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Caption This: A Party That’s Just Ducky at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week’s “Caption This!” photo depicts the Fab Five in a moment of celebration in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort – with some unusual party guests.

I want to see some creative suggestions here. (How did they get those party hats to stay on?)

Now, go ahead and “Caption This!”

Caption This: Donald Throws a Party at Walt Disney World Resort


  • Mickey: “Guys, this surprise party idea is all it was quacked up to be!”

  • “Finally, it’s all about ME!! Let’s party!”

  • Okay guys, the little ducks room is over there.

  • You Guys,please help me get all my ducks in a row!

  • Oh Donald — we forgot our pants!

  • Timothy J. Martinez White City, Oregon Hey Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto & Goofy this is a Birthday Party NOT to miss! Happy Birthday!

  • Wow, Disney really has their ducks in a row!

  • “Yay!! My cousins made it!!”

  • Donald’s party is not at all what it was “QUACKED UP” to be! But at least his FAMILY REUNION was a hit at Disney World.

  • “Ladies, ladies, I know its my birthday but I am taken!”


  • I can’t believe Daisy left me with all the kids on my birthday!

  • Dreams do come true!

  • Its my party and I’ll fly if I want to!

  • Forget the bird! The duck is the word!

    • 🙂

  • i said bring the crackers, not QUACKERS!!!

  • The whole gang simply went quackers!

  • Donald’s parties are always a quack-up! Everyone has a blast shaking their tail feathers!

  • Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! It’s my day today! Time to shake a tale feather!!!

  • Now this is what I call a party!!

  • Somebody get those ducks some pants!!!

  • Feed the birds? Tuppence a bag!

  • Quacky Birthday!!!!!

  • What do you mean Cornelius Coot’s County Bounty closed to make way for the Circus?

  • Who wants some cheese and quackers?

  • I am quacking up!!

  • Hey, who told my family it was my birthday ???

  • “If this is my party then why are all the balloons Mouse shaped?”

  • After the Florida health code prevents the use of “party mice”, Donald raises an army and achieves long-sought domination over the parks.

  • Who let the Ducks out?

  • Omg!!!! I’m a father!!!!!!

  • Donald: “Now you’re just embarrassing me…you’re supposed to keep your shirts ‘on’ inside the parks!”

  • Looks like all the ducks have fastpasses to Space Mountain and are wandering around trying to find something to do in the meantime…

    • No height-requirement jokes here people?

  • Fly, my pretties, fly!

  • You know, when you live at Walt Disney World, all the relatives show up!

  • Mickey: Someone needs to revoke Donald’s invite privileges on the Walt Diseny World Resort Evite account!

  • Huey, Dewey, Louie! Hey! Where’d you guys go?!

  • What will you celebrate? How about a family reunion?

  • Oops! Sorry I forgot this one!

    Boo bOO Chicken! Where did you go?!?!

  • Donald: What are you doing that was my cake?
    Ducks: Mine, Mine, Mine

  • Sit down, everybody! It’s time to play Duck, Duck, Goose!

  • Hey guys! I’m ready for the egg hunt! But why are you covering the eggs?

  • On to the Tiki Room, our time is now!

    • AWESOME. 🙂

  • Honest Daisy! I don’t know any of these Ladies!

  • Great…..no one told me about the flash mob in front of the castle!

  • Donald was surprised to see that all his fine, web-footed friends had thrown him a surprise birthday party.

  • Oh no, Goofy did you put the invite on Facebook and Twitter?

  • Donald had one fantastic party for his nephews but you should have seen his bill.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Oh my goodness Mickey, we will need a lot more granola snacks!

  • Hi, I’m Guano Joe your world famous tour guide. Just follow the flag…

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