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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Jul. 12, 2011

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Where at Disney Parks Can You Find This Clock?

It’s 8:42 a.m. here at the Walt Disney World Resort and that means it’s time for this week’s mystery image puzzler. This beautiful clock is easy to miss if time is not on your side. Have you seen it? Please put your answers in the comments and we’ll update the post with the answer later today.

Tri-City Auto Repair at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Time’s up! Our mystery clock can be found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios above the Tri-City Auto Repair garage door. It’s right next to the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show where Lightning McQueen, star of “Cars” and “Cars 2,” will be making a special appearance this summer. So, did you figure out this week’s puzzler in time?


  • Wow!!! I love how most people say its the muppets 3D but it was practically on the other side of the park!!!

  • There’s multiple theories or explanations documented on Wikipedia, Dustin.

  • Interesting, thanks Ian!

  • In response to Dustin… i read somewhere that the reason there is a ‘IIII’ instead of a ‘IV’ is because Imagineers thought it would be easier to read a ‘IIII’ from a distance then a ‘IV’ was. Not 100% on that but i think i that is correct.

  • Thomas, would you have an explanation about the number “4” that Ian from NJ pointed out– why it’s “IIII” and not, more conventionally, “IV”?

    Btw, this scavenger hunt game’s always fun!

  • I rescind my previous statement- looking at pictures from the most recent trip, its not Muppets. I agree with everyone else- Lights Motors Action Stunt show.

    • Excellent, Jessica. Thanks.

  • Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

  • I rescind my Muppets statement. I think it is the clock outside Lights, Motors, Action.

    • That’s it. Thanks.

  • I believe it is the clock to the right of the entrance to “Lights, Motor, Action” at the end of NY street. Final Answer!

    • Your final answer is correct. Great eye.

  • Is it the clock at the train station on Main street in Magic Kingdom:)

  • I’m going to say right outside of Muppet-vision in Hollywood Studios

  • I’m sure it isn’t Muppet Vision since that one is white and has dots. The american adventure clock is also white.

  • Its above the auto repair garage by lights motors action bathrooms on the streets of america =] good one.

    • Well done…you got it, Jasmine. Thanks.

  • Our guess is either at the Main Street Train Station or the loading area at the Liberty Square Riverboat.

  • Isn’t it on the church-type building at the end of New York Street near the entrance to Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show?

    • On the right track, Philip.

  • I think it might be the outside of Lights Motors Action, above the restrooms.

    • Very close, Jeffrey.

  • MUPPET VISION 3-D!! did I get it? 🙂

  • At first I thought it was the Muppet 3D clock, but that clock is white and has dots around the edges. Also, it is beneath a flat line, not a curved one. I was having doubts so I googled the picture, and it isn’t. I don’t think it’s the American Pavillion clock or the one on the Hall of Presidents in Liberty square, though I want to believe it’s in that area…another tough one!

  • It is from Muppet Vision 3D. The American Adventure clock is not on a Brick surface.

  • Yeah, I agree. The brick pattern is something I only remember from the Muppets.

  • It is the clock on the American Adventure in the World Showcase!!!

  • It neither the American Adventure clock or the Muppetvision clock as they both have white faces. Where is actually is though I just can’t seem to work out!

  • Another vote for MuppetVision 3D 🙂

  • Definitely the clock at MuppetVision 3D at Hollywood Studios. I love that show!

  • Yes, the front of MuppetVision 3D at the Studios

  • Thats the clock in from of the American Adventure in World Showcase! You can tell becaue it has a roman numberal IIII instead of IV representing the 4.

  • Agreed, Above the Muppet Show in 3-D

  • Easy!!!! It’s the clock in the tower of Muppet Vision 3D at Hollywood Studios Park. That Attraction is very fun. I like the Muppets, specially the fozzie bear.

  • I agree with others…Muppets 3D!

  • The clock tower at MuppetVision 3D at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  • Is it the clock above the entrance to The Muppet Show in 3-D at Disney Hollywood Studios?

    On a side note: Whatever happened to Gonzo hanging off the clock hands? I believe it was a nod to Safety Last with Harold Lloyd.

  • It looks like the clock at the Muppett Vision 3-D at Hollywood Studios.

  • On the front of MuppetVision 3D at the Studios

  • far-fetched guess, Norway, France or Germany Pavilion in EPCOT?

  • It’s the clock under the Muppet Hot Air balloon at Muppet Vision 3D. I love The Muppets!

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