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First Look: Family Suites at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

You’ve already seen the great themes coming to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort when it opens throughout 2012. But check out what we have today – a first look at some of our Disney Story Room family suites.

'Finding Nemo' Family Suite at Disney's Art of Animation Resort

'Finding Nemo' Family Suite at Disney's Art of Animation Resort 'The Little Mermaid' Family Suite at Disney's Art of Animation Resort 'The Lion King' Family Suite at Disney's Art of Animation Resort 'Cars' Family Suite at Disney's Art of Animation Resort 'Cars' Family Suite at Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Disney’s Art of Animation Family Suites will be available at Finding Nemo, Cars and The Lion King Courtyard areas at the resort. They’ll be twice the size of standard rooms and can accommodate up to six guests. The Little Mermaid standard rooms will sleep up to four guests also be available in late 2012. Be among the first to stay in one of our family suites. We’ll have more updates here on the Disney Parks Blog later this year.


  • Oh wow! LOVE IT! We are staying at WL in Feb. 2012, but will for sure be staying here on our next trip after that one.

  • Looks really nice!

  • These are adorable rooms! Total Disney Magic at work!

  • Beautiful! I wish they were open for this trip! Definitely next time! I love the themes! The carpets look a bit loud, but too precious!

  • I cannot wait to stay there, I already have reservations!!! Thank you so much for pictures! It looks soooo amazing!!

  • I would love to stay in one of the suites, but still wish the rates were under $250 a night. :-\ Barely able to afford these lovely “value” rooms! I do adore them though!

  • How about a look a the single rooms next? Will they be as colorful?

    (A commenter on one of the last articles asked “Two underwater themes, Nemo and Mermaid, but no Aladdin building?” Darn, he had to go and get us dreaming of one of those.
    Still, it’s good to see what stylistic differences there are between Nemo and Ariel–Looks like one is mostly seashells and the other coral.)

  • Love the look! Since we just found out that number 4 is on the way, couldn’t come at a better time for us!

    • Thanks, Geoff. And congratulations!

  • I couldn’t quite tell from the photos…So is there two seperate bedrooms PLUS a living area or one bedroom and a living area?? Also, does that kitchenette come with a refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher?? How many bathrooms are in each family suite? They look really great!

    • Hi, each family suite has three separate sleeping areas: the master bedroom, living room with the double-size sleeper sofa and the dining room where the innovative Inova Table Bed converts from a table into a double bed. The kitchenette features a sink, mini-fridge and microwave.

  • i love these!! just to let you know though the comment on the second picture says “Finding Nemo” but it should be “The Little Mermaid” 🙂

  • One error you might want to take notice of is that on the second picture it lists the caption as finding nemo when it is the little mermaid suite

  • Does this mean The Little Mermaid will never have family suites, or it will but just later? Thanks.

    • The Little Mermaid Courtyard will only consist of standard rooms.

  • Wow the rooms look great and my little girls wants to stay in the little mermaid suite. Cant wait to come back.

  • Are these rooms designed to have two adults and children or would my adult family be able to use these rooms?? We have 11 of us so obviously we would need a few of them. Can’t wait to stay here! They look amazing!

    • Hi Erin, Family Suites accommodate up to 6 Guests, adult or child.

  • Amazing! We r definetly booking our next stay in new family suites!

  • I love the new family suites and I can’t wait to booking for next year and Cars theme in AOA!

  • The rooms are awesome. Does anyone know if this resort has a jacuzzi?

  • wish it was already available for our trip September 3rd thru 10th this year!!

  • Wow things sure have changed I was there when I was 5 years old and the rooms were just regular hotel rooms.

  • Looks really nice. Wonder where it is located?

  • Where can we see an actual floorplan?

  • Thanks for the sneak peek! Is there a door that closes between the two sleeping areas? Am I seeing right that the child’s bed folds up during the day? Hard to tell from the wide angle pictures.

    • Sure, Beth. There is one door that separates the Master Bedroom from the Living & Dining areas.

  • My family of 7 has had to leave Disney property and find other locations to stay the past few years. Being a larger family we are on a very tight budget. It was very disappointing to us not to be able to stay on property. I’m glad Disney is making hotels to accomodate larger families. I hope they continue to add to the number of hotels offering family suites as we too would like a selection when choosing our lodging.

  • As always, Disney has done a magical job! The new rooms look so beautiful, it will be hard to choose which one to book in! We are coming in September this year, I wish they were ready then! We will definatley book for this resort if we come back next year!

  • Absolutely Disney AWESOMENESS!!!!!!! Will there be ‘Mickey’ cartoon rooms? I sure hope so, how bout “Hawaiian Holiday”???!!!!

  • @Heather: for more info goto Under “parks & destinations” click on “Walt Disney World Resort”. Then under “Places to stay” click on “value resort hotels”. then scroll down and click on “Disney’s Art of Animation Resort”. Most of the info you need is listed there.

  • This is SOOO COOL! GO DISNEY!!!

  • We are so excited to stay at these in June 2012!! We’ve always stayed at ASMusic… it will be nice to have my family of six in a new, ‘value’ location.

  • This is wonderful! Really fun colors, textures, and patterns! The photos could be deceiving, but the rooms look a bit more spacious than the family suites at All Star Music. I’m so glad that Disney is finally adding more suite options to the value resorts. For off-season rates, $248 is a bit of a jump from the $198 it costs to stay in a suite at All Star Music, but still less than the Moderate and Deluxe resort options.

    My family will be at Disney February 2012, so we’ll miss out on staying here, but we’ll be sure to book one of these new suites on our next trip. I can’t wait to see more photos!

  • I can’t wait to stay here when it opens!! The rooms look great and as always there is nothing like staying on Disney Property. But I would still love to stay in Cinderella’s castle.

  • These look really fun! I would like to see other themes as well. A Tron Legacy suite/room/resort would be simply amazing. Star Wars themed suites would be cool too, although they would be hard to get in during Star Wars Weekends.

  • It looks great! I can’t wait till my husband and I return to Walt Disney World next year. We haven’t decided where to stay at yet, but this will be on our list!

  • The rooms look awesome but I wish they were a bit less expensive. $320.00 a night seems a bit pricey for a value resort.

  • They look amazing!! Where I plan on staying next vacation!!!

  • Awesome….. when will we be able to book the single rooms and when will we get a sneak peak of those.

  • Love the look and feel of the rooms, was planning on staying there the next time we go but not sure now very unhappy about the $320 a night for a value resort. I understand what the suite offers, the price is the problem, it’s hard for larger families, it makes it difficult to go more often.

  • #20 – Janice from FL

    It is located on Victory Way; the road that goes between Reedy Creek Emergency Services Headquarters and the Wide World Of Sports Complex, next to Pop Century.

  • wow that sure is pricey. But they look so nice… Will the whole resort be family suites.

  • they look fantastic! can’t wait to visit – great theming well done Disney!

  • Love the look of the Nemo & Little Mermaid suites, not a fan of the other two looks. However, the cost will keep me from ever booking these value rooms.

  • These look so awesome! With 5 in our family they would have been perfect. To bad we belong to DVC and connot use them.

  • Our family just booked a stay in the Finding Nemo Family Suites for November 26, 2012-December 3, 2012! We’re so excited! Our daughter will be almost 3 1/2 then, but she’s already talking about staying in the Finding Nemo room 🙂

  • I CAN’T wait to stay in one of the Lion King rooms!!!!!

    I wish they would have rooms for 4 in that building, but even if I don’t gather enough people to fill a room I’m still staying there!!! haha


  • I cant wait…My kids are waiting anxiously to stay in CARS. The rooms in Nemo, Little Mermaid, and Lion King look fantastic. I must say the CARS room disappoints me. It looks like a plain gold comforter in the bedroom where as the other rooms have such animated themed comforters. Maybe its the angle of the pictures. The room doesnt really jump and say CARS like the other themes POP.

  • Beautiful! I love it!

  • These look fantastic!

  • I cant wait to go in Dec of 2012!! i don’t care that is more than a year away we will be booking soon!!

  • can´t wait!!!

  • Do the Nemo suites all have the Inova bed also? We’re staying there in June 2012. Can’t hardly wait to surprise our kids. They’ve never been and it looks wonderful in the pics.

  • The rooms look much more colorful and fun than the other value resorts. One thing is its a tad bit more expesive than the suites at the music hotel. Wonder how much single rooms will fair.

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