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Caption This: Mickey Mouse Takes a Dip

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Earlier this month, Disney Parks Blog author George Savvas shared a photo of Jungle Cruise at Disneyland park that was in need of a creative caption. When he opened it up to you for suggestions, many of you responded that you’d like to see more of these in the future.

This week’s “Caption This!” shot was taken at the opening of The Living Seas at Epcot in 1986.

Now, go ahead and “Caption This!”

Caption This: Mickey Mouse Takes a Dip


  • “This tank doesn’t have Mouse-eating sharks in it, does it?”

  • Does this suit make my ears look big?

  • As the Adventures Club would say. “We plumb the deepest oceans because we’re daring through and through – Kungaloosh!”

  • …We plumb the deepest oceans because we’re daring through and through…Kungaloosh!

  • And just think in the big game of hide and seek GOOFY WILL NEVER FIND ME DOWN HERE!!

  • Hey Walt, I sure wish you were here to see me now!!! New adventures abound under the sea…

  • Hey, Did I forget to turn off the faucet?

  • Zoom in real close and you will find a badge that says “Earning my fins.”

  • And you thought it was bad when you got water in YOUR ears…

  • Now WHERE did I put my Sorcerer’s Hat?

  • “Sea” you real soon!

  • scuba mickey mouse, next Disney location under water

  • Final Inspections before the grand opening of Disney Aulani Resort & Spa

  • Wow..look at all the people..it’s a good thing I wore the wet suit instead of the speedo

  • “I should have made a right at Albuqueque!”

  • Look Ma! No fins!

  • Hi, Everyone! The Living Seas is a MAGICAL place to be…even for a mouse!

  • Oh, hehe Better look out for the Catfish!! hehe!

  • Under the Sea just you and me….

  • Mice are friends not food!

  • Y’all COME ON DOWN the water is just fine.

  • Which way to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Lane Sydney, Australia?

  • “Ha, Ha, Hiya Flukes!”

  • While we devotin’…fun time to floatin’…under the sea!

  • Better hope the sharks don’t like cheese-flavored snacks.

  • OHHHH Plutoooooo

  • Hiya guys!Under the Sea is where I like to be at The Living Seas with my Pal…. Nemo? Oh Nemo? Ohhh boy I’m in trouble.

  • …we got no troubles , life is the bubbles , under the sea ♪♫♪♫ !!

  • Hiya pal! Hope I’ll be sea-ing you real soon! =)

  • I have dreamed it, and I have done it!

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