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Caption This: A Party That’s Just Ducky at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week’s “Caption This!” photo depicts the Fab Five in a moment of celebration in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort – with some unusual party guests.

I want to see some creative suggestions here. (How did they get those party hats to stay on?)

Now, go ahead and “Caption This!”

Caption This: Donald Throws a Party at Walt Disney World Resort


  • Oh Boy !! No ugly Ducks here !!

    • Wow, congrats on being the 100th caption!

  • Donald: Oh Quap! Mickey, please distract my in-laws whilst I escape through Tomorrowland! Do that Steamboat Willie bit, they’ll love it.

  • Donald Duck scrambles to round up Magic Kingdom guests, after an Experimental Transformation Invention gift from Professor Ludwig Von Drake malfunctions. (A transformation reversal invention is in the works)

  • Disney World’s 1st failed attempt at the new ‘Where;s Donald?’ attraction…

  • Donald: Well, isn’t that just ducky! I invite the family to my birthday party and you show up with no clothes on! Are you trying to get me fired?!

  • Mickey, hope you brought the cheese and quackers!

  • Everyone loves a family reunion!

  • Remember, with a lot of hard work, you too may get to wear a blue sailor suit.

  • I don’t have a caption for them but wanted to say THANK YOU, JENNIFER for posting this photo! I’ve read about this in Charles Ridgway’s book and have been wanting to see a picture of it ever since!

    So cute! XD

    • Thanks! I love this pic, too! I would’ve loved to have been in the brainstorm session where this idea was brought up.

  • we are family i got all my duckies with me

  • Hey, Donald. Happy birthday from the Peabody Ducks.

  • Donald celebrated his birthday today with a flock of friends. They showed up in party hats ready to boogie with Donald, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy. They were not disapointed when Goofy got the party started by offering to pay the bill. Donald was so excited that he quacked up but a good time was had by all.

    • Awesome!

  • Donald: I have no idea what these guys are saying!

  • Wow! This is great-the whole family is here!

  • All quacks for Donald!


    Donald’s quack followers!

  • Come on let me take you on a party ride, I’ll teach you the ducky slide.

  • Donald, you didn’t tell me you were bringing your friends to visit!

  • Notice all the ducks are looking at each other and they are saying “man this is what we have to look forward to when we grow up” “what a lucky son of a duck” ” I can’t wait to get me some cool clothes like that, mice that don’t eat my food, and dogs that do not chase me “Happy Birthday indeed Donald”

  • Often imitated but never duplicated…wait…well, at least I’m still the original!

  • Micky and the rest of the gang wanted Donald to get all his ducks in a row on his Birthday

  • #51 – Party hats? Check. Neck bands? Check. Alright, everybody neat and pretty? Then on with the show!

  • It’s my party and il quack if I want too!!!

  • Quacky Birthday

  • If this is Donald’s party, I sure don’t want to be there for Mickey’s. How many real mice would show up for that event?!?

  • The party started and everyone went QUACKERS!!!


    • Hee hee…

  • How did you get All My Children together?

  • Everyone chipped in for Donald’s birthday present and Genie thought they Mickey said 50 Ducks. Obviously after 10,000 years, a crick in the neck is the least of your worries!

  • Donald Hey you guys look great in those party hats! How did you get them to stay on Duct tape! Ha Ha Ha

    • Duct tape! Ha!

  • Yesss… now that the mind-control party hats have been perfected, nothing can stop my plans for world domination! Waddle, my pretties, WADDLE!

  • Donld has invited all his friends to a party, now he is realy a Lucky Ducky!

  • Donald’s fraternity brothers threw him a surprise party -it’s always a party with the Pi Quacker Phi!

  • Wow, the line for Space Mountain is REALLY long today.

  • Looks like Donald’s got all his ducks in a row for a fabulous party!

  • It’s my Party & I’ll Quack if I want to. Quack if I want to. Quack if I want to…You would Quack to if it happened to you!

  • I told you Donald not to invite all your fiends . I said 10 not 100.

  • “Thank you for coming to my wonderful birthday party and now that we have played Duck Duck Goose lets go have some quackers. Ha Ha Ha!”

  • All together now!!! It’s a small world after all…..

    • Can you imagine??

  • Duct tape of course

  • Where is Donald?

  • Donald has a “QUACKTASTIC” birthday with friends and family!

  • Now who is the leader of the club Mickey!?

  • 19 ducks and counting!

  • “Ah phooey! Can’t play the game without the goose!”

  • Oh boy!
    The Three Caballeros auditions were supposed to be at Epcot!

    • Nice!

  • Who wants to play duck, duck, goose?

  • And You thought the Mouse ran this place Big mistake.

  • Remind me again, which came first the chicken or the egg?!

  • Wow Mickey! You invited my WHOLE family! Uncle Waldo, Auntie Abagail and even cousin Fred. This is great!

  • Onward, take the castle, my feathered army! Today the Magic Kingdom, tomorrow THE WORLD!

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