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Travelocity’s Top Reasons to Stay at a Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

As my fellow Disney Parks Blog author Tom Smith mentioned earlier this month, the Walt Disney World Resort will be featured in a three-part Disney Parks series hosted by Travelocity travel expert Genevieve Shaw Brown.

The second video in the installment details the “Top 4 Reasons to Stay at a Walt Disney World Resort,” as voted on by fans of Travelocity’s Facebook Page.

What are your family’s reasons for staying at a Disney resort? Let’s discuss them in the comments section below.


  • our previous stay at magical kingdom resort is awesome ,,wonderful experience from accommodations, food and customer service, we also stayed in one of the resort Royal Plaza, staffs are very helpful and the manager and supervisors are very accommodating ,an awesome hotel lobby , a bus tour is very convenient to Disney park entrance.

  • My top reasons:

    1. Never leaving the magic (this encompasses the service from CMs, the hotel theme, everything Disney)
    2. The resorts have so much to offer (special experiences, dining, shopping, pool…)
    3. Extra Magic Hours
    4. Proximity to the parks
    5. Transportation to the parks
    6. Transportation to/from the airport

  • Our family Loves the magic you feel at Walt Disney World. You are emersed in Disney Magic 24 hrs. a day. We love that you never leave that world until your vacation is over. Getting on the Magical Express to start your vacation is like going into a different world and the excitement you feel going to the resorts is sooo fun.

  • Anyone know what restaurant that is at 2:16?
    That food looks good!

  • I have ALWAYS wanted to stay at one of the resorts. I am magic all the way anyhow but it seems like this would be the cherry on top of an already beautifully imaginative Disney. I am saving at the moment and want to stay at a deluxe resort. I’d be interested to hear the pros and cons of these resorts. I am already saving and entering every competition I can find. Of course… if there were competitions for being an unofficial ambassador for Disney, I might have won that by now!

  • As our 8th trip in 6 years fast approaches, we’ve only stayed off property once and we’ll never do it again! There is no comparison! The resorts in WDW are pristine, the cast members are outstanding and magical experience you receive cannot be had anywhere else. When I arrive in Orlando and board that bus, it’s like going to a different world….all of my cares are gone and I become a different person. The one time we stayed of site was nice but all we discussed the entire trip was how we couldn’t wait for our next WDW vacation and that we would never stay off site again! Don’t get me wrong, the property we stayed at was lovely but it was NOT DISNEY! I’ve got 2 trips scheduled this year, both are WDW resorts of course and I cannot wait to get there! I can’t wait for the sites, the smells, the smiles!

  • My top reasons for always staying at Walt Disney World is 1) the magical and amazing experience that only Disney can give you at their awesome accommodations, 2) ease of being close to everything and staying right in the magic of the parks and 3) convenience of transportation to any of the parks. The cast members and amenities that Disney resorts offer are far better and more special than anywhere else. I have loved every place I have stayed. It is magical.

  • One thing that I love about staying on-site is the transportation. I know some people like driving, or hate waiting for a bus, but not me. I’m not a huge fan of driving, especially in areas I’m not familiar with. And it wouldn’t be accurate to say that I have a lousy sense of direction . . . a sense of mis-direction is more like it! So I am quite happy to let the bus-driver, or the monorail pilot, or the ship’s captain, worry. I can relax and enjoy the ride and chat with my kids or talk to other visitors.

  • My reason to stay on property is that is a “magical world” in everything: cast members, parks, Dining Plans……We love Disney….

  • I am going to jump on the Cast Member band wagon here :> They are truly some amazing people. There is no other place I have been that makes me feel like I am the only guest they are dealing with at that moment and listen to everything you say and help in any way they can. Without them I really believe Disney would not be where it is today. The other reasons we love staying on site is the Magical Express buses and EMH!!! We have stayed off site before and once we decided to stay on site for the first time we have not gone back off site :> We love all the hotels and the different themes they have. The All Star resorts are our favorite because we spend so much time at the parks we love the prices that let us spend all the extra money we save on the rooms in the parks :> Thank you to everyone who has anything to do with being a Disney Cast Member / Employee in any way.

  • They gave two of my top reasons to stay on property (extra magic hours and the Magical Express) but I’d have to agree with others that the cast members are another wonderful reason to stay at a Disney resort. My other top reason is the Disney Dining Plan.

  • This is why my family joined the Vacation Club!! I get goosebumps every time I hear “Welcome Home”!! Next vacay is already planned for January–too long!

  • My #1 reason for staying on property is that I NEVER have to leave WDW for my entire stay!! I go to Orlando to do ONE thing, and that’s spend a week at Walt Disney World. I don’t drive through those gates until I’m on the Magical Express bus back to the airport.

  • I agree with Chris. The fabulous cast members are my top reason for choosing to stay on property. They are worth their weight in gold and I hope they know it! And every time I fly to Disney World, I wish, wish, wish that Disney would operate an airline. They would do it right! Thank you, Cast Members, for everything you do and the smiles you give to the guests.

  • Those tangible perks are great, but for me the #1 reason to stay on property is the magic! Cast members keep the magic that makes Disney World wonderful going throughout your stay. Others try, but they just can’t match the commitment that cast members have to making your stay special.

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