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Caption This: Vintage Jungle Cruise at Disneyland Park

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

While doing some research earlier this week, my colleague Erin Glover and I came across an interesting photo of the Jungle Cruise attraction at Disneyland park and Erin asked, “What might the caption be for that picture?”

So, a new series was born.

Disney Parks Blog readers, your challenge is to “Caption This!”

Caption This: Vintage Jungle Cruise


  • I am going to stick my neck out and say they are humans, but why do they have mouse ears?

  • I may be sticking my neck out on this one, but I am pretty sure those are not real giraffes.

  • I knew we should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque! But No! You don’t need directions!

  • No matter how high up you get the view is still great!

  • “I swear Jerry, if one more of those pink things takes my picture, I’M going to start blowing bubbles and wiggling my ears!”

  • “So, are we heading over to Trader Sam’s after work for some acacia-tinis?”

  • “Man is in the Forest…”

  • What do you think Bob?… I don’t know,it looks like the boat I dropped my watch in.

  • “Alright, Bill. Here they come. Now remember, I’ll distract them and then you grab their throat lozenges and scarfs.”

  • For the love of God, take us with you!!!

  • “Didn’t you reset the traps this morning?!”
    “Uh…I forgot.”
    “Nice job Phil…real nice.”

  • Are these giraffes actually stretching… or is it just your imagination, hmm?

  • Mommy! A fake giraffe is choking on a plastic leaf!

  • sorry, I meant

    “Why aren’t we carnivores again?”

  • “Why are we carnivores again?”

  • Okay, here they come again. This time I get to jump out from behind the tree and yell ‘BOO!’

  • …and here we see amusement seeking humans in one of their natural habitats.

  • “Oh, I hope it’s that one crazy skipper again, Robin W-something. I bet he’ll make a movie or two someday.”

  • Watching Wildlife

  • “Do you think they can see us back here?”

  • “Hey, I’ve seen a boat. It went by not too long ago! It went… this way. It went this way!”
    “Wait a minute, you already told me which way the boat went.”
    “I did? Oh, no…”

  • “Are they edible?’ “No – except the vegan sitting in the back.”

  • You’ve been chewing on that same branch for like 40 years!

  • “What’s with the humans wearing mouse ears on their heads? I think giraffe horns would be more stylish.”

  • why is it that their are so many mice on these boats i thought mice were small


    why is that their are so many mice on these boats i thought mice were small and walked on all fours

  • Just keep swimming… just keep swimming… and go away!

  • aye aye sasha look indiana jones is on the boat
    where missy
    you cant see the little girl with indys hat on

  • “As soon as that boat goes by, make a break for it!”

  • omg missy look the 2 leggers are back again why is it that they always come arouund like every 5 minutes i mean i love me but i dont want to see me every five minutes

  • Here comes another one! Just smile and nod until they’re gone, then we can get back to playing Pirates online.

  • So what do you say after our shift today we finally go see the new Star Tours;)

  • “If you see my cousin, Stretch, at Animal Kingdom tell him Shorty says hi.”

  • Randy watch this I love messing with these people…wait for it…wait for it…MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • I wonder if this is included on our disney dining plan…

  • “What are they looking at?”, or “I feel like I’ve seen that boat before…”

  • Don’t these people ever knock?


    Oh well, here goes the neighborhood.

  • Oh, look, another one of those boats is coming by! I wished they would go away so we can eat in peace.

  • The desperate piranha had concocted an elaborate disguise in order to get more than “finger food”.

  • They REALLY need to get some new jokes!!

  • “Bernie, I told you I wanted to live in FLORIDA, but no, YOU had to say it was better in LA, there aren’t as many PEOPLE in LA. Now who’s Right, Bernie?”

  • those people on the boat look real – its amazing how life-like animatronics have got!

    • These are pretty funny! Hope you are enjoying them as much as we are.

  • “So anyway, my broker said he had this perfect deal where he could get in on…oh, shh, wait, here they come, have to do the ‘silent’ bit.”

  • No, we are not the pair of dorks!

  • “Hey! Over here! Toss me one of those Dole Whips!”

  • “Look Gertrude, it’s another boat of those strange short-necked creatures!”

    “They, are strange looking, Mildred”

  • Wait for it… the backside of people!

  • Dude- it really IS a small world after all!

  • They must be lost. I keep seeing the same boat come down this stretch of river every few minutes.

  • I LOVE The Jungle Cruise– as a jr high teacher- the jokes are HILARIOUS!!!!One time on my birthday, when the boat stopped to interpret the natives dancing, the guide said- Happy Birthday jill! IT WAS THE BEST memory ever!!!

  • “Soon. We feed. Soon”

    (Too creepy?)

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