• My Family and I really enjoyed this, wish you would do more of these on facebook… Such a fun Idea!

  • I am not sure but after reading the other comments and looking at the picture more I will agree and say it’s Penny the Elephant that is in the ice cream parlor but then of course I seen the answer before I posted my comment. I didn’t know that the elephant had a name and that you could or once could drop pennies in her. Heck I have been to DL a lot of times and I didn’t even know this little bit of trivia that she had a name, that you could drop pennies in her, and that she is made out of coke bottles.

  • Penny, Shmenny, there’s NO line for ice cream, get me there! LOL!

  • Lucy the Elephant inside Gibson’s!

  • Penniless Penny, as I like to call her. I forgot the name of the ice cream shop but thanks to everyone else I now know it’s Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor. Is she still empty or are pennies still allowed to be put in it?

  • Hmmm…
    I’m going with the glass elephant in the Gibson Girl Ice Cream parlor.

  • Definitely the Elephant at the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street.

  • it’s the elephant in the ice cream parlor on Main St.

  • Hello old friend! I remember taking note of the elephant after getting some nice ice cream on a hot day.

  • I seem to remember an “ice sculpture” of an elephant in the ice cream shop on Main Street…?

  • I believe this is the glass elephant in the ice cream parlor on Main Street.

  • Hmmm I have never been to Disneyland but I think it looks like a window. Maybe somewhere in Fantasyland? lol

  • That looks like our friend Penny the elephant, made out of Coca-Cola bottles, in the back of the Penny Arcade.

  • Penny, the Jade Glass Elephant in the Ice Cream Parlor on Main St. USA, Disneyland!!

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