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Disney Cruise Line Merchandise is Now Sailing Online

The magic of Disney Cruise Line is now sailing online! For the first time ever, we are excited to announce that you can shop for Disney Cruise Line Merchandise online at!

Here at the offices of Disney Theme Park Merchandise, we’re constantly looking for new ways to give guests what they’re searching for. We’ve heard your requests loud and clear and now we’re giving you the convenience of shopping for Disney Cruise Line merchandise from the comfort of home!

Disney Cruise Line Merchandise Debuts Online

Planning a Disney Cruise Line vacation? We have you and your family covered with pre-arrival favorites to make packing a breeze. One of my personal travel favorites is the Disney Cruise Line Lanyard Wallet – since bathing suits usually don’t come with pockets, this is the perfect accessory to keep your personal items close by! This handy lanyard wallet opens up to reveal two compartments for travel and excursion necessities, plus there’s a window pocket that’s great for storing your Key to the World card! In addition to this onboard essential we’ve selected tried and true must-haves that you can pack before you board the ship, from travel mugs, tote bags, compact umbrellas and more. Now your family can be prepared for your vacation in Disney Cruise Line style!

The new online assortment is also a great way to surprise your family with the announcement that they’re going on a Disney Cruise Line vacation! What better way to reveal to your family that they are about to set sail on magical seas than with the Captain Mickey Ear Hat or matching family tees that you can wear to the port the day you set sail with Disney!

While the new Disney Cruise Line Online Store offers a great way to plan for an upcoming vacation, it also serves as a great way to pick up extra souvenirs that you may have left behind from a previous Disney Cruise Line vacation. One of the questions we’ve heard from you, our guest, is “I didn’t have room in my suitcase for one more thing! Where can I get the keepsake that I had to leave behind?” Before the launch of the new online assortment, there wasn’t a place to shop where you could pick up the Disney Cruise Line Scrapbook Kit or picture frames. Now, once you return from your seafaring vacation, all of the magic that couldn’t fit in your suitcase is now at your fingertips!

With so many Disney Cruise Line Merchandise favorites on the Disney Wonder, Magic, and Dream, we couldn’t fit them all online. Is there a specialty item that you’d like to be able to purchase online? Tell us in the comments!


  • I was wondering if you could add the microfiber robes that are available on the cruise ship. They are wonderful!

  • I ran out of time and forgot to get an AquaDuck magnet and T-shirt for my son and an ornament of the Disney Dream (in the shape of the ship) during our cruise on the Dream Aug7-12. I would love to be able to purchase them online!

  • I love the fact you can get some things from the cruise but I’m conflicted. LOL It kind of takes the special feeling away. You know something is VERY special if you have to be there to get it. Still I think it is great you can get some things to have on your trip before you go.

  • Yes, I would like to purchase the disney line cruise 100 page photo album, when will that be available?

  • two words……DOONEY AND BOURKE!!!!

  • When will the tote be available? I don’t see it on the site.

  • I really miss the DCL women’s golf shirts. I bought one each time we sailed, but was sad to learn last year they discontinued them due to needing space on the ship for higher volume items. Any chance that we could get some online, since the space issue wouldn’t be as bad?

  • Do you know if there is any chance of the DCL Vinylmation products showing up in the online store?

  • I’m really hoping you’ll add the ‘bronze’ miniature replicas of the ships guest-greeting statues for sale – we’ve been trying to get ‘Ariel” for some time! Thanks!!

  • Ah … you have to click on the International site link then manually navigate to Theme Park Products > Disney Cruise line.

  • It seems a shame that the store doesn’t seem to be accessible to UK customers. I keep on being redirected to the UK Disney Store web site. I have tried clicking on the International site link at the bottom of the front UK page but that hasn’t helped.

  • Yes, this is the exact type of merchandise that should be sold online.

    Unrelated to DCL merchandise, Dara, when will it be announced what is going to be released at WDW on October 1 for the 40th anniversary??

    (I would really like to know to see if I should be booking a trip..and I would really like to get in on that room only special offer…)

  • great idea! Now I can order the things I want that may be hard to pack for the trip home!

  • I would like the Disney Dream’s Admiral Donald plushes to be added to the store (the bigger the better!)

  • Oooo, this is great!! I’m going on the Fantasy next year, and will definitely be purchasing a scrapbook kit, this way I can get it online, and not have to worry about packing it for the way home!!

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