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The Disney Vinylmation Robot Invasion Has Begun!

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Robots #1 Disney Vinylmation Series

I love robots! My love for these machines probably comes from countless hours of watching science-fiction films like The Black Hole. I even dressed as a robot for Halloween when I was 4 years old. While I love robots, I certainly don’t want them taking over the world. Unfortunately, I think it is too late! Today, the robot invasion has begun at select Disney Stores across the United States and online with the release of Vinylmation – Robots #1. I spoke with Donald Ferro, Product Developer for Vinylmation at Disney Parks, about this unique partnership with the Disney Stores.

“The Disney Theme Park Merchandise development team is excited to partner with the Disney Stores as Vinylmation has become a focus for the entire Walt Disney Company,” explained Donald. “I believe at the heart of Vinylmation is creativity, great design and fun storytelling. The Robots series is actually the third set designed by the Disney Store team and the figures look great!”

Robots #1 Disney Vinylmation Series

This new series follows the limited-release model first introduced at Disney Parks. The series will feature 11 known three-inch figures and one mystery chaser figure. I can’t decide which figure is my favorite. When I showed my son the images above, he said he wanted them all (that’s my boy!).

The artwork for these figures was created by Disney Artists on the Disney Store art team. Donald explained the key to success has been good partnerships.

“We meet regularly with the Disney Store team,” continued Donald. “Their art team works closely with our lead Vinylmation artists, Thomas Scott and Eric Caszatt, to review artwork, discuss designs and share best practices. The meetings have helped us create consistent products and experiences for both Disney Parks and Disney Stores.”

Robots #1 Disney Vinylmation Series

There will also be limited edition nine-inch figures released with a robots theme. I think my favorite is the robot who is driving another robot.

The Disney Store team produced a pretty incredible video staring these new robotic creations. After watching it, I’m hungry for a cheeseburger and vanilla milkshake from the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The video seems like something you would see there.

Will these robots be invading Disney Parks?

“The first Robots series will only be released at the Disney Stores,” said Donald. “But I advise that you start making preparations now. I’ve heard reports that a second wave of robots could be making their way to Earth.”

Sounds just like one of those sci-fi movies I love.


  • Just got my tray of Robots today! They are awesome!

    I signed up to get tickets for the ‘Room For 1 More’ Haunted Mansion event at the Contemporary Resort in the Disney World. I was looking at the “preview” catalog and I was wondering will there be Vinylmations at this event. I figure Noah will be doing some Vinyls but I want to know if there will be non-1 of a kinds.

  • Enjoyed the article. Picked up some robots and got the chaser as well as a few other robots.

    I really appreciated that you guys have a partnership with the disney store team and actually putting out certain series designated for that location. Plus the interview and quotes from Donald were outstanding….dont here from him quite often.

    As for you, I enjoyed your enthusiasm and passion for robots. I wished for more Disney themed related bots such as Vincent from the Black Hole and XR from Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Command.

    I cant wait for the next robot series, and plus the product today was awesome including the packaging.

    One concern though

    About the price for the robots 9 inches, they were advertised as $39.99 on the website before, what happened with the recent change in the price. They are now on sale for $44.95 at my local disney store. Thanks

    • @Kevin – Glad you liked the article. Unfortunately, I’m unsure what happened with the price change. I know that all prices are subject to change without notice. I too am wishing for more robots! 🙂

  • I saw the update on the Vinylmation Blog! Thank you for answering my question. I can’t wait to see the full catalog! I hope it will be up soon. Do you know the cost of the Ear Hat/Vinyl Figure/Pin combo set?

  • Oh in the excitement of the Room For 1 More info, I completely forgot to mention that the photo isn’t showing up on the Vinylmation Blog. Can’t wait to see the image.

  • Mr. Miller,

    I always appreciate readying your posts and updates. Please tell me that with Disney’s recent ownership of Marvel and the releasing of the Avengers movie next summer that Disney is planning a marvel characters vinylmation series. That would truly be awesome.

  • In 2000, Tokyo Disney Resorts put out a whole series of Steampunkin Disney Characters which I collected. There were tool boxes with candy inside, cookie cans, drawing rulers etc. with the mechanical characters Mickey, Minnie and Donald. They would be perfect for this new wave of Vinyl Bots. TDR always has great merchandize for every event they do.

  • Just another incredible set of vinylmations! I have been keeping a list of vinylmations for some time and with the release of Robots and Urban 7 there are now 921 vinylmations available (unless I missed something). By the time the new releases come out by the end of the year, we will be over 1000! I think it would be time to celebrate the 1000th release with some sort of party! Are you going to be able to be at the Florida Project this year?

    • @Chris – Please call me “Steven” (Mr. Miller is my Dad) 😉 Thank you for the kind words. At this time, we do not have plans for that kind of series.

      @Friend – I love Tokyo Disney Resort!! I visited there in 2002 and have longed to return every day since. The Disney Store in Japan is currently carrying Vinylmation. See them on-line at:

      @Don – Wow! I guess we better get busy on releasing a few more – LOL! I unfortunately won’t be at The Florida Project this year. With my new role, I’m not as involved with the merchandise events like before. If you are going, I hope you have good times!

  • Thank you Steven for your reply. I am blown away by the Vinylmation figure and hat. I hope that I will be awarded with tickets. Do you happen to have a photo of the pin that goes with the set? Thank you again.

  • I will be at the Florida Project. It won’t be the same without you there. You will be truly missed! Hope to see you at other events!

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