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Bake Me a Cake – Pastry Chef Jean-Marc Viallet at the Disneyland Resort

Next in the series of amazing Disney cakes – taking you behind the scenes in the kitchen with some of our favorite chefs who show us their “cake beauty” secrets – this delectable Sweet Memories Cake is the most popular cake at the Disneyland Resort, says Chef Jean-Marc Viallet.

Chef Jean-Marc makes it looks so easy – nine layers that start with a chocolate conge cake and end with warm chocolate ganache glaze.

No recipe – you’ll have to visit for a slice of deliciousness!

Do you have a favorite Disney cake that you’d like to see the chef create?


  • That looks so good!

  • Show us how to make grapefruit cake! Yumm!

  • I need to make a trip to Disneyland just to try this cake.

  • the lemon squares are my absolute favorite!!!!

  • Where can we find this cake at the resort? It looks so yummy!

  • I love this cake! My mouth is watering. I’d want this to be my wedding cake!

  • OMG do you ship it anywhere?

  • What are the places that we can try this cake? I’ve never had it before and i want to change that 😛

  • This cake is not a lie, it looks delicious.

  • Where can you eat this cake.

  • Ahh… but you didn’t tell me where to get it in the park. Now I’m going to be on a treasure hunt for my birthday cake!

  • Oooh – I love conge cake!

  • That is beautiful

  • where can you get this cake? ive never seen it on the menue of any of the resturaunts i tend to go to while i’m at the resort.

  • I need a piece of this cake. Where is it at? I know it said “table service” restaurants, but which ones?

  • My daughter and I are coming for our birthdays and would like to know where we can order this

  • wow, I wish I could do that!!! That looks delicious!! thanks!! 🙂

  • Where do they serve this cake? I’ve eaten at almost all the restaurants in the Disneyland Resort and I don’t remember seeing this. I’d love to try it.

  • Where is this served? We’re going to DL in Feb for my daughter’s first b-day, and we’d love to buy a whole cake in the park for the family. I’m sure it would be crazy expensive, but I’d like to know what options are out there.

    Also, he said that they use organic chocolate for one of the layers, but is it only that layer? What I’m really looking for is Fair-Trade chocolate, but organic is good too. Any info about Fair-Trade chocolate in the park?

  • Where can I find a slice of the cake within DLR? I’ve never heard Sweet Memories Cake before. I would love to have a slice while I’m watching WoC.

  • Where in the park can I find this cake?

  • I’m quite sure he said “Chocolate SPONGE cake”. I have no idea what a “CONGE” cake could be.

    Looks delicious. At what table service restaurants is it available?

  • What a tease! This is one I’d like to try but there’s no recipe!
    However, my request is for a demo and recipe of the Creamy Madagascar Vanilla Cheesecake from Jiko Please 🙂

  • Does anyone know where you can buy a slice at Disneyland? Would LOVE to get some next time I’m there!

  • Any vegan cake would be wonderful to see!

  • If I am not mistaken, you can find this cake at the Plaza Inn. next to Tomorrowland. I would love to see how they make the Tres Leches cake served at the Rancho Zocalo. YYYUUMMMYYYY!!!!!

    • You can find the Sweet Memories Cake at the French Market, Plaza Inn, Rancho del Zocalo & River Belle Terrace all in Disneyland Park!

  • I did a little searching and seems this is available at Tangaroa Terrace–Disneyland Hotel.

    Gotta remember to try this next trip

  • though I always love recipes with lots and lots of chocolate, my mom is allergic to it so I’m wondering if you would be so kind to feature a non-chocolate cake for me to bake and my mom to enjoy as a surprise!

  • mmmmm cake…..

  • Ooooh, Pam Brandon, thanks for the answer! My 6 yr old daughter and I agree that we need to try this next time we go back (which might not be for a year or more).

    And I’ve no idea what a “conge” cake is either, I’m pretty sure he said/meant “sponge” cake. That’s definitely a type of cake.


  • He definitely says SPONGE cake, not conge cake. I don’t think there’s any such thing as a conge cake. Looks fantastic, though.

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