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Engage in ‘Trash Talk’ at Disney Parks

Ryan March

by , Editor, Disney Vacation Club’s Disney Files Magazine

Don’t be alarmed by the headline. We’re simply celebrating an often overlooked Disney Parks art form: trash cans.

Disney Parks Trash Can

Far from generic receptacles for refuse, Disney Parks trash cans and recycling bins are uniquely themed to support the immersive storytelling environments in which they live. They’re so well themed, in fact, that we think astute guests can identify their location simply by inspecting a photograph of their design.

We’ve shot a wide range of (literally) trashy photos at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts to put this theory to the test with a new game we’re calling “Trash Talk.” Our Disney Vacation Club Facebook page is scheduled to engage fans in this game about twice a month on “Trash Talk Tuesdays,” and we’re thrilled to extend the challenge periodically on the Disney Parks Blog.

Here’s today’s challenge. Where in a Disney park can you find this trash can?

This trash can is part of Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World. Did you get it right? Be sure to check back in the coming weeks as we continue the series!


  • Fantasyland seems pretty obvious. Can anyone get more specific?

  • I’m thinking it’s just outside of the entrance to It’s a Small World.

  • Just outside Peter Pan’s Flight

  • That’s Fantasyland.

    I used to take pictures of the trash cans too for a very different reason. My son used to have this weird obsession with the Disney trash cans after meeting the talking trash cans. So I would take pictures of the trash cans so he can look at them. LOL

  • Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland?

  • Would this be the garbage can outside of Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland?

  • It is obviously located in Fantasyland…But is it Disneyland or Disney World?

  • Isn’t that tucked away in fantasy land back by the restroom near small world / the stroller park?

  • Fantasyland. And I laughed at my brother for taking pics of these. I wonder if the manhole covers will become popular too?

  • Fantasyland, Walt Disney World. The biggest difference is that Disneyland tends to have far more decorative, painted designs, while Walt Disney World uses a simpler “let’s put a metal medallion on the side” strategy.

  • It is the Trash Can just outside the door of “Tinker Bells Treasures.”
    I always stop in and ask if I can see Tink whenever I take guests and usually if you Clap, Or Ring the Bell she will fly by and say Hi but then she has to get back to work she is very busy you know.
    I do miss the dresser that she lived in just inside the door, if you looked through the key hole you sometimes were able to catch a bit of the glow from her Pixie Dust !

  • Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Kissimmee of course.

  • Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom, Orlando.

  • How can we be more specific than Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom?? This particular can is in at least four places all over Fantasyland!!

  • I believe this is outside “It’s Tough To Be A Bug” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

  • No clue, lol, but when I read that headline I was hoping it would be about Tomorrowland’s talking trash can, PUSH! He’s even campaigned for mayor before and had a little girl want to be his bride. Now that’s Disney-fied “talking trash.” =)

  • For years I have been taking photos of every trash can in wdw, you would be amazed how specific and artfully designed each one is. I love them.

  • Very cool, you should check out Steve’s Magical Trash site that chronicles trash cans across the Disney Parks

  • Ha! I took the same picture back in January! Good to see I think like a Cast Member.

  • That’s a trash can? haha!

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