our family took a private tour in Southeast Asia, so we were somewhat apprehensive as to what to expect in a group experience. However, we were pleasantly surprised and, although we traveled with approximately 30 people, we felt as if we were being catered to. From the time we landed, we did not have to touch our bags. They arrived in the hotels before we did, which did not happen on our private tour.

The group experience was a delight. We traveled with families with children and families without children. Everybody was made to feel welcome and part of the group. This was in part due to our two wonderful Adventure Guides and the manner in which the tour was set up. Except for breakfast, we ate together around common tables, which provided a great opportunity for getting to know the other adventurers. By the end of the tour, we were just as likely to sit, either at meals or during our travels, with a member of another family as we were with our own family. We have only been back a few days and already have photos and invitations to visit from our fellow adventurers. We definitely feel that we’ve made lifelong friends!

Prior to our trip, we did quite a lot of research about Peru and the sites we were scheduled to see. The experience was true to what was promised. We visited the important sights and were provided with valuable explanations and insights as to what we were seeing. To an even greater extent, we felt the experience was truly authentic because one of our Guides was from area that we were visiting.

Without a doubt, we would give the overall experience a grade of “A+”.

We are already looking into our next possible Adventures by Disney vacation, possibly Ireland. Hope to see you there!


  • Hi Marty and Stacey!
    Funny that I stumbled along this today! It was a wonderful trip, we agree as well! Nothing could have been done better, in our opinion, and we certainly feel it was a trip of a lifetime! We cannot wait for a second ABD trip!

  • Hi Marty!
    We agree! We had an amazing time with all of the families on the trip. This was our second Adventure by Disney, first was China. Both trips were equally fabulous!
    We miss all of our new friends, but are excited that many are in touch.
    Off to Disney World this weekend to keep the magic going!

  • Welcome to the blog Ms. Marty!

  • Would love to go there someday!

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