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Caption This: Vintage Jungle Cruise at Disneyland Park

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

While doing some research earlier this week, my colleague Erin Glover and I came across an interesting photo of the Jungle Cruise attraction at Disneyland park and Erin asked, “What might the caption be for that picture?”

So, a new series was born.

Disney Parks Blog readers, your challenge is to “Caption This!”

Caption This: Vintage Jungle Cruise


  • Now just keep chewing and watching that boat while I sneek up behind and … BOO!

  • I need to get a change of scenery. I am thinking of applying for the Energy Adventure gig. I will have to wear one of those silly costumes. Hey, how threatening does my roar sound?

  • “They always show up when I have something in my mouth.”

  • “The lions say they taste just like chicken.”

  • “I keep hoping that this one will sink or something……the jokes are killing me.”

  • I bet he’s telling them the “De-Nile” joke again.

  • I called the exterminator but they always come back the same time every year.

  • “Boy their tongues are wierd, and Im glad not the zebra”

  • Here comes dinner for the carnivores…now we can relax in peace.

  • “Look Hun, it’s like Deja Vu all over again!”

  • Do you think we should tell the guide that a real alligator got into the river?

  • Be very, very quiet….

  • Hey, Bernie. have you seen any of those things before? Yes, Mac, I have. Why do they come here every day? Do we have something on our tongues?

  • Move along. These are not the giraffes you’re looking for!

  • “I think that I will go get a bite after this boat goes by.” Another boat comes by. “DANG IT!”

  • So your chiropractor Dr. Falls is good then? I’ve had this stiff neck for years.

  • “Welcome…to Giraffic Park.”

  • ” When we took this job, Walt never told us what we would have to deal with!” Yeah, but just think, we get our 55th year service award this year and a great pension and maybe a bonus.”

  • “There goes the neighborhood”.

  • Stay very still, don’t move a muscle…

    Hey Bernie, I have to use the little boys room.

    Really, you have to go now, just stay still and we’ll wait til they put another boat on.

  • 429, 430,…..they just keep coming!!!

  • They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.

  • “Tourists… It had to be tourists!”

  • Don’t go around that corner there’s a lion waiting. OR Here comes a new batch for the headhunters.

  • “Places everyone, we are on in two!!”

  • You go tell the hippos the tourists are coming, I’ll tell Trader Sam.

  • They are saying: “Hey! Can I get a ride to the Enchanted Tiki Room!?”

  • Deja vu

  • Hey Geoffrey, you ever get that Deja Vu feeling?

  • Is this the funny one? They all look alike to me.

  • “Hurry Stan, the short-necks are coming! Pretend to be animatronic!”

  • Quick Hermie. Hide the good stuff! Those people are on their way over again!

  • Shhh…stay completely still. If we don’t move they can’t see us.

  • “Another giraffe race! Hard to tell who’s winning, but it looks like they’re neck and neck!”

  • “What do you think the wait time for Star Tours is??”

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