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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Jul. 18, 2011

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Have You Seen This Woman at Disney Parks?

We’ve got another tough one this week. The smiling woman with a unique owl can be found somewhere at Disney Parks but it’s easy to miss – even if you’re looking in the right direction. Do you know where to spot our latest mystery image? Please put your answers in the comments and we’ll update the post with the answer later today.

Flights of Wonder at Disney's Animal Kingdom

That’s it, this week’s mystery image can be found in the lower corner of the Flights of Wonder sign at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. If you haven’t experienced it yet, Flights of Wonder is a 25-minute live show presented several times a day in the Asia area of the park. The cast changes, but shows can include these species:

  • Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
  • American Bald Eagle
  • Augur Buzzard
  • Barbary Falcon
  • Eurasian Eagle Owl
  • Gray-Crowned Crane
  • Harris Hawk
  • Ibis
  • Indian Runner Ducks
  • Macaw
  • Pigeon
  • Seriema
  • Toco Toucan
  • Yellow-napped Amazon Parrot


  • Flights of Wonder is a must see for my family every trip!! The birds are amazing and we love Guano Joe! 😀

  • It is true, Thomas. The track was the owl on the trainer’s arm. Then, I thought, that it’s the Flights of Wonder Attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. It was not really so easy.

  • Aww Flights of Wonder. I used to be a host there. I miss it so much!

  • Bird Sanctuary at the Animal Kingdom

  • Flights of Wonder t Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

    • You got it. Thanks.

  • It’s the picture in the sign of the Atracttion “Fligths of Wonder” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park (Asia). It’s to left side of the sign. It’s amazing show the wild life.

    • Perfect, Carlos. This was not an easy one to solve.

  • Flights of Wonder at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Flights of Wonder! At the Animal Kingdom

  • Flights of Wonder, DAK.

    • Great eye! Thanks.

  • the bird show at A.K.

  • The bird show at DAK!

    • Well done, Myles.

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