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Caption This: A Snowfall at Tokyo Disneyland

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week’s “Caption This!” photo is one of the most unique shots I’ve ever seen. It was taken in the 1980s at Tokyo Disneyland after a snowfall. Looks like the Disney characters are having tons of fun. (I wonder who would win in a snowball fight?).

Now, go ahead and “Caption This!”

Caption This: A Disney Snowfall


  • “We ski the polar ice cap in tuxedo looking grand.”

  • Looks like Snow White was at it again!!!

  • Winter Wonderland-in Disney

  • …Walking in our winter Wonderland.

  • WOW! Tokyo’s Blizzard Beach is SOOOO realistic

  • We were only singing the song “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”. We weren’t really asking for it you know!!

  • Real life things happen even in a fantasy world!


  • Finally we’re not sweating to death in these outfits!

  • Tink went nuts with the pixie dust again : )

  • Weeee’re off to see the blizzard, the wonderful blizzard of…hey, wait a minute!

  • Snow White? I’m pretty sure that’s the real deal right there.

  • This is what happens when Disney meets Minnesota

  • The ground crew wants to know who forgot to turn off the snow during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party on Main Street last night!

  • Snow in Tokyo Disney? And yet the Chicago Cubs STILL haven’t won the World Series…in 103 years!!! GOOFY!!!

  • Noah told us to meet out here… two by two… Wonder whats with the snow??

  • “We got snowballs, yes we do, we got snowballs, how ’bout you?!”

  • Hey Ho whattya know…Looks like snow in To-ky-o!
    Go Disney!

  • Hi snow, Hi snow, It’s off to tokyooooooo!

  • Let it Snow, Let it Snow, In Tokyo!

  • Mickey and Minnie and Snow, Oh my!!Mickey and Minnie and Snow, Oh my!

  • Gawrsh, Mickey, somebody dropped an awfully big snowcone! Where’s the flavoring?

  • We’re going back to Cali, Cali, Cali…

  • Well this IS the magical world of Disney!Anything can happen if you just belive…

  • “Okay everyone, get your snowballs ready.. It’s Donald’s turn to shovel Main Street.”

  • My niece says, “Looks like Tinkerbell learned a new talent after all!” 🙂 She’s so cute.

  • Mickey, I don’t think we’re in Florida anymore!

  • Great, what Mousekatool can we use to clean this up. OH TOODLES!!!

  • I don’t think we’re in Florida anymore!

  • Aha!!! Proof that we CAN have a DisneyWorld up North…..Buffalo, NY would be ideal!

  • “Hey Minnie, what do you say to telling the gang on the count of three, we’ll all hit the photographer with a snowball?”

  • That’s ALOT of Pixie Dust!!!!

    • Love this one!

  • Looks like the snow confetti machine was full of real snow!

  • That’s funny, it doesn’t taste soapy!

  • Welcome to Walt Winter World!

  • Well, I guess Splash Mountain is off the touring plan today…

  • We’re here at the ground breaking ceremony for Tokyo Blizzard Beach.

  • Who invited Jadis to the Narnia party?

  • This is the last time we let the Mad Hatter run the Dole Whip machine!!!!

    • Nice one!

  • “Gosh, maybe Disneyland Minnesota wasn’t such a great idea after all?”

  • This explains why Donald and Daisy flew south last week!

  • Come on sing along “It’s a cold world after snow, it’s a cold world after snow, it’s a cold world after snow, it’s a cold cold world”…..

  • “I didn’t think this is what the invitation meant when it said Snow White would be there.”

    • Ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Ever since real snow was introduced for the Very Merry Christmas Party, everyone now has a reason to skip the 3 O’Clock parade!

  • “This happens every time Frozone rides Splash Mountain.”

  • Hey guys! Let’s build a Waterpark!!!

  • I don’t have a caption, but more of a question. What happens when it does snow at the park? Do they still open and clear the snow?

    • That’s a great question. I’ll look into it…though it may take some time to find the answer!

  • “This isn’t Disney magic snow, it’s the real deal! Let’s have some fun!”

  • Ok, which one of you left the snow cone machine on all night.

    • 🙂

  • Sorry if this one is too gross to post, but it’s the first thing that popped into my head.

    “NO PLUTO!! Don’t eat the yellow snow!!”

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