Buena Vista Street Ready to Take Shape at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

We are reaching another major milestone in the ongoing expansion of Disney California Adventure park. On Monday, August 29, the Sunshine Plaza area will close to allow crews to start the transformation of the current park entry into Buena Vista Street, reminiscent of what Walt Disney encountered when he first arrived in California in the 1920s.

While the shops will close to make way for Buena Vista Street, guests will continue to enter the park through the new Pan-Pacific Auditorium-inspired turnstiles and follow a temporary walkway which will feature renderings of the future Disney California Adventure park and connect the turnstiles with the Condor Flats area. This area will be the temporary entrance and exit for guests during the transformation of the former main entrance stores to Buena Vista Street.

This entry and exit location will remain in place until Buena Vista Street opens in 2012. To see what’s in store when this area opens, take a look at the renderings below, which were shown this past weekend at the Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim.

Rendering of the West Side of Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure Park

The rendering above shows the west side of Buena Vista Street, including the restroom area in the top image.

Rendering of the East Side of Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure Park

The next rendering shows the east side of the street. In the center image you can see the new merchandise location, Elias & Co., rising above the other buildings.

We’ll have more details on the Disney Parks Blog as Buena Vista Street continues to develop at Disney California Adventure park.


  • Exciting! Is there a more definite date for Buena Vista Street to be open other than 2012?

  • Thanks for the update Erin!

    This is very exciting. I’ll admit, its been a little hard to get around the park with all of the construction walls, but it will all be worth it.

  • Is that the Carthay Circle theater on the right of the first rendering? And if so, any hints on where it’ll be and what’ll be in it?

  • Eric, no that’s not the Carthay Circle – that’s just the bathroom! The Carthay Circle Theater will feature a restaurant and lounge, and is located in the circle at the end of the street anchoring Buena Vista Street (kinda like the castle anchors Main Street U.S.A.) There’s a video on youtube that gives you a sense of what it looks like in 3D called Buena Vista Street From A Bird’s Eye View!

  • Yay! It looks amazing! It is much nicer than the old, tacky entrance. Kinda reminds me of Main Street USA over in Disneyland…

  • This is very exciting I love the concept of LA in the 1920’s when Walt Disney first arrived in California, I also love the fact that Disneyland/California Aventure is always changing and growing so there is always something “NEW” to look forward to I can’t wait to see it all next year! Thank You for all the updates and please keep them coming!

  • PLEASE make sure one of those new buildings has a bakery that also serves espresso drinks, including the Malibu Mocha Frappe that used to be served in the Bakersfield Bakery. We don’t care if you change the name, we just want to be able to get our favorite espresso drink in the entire Disneyland Resort!!! 🙂

  • I’m going to miss the train.

  • So, are there still going to be lockers available in California Adventure during the construction? We’re going to be there for Christmas and we use a locker every day. Thanks for any info.

  • Very excited to see this come together.

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