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Vintage Walt Disney World: Disney Characters Beat the Heat

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

Summer is here at the Walt Disney World Resort and back in the day, when Mickey and Goofy weren’t signing autographs or joining in the parade for all of our guests, they used to head for the water to beat the heat.

Here in 1983, Goofy takes a break by water skiing in Bay Lake. Check out that very colorful swimsuit!

Goofy Water Skis in Bay Lake at Walt Disney World Resort in 1983

Back in 1990, Mickey grabbed his shades and some fins and took a little time to float at a Disney water park. Loving those sunglasses, Mickey!

Mickey Mouse Floats at a Walt Disney World Water Park in 1990

Me? I prefer anything in the A/C in July. The Hall of Presidents, here I come.


  • I have a cherished memory of Goofy skying… ¿Does he no longer do it?

  • Great pics. We used to have the Beach Fun Disney Sing-a-long songs video with the characters having fun in the sun. These remind me of that video. Wish that we could get it on disc for our 5 year old to watch now.

  • Wow, Mickey looks muscular! Is he working out?

  • Love that pic. One of my favorite memories was beating the heat at Epcot about 20 years ago. My father took me to Epcot, just him and me. It had to be late July and it was about 104 in the shade. We must have spent 30 minutes in the snowy entrance to Coke Ice Station Zero when they actually had the snow falling in the entrance. My hair was frozen and I had a full covering of snow and dripped all around the store for a while. Every time we walked by it, we stopped in again. Hmm. Maybe THATS why they took out the snow.. Sorry..

    • I miss Ice Station Cool, too. I still love to taste test sodas from around the world at Club Cool, though. When friends and family visit Epcot I always take them there. Thanks for sharing.

  • On our first trip to DW we didn’t stay at a Disney resort since there were only two at that time. We rode on the ferry over to the MK and Goofy,and Smee, and other characters met the ferry and Goofy was skiing like the photo shows.
    BTW,since then we have stayed at a Disney resort!

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