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Go Behind the Scenes at The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Today is the anniversary of one of my favorite attractions – The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, which was dedicated Aug. 25, 1989, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

If you aren’t familiar, this 30-minute stunt show recreates some of the most thrilling and heart-pounding moments from the Indiana Jones films right before your eyes. (Incidentally, the film franchise celebrated its 30th anniversary this summer).

In honor of the attraction’s anniversary, I recently headed backstage to see for myself how these talented stunt performers throw punches, leap from buildings, and swing from scaffolding – several times a day – in front of a live audience.

Take a look, and afterward, tell me in the comments section – would you have jumped?


  • I heard the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Roller coaster at Disneyland, CA was being considered for construction at Hollywood Studios, Fl. Heard anything about this? 🙂

  • You should have jumped! How often do you get an opportunity like that? It might have been a once in a lifetime opportunity!!!

  • Oh WOW! That looks like an amazing show! We’re hoping to go to WDW next year for the first time and I can’t wait to experience it. But to answer your question Jennifer – yes, I would’ve jumped! 😛 You’re doing a great job, keeping us up-to-date with all the goings on at the park. Thank you!!

  • I would have been really scared but I would have jumped at the chance to jump!!! I intend to jump up and down and really try to be an extra the next time I see the show.

    You have the best job.

  • Great show! I got to be an extra in it last year, and it totally made my day! Acting is one of my secret ambitions. 😉 I love watching behind-the-scenes stuff. I don’t think I could have jumped!

  • All I have to say is Jennifer, I want your job! 🙂 I worked on the set of Disney’s Sing Me a Story: With Belle back in the mid-late 1990’s and also on numerous B Roll commercials. This type of “reporting” and interviewing for a blog such as Disney is just a great way to show Disney parks up close and personal! Love it and love your dream job! 🙂

    • Thanks so much. Trust me, I know how lucky I am every day. I work with an amazing team of people, too!

  • My daughter Kaitlyn was a Make A Wish kid and we got to meet Mary Beth and it was a different actor at the time(2006). She was great and even picked up my daughter for a picture that was taken. I also have Disney to thank for Kaitlyn’s vocabulary tripling after her trip!! I can’t wait to go back to WDW and show Kaitlyn so much more!

  • I probably would have jumped…as long as Indy was holding my hand!
    This show is one of my favorite Hollywood Studios activities – I never miss it when I visit!

  • Jennifer I would have jumped, but I really understand why you didn’t! You have a great job and why risk it by jumping off a building?

    • Excellent rationale!!! 🙂

  • I was there for Star Wars weekend! The actors were great. My daughter was in a wheel chair. The cast members came out and took a picture with us. We went back for another show, I was picked to be an extra!! I LOVED IT! Wish I could post a photo!

  • Jen is a chicken.. bock bock…bock bock! 😛

    • Hey, in my defense it looks MUCH higher up close!

  • Thanks for the post Jennifer! It’s always fun to see and hear the people who make these attractions what they are. I’d love to see a post interviewing some of the tech’s who make shows like this happen. Hope to see more!

  • Minor little correction: Raiders of the Lost Ark was released in 1981, so this year is actually the franchise’s 30th anniversary (wow, does that make me feel old, ha, ha!).

    Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed the show and make it a point to check it out whenever I get to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It could use a little refreshing here or there, but overall it’s a lot of fun!

    • I’m terrible at math…thanks for pointing that out. Fixed!

  • After going for years, I was picked last trip to be an extra! (I got to do the evil laugh, bwaa haa ha haaa!) I hope they keep the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, when my kids are old enough (first due November) we’ll definitely take them.

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