Inside the Wilderness Explorer Camp at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

You’ve already heard that you can meet Russell and Dug at the Wilderness Explorer Camp at Disney California Adventure park. Today, we’re taking you inside the camp to see Wilderness-Explorers-in-training as they earn their Wilderness Explorer Badges along the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. If you look closely, you might even spot the trail of the rare and elusive bird, Kevin!

Caw! Caw! Rawr!

Be sure to check the park Entertainment Guide for character greeting times and availability.


  • I’m glad Kenai’s Spirit Cave basically survived intact. Kinda cool having multiple themes in one area.

  • Yay! Up with Up, Down with Brother Bear!

  • Awesome, I had no idea there was so much in there. We usually just pass it by on the way to the pier cause we don’t have kids. Yet…

  • Great to see the Disneyland Resort adding more variety to their character meet-and-greet offerings. However, I think they do need to add Carl Fredrickson to the Wilderness Explorers Camp.

    Hope Walt Disney World will bring the “Up” characters back for regular meet-and-greets again soon as well.

  • I think the UP/Wilderness Explorer theme is great! My older son loved the trail, but the Brother Bear theme in the one area was outdated. This gives UP a chance to live on in this area instead of fading away. California Adventure is the Pixar Park!

  • Very neat! Maybe they can do the same at Tom Sawyer island at Magic kingdom??

  • Cant wait only 6 days till I (ok the kids) get to be wilderness explorers!

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