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Take 5: Disney Mouseketeers

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

The Original Mouseketeers

Do you remember the classic TV show, “Mickey Mouse Club?” Those child stars were known as Mouseketeers and we’ve featured the original group on the Disney Parks Blog a number of times as they helped establish Disneyland Resort as the “Happiest Place on Earth” since its inception in the 1950s. Did you watch this show as child?

Take 5: Disney Mouseketeers

  1. Sights & Sounds of Disney Parks: A Mouseketeer’s Visit – Recently, original “Mickey Mouse Club” Mouseketeer Sherry Van Meter (née Alberoni) visited Walt Disney World Resort. Check out what she had to say!

  2. Interview with the Mouseketeers at Disneyland Resort – Last fall we had the unique opportunity to sit down with a few colleagues and some very special guests, who were all “ears” when it came to talking about the 55th Anniversary of the Mickey Mouse Club. Here are some of the highlights.

  3. Fifty-Five Years of Magic at Disneyland Park – See how the Mouseketeers have contributed to 55 Years of Magic at Disneyland Resort.

  4. Vinylmation ’55 – The Mickey Mouse Club – Check out this interview with Susan Foy of the Disney Design Group about a few figures from the “Vinylmation 55″ series – a 9” plus 3” set celebrating the 55th Anniversary of The Mickey Mouse Club.

  5. Mouseketeers March Down Main Street, U.S.A., in 1955 – Their First Public Appearance – In this post, we shared a photo of the Mouseketeers’ first official public appearance on July 17, 1955, during the opening day festivities at Disneyland park.


  • I was just looking into You Tube and found 2 songs from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty done by Mouseketeer Darlene Gillespi. She really did have a great voice. I wish her well.

  • I remember when it came on as a rerun show in the 70’s, before the next set of Mousketeers came out. I can remember my dad saying “Is that our Annette?” and I thought he was talking about our next door neighbor… He was excited to see the show again and was happy to see that I liked it as well.

  • I grew up watching the Mickey Mouse Club, and never missed a show. I recognize and remember most of the Mouseketeers, but where is Roy Williams?

  • Growing up during the 50s I remember The Mickey Mouse Club television show very well.

  • Wonderful post!! My Father grew up watching the Mousketeers, he had a secret crush on Annette. 🙂 I am thankful that he shared his love of the Mousketeer Club with me and together we watched this beloved show often. Fun links!

  • What a way to celebrate! The foundation that built part of the TV empire and brought Disney into people’s living rooms. Glad to see them celebrate and honor the original cast.

  • I was just wondering if Roberta Shore, who starred in Disney’s Shaggy Dog, was ever asked to be a Mouseketeer? I know she was on the show and also sang. She was great in the TV Western the Virginian.

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