New Fantasy Faire Experience Coming to Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Rendering of new Fantasy Faire Experience Coming to Disneyland Park

Today at the D23 Expo, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Tom Staggs and Disneyland Resort President George Kalogridis announced an exciting transformation poised to take place at Disneyland park.

Rendering of New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Stage at Fantasy Faire

The boundaries of Fantasyland are expanding with a brand new experience called Fantasy Faire. For this project, Carnations Plaza Gardens Stage is being reimagined into an enchanting village square that will immerse guests in the stories of their favorite princesses in exciting new ways.

Rendering of the Royal Ribbon Festival at Fantasy Faire

Guests will travel through a village square surrounded by fairytale cottages and pavilions to the heart of the square – Tangled Tower, inspired by the film. The village square will come alive with activities and entertainment, including a Royal Ribbon Parade where guests can dance and interact with Belle or Rapunzel. Guests can visit the their favorite Disney royalty from such films as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Tangled.”

‪The Fantasy Faire Stage will be a new entertainment venue where the stories of Disney’s fairy tale heroes and heroines will be brought to life, letting guests become part of the story as well.

‪And at night, the Fantasy Faire Stage will come alive with the classic music and dance offerings that Disneyland park guests have loved for years.

We’ll have more updates on the new Fantasy Faire as they are available here on the Disney Parks Blog.


  • Erin, I really hope they’ll have the princes out for meet-and-greets at this new location regularly, in addition to the princesses.

    After all, the parks do need to remain gender-neutral.

  • Gorgeous concept art! I have goose bumps, so exciting!

  • That will be strange… It will be cool nonetheless.

  • Fascinating! As a swing dancer, I couldn’t be happier that the Carnation Plaza Gardens space is getting reimagined while still being able to host the amazingly fun dances on Saturday nights. I am very intrigued as to what the rest of the area will look like when it’s finished and what brand new theatrical productions will be mounted in the former location (Videopolis!). 🙂

  • Wondering if this while change any of the current fantasyland attractions? or if it will just add? Always love that adding to the Happiest Place on Earth!!

  • Nooooo! No No No leave Carnation Plaza alone!

  • It’d be nice to see art that would show how it would mesh with the rest of the hub. Just seems odd Fantasyland is encroaching further onto it

  • That looks great!! the stage look very similar to wdw new bell meet and greet it looks great!! What is going to happen to Disney princess fairy faire and the tangle meet and greet when this is opens??

  • wow and how does this fit main st usa might I ask

  • OMG YES! Carnation Plaza has been dead weight for years now. It will be AWESOME with this remodel. I’ve often thought how HUGELY marketed the Princesses are out in the real world and how little there really is of them at Disneyland. The picture op by toontown and Ariel’s new ride at DLCA are pretty all there is right now..Oh yea and the Snow White “Witch” ride. This is going to make a gazillion little girls CRAZY HAPPY! And for the record, BOYS will love this too. At least mine will. I agree with post #1 that it would be nice to have the Princes come out too. Though it doesn’t have to be gender neutral…nothing else at Disneyland is. And its OKAY that way!!! We know we’re equal…this is fantasy…bring out the PINK and the GLITTER and the MAGIC of the Disney Princesses…HOORAY!

    ps. And while you are at it, can you add a princess ride. I vote you take out Mr. Toad. Who is he anyway?

  • There BETTER still be swing dancing!!!!!

  • I have to admit, I was a little bitter when I read about the new Fantasyland expansion in WDW seeing as I always go to Disneyland, but this news just made my day! I am SO excited to see this! Any news on when the expansion will be completed by?

  • So where is the castle in relative to the first picture? Will the Tangled Tower as tall as the Sleeping Beauty Castle?

  • That seems so cool! My only qualm is that it’s in Disneyland, since I can’t travel from Florida to California on a regular basis. ):

    I’m really disappointed that Disney World doesn’t have a Tangled ride/exhibit. Any chance we’ll be getting one here in the future?

  • Looks like a wonderful addition to the ever expanding Disney attractions.
    ?? Why would someone say “…the parks do need to remain gender-neutral” …Huh?
    We celebrate the CHARACTERS, in all their variety!! …and Vive Le Difference!

  • It’s is terriffic how Disneyland always “makes way for the new”. Change is going to happen, it was one of Walt’s primary beleifs in his park. He would have wanted it to change. I just hope this doesn’t become a “pinch point” like the how the entrance to Adventureland can get. For those of you who don’t know, they already have a Royal Ribbon Carousel during the Royal Coronation Ceremony at the Princess Fantasy Faire. Looking forward to it, now…HOW ABOUT A GEYSER THEMED SPLASH ZONE IN BIG THUNDER RANCH?! That’s an idea that has been a long time coming. How ’bout it?

  • Sorry, typing too fast! I see that I typed “It’s is…” OOOPS!

  • LEAVE CARNATION PLAZA ALONE!!! It’s perfect the way it is 🙁 The Princesses already have plenty of places to roam around!

  • I am not liking the fact that we’ll be losing a vietal part of the Main Street Culture (espesally at night) considering there are many shots of Walt Disney from the Plaza Gardens; but at least we will get the Fantasyland Theator back from the trap of the fair. What will happen with the DL All American Band and all the nightly entertainment that goes on at the Gardens? (Will the Jolly Holiday Bakery will have a replacment stage?)

  • A perfect spot to work in a robin hood ride too!!! A nice Robin Hood archery range designed like the toy story ride would be a dream come true!!!

  • Just wondering…will there still be a Character Greeting near the Fantasyland Stage? I’m asking because the name Fantasy Faire is used there right now. Will something replace that? Or, will it be renamed?

  • I remember Fantasyland as a child when it was still the Original concept with the Whelches stand and you still bought and used tickets (Can anyone remember what ticket the Tea Cups took? How about the Storybook Fairy Boats?-LOL). I’ve been there through ever reincarnation of the park and it just gets better and better.
    Now that I’m in my dotage I still enjoy going, but even though the rides don’t give me the thrill they use to, I still enjoy watching all the small kids who have come for the first time and the wonder on their faces. There’s nothing like the pure joy of a child meeting Mickey for the first time, or a little girl getting a hug from the princess she has long admired. Walt Disney was right when he name it the most magical place on earth.

  • Can any part of the park remain a nice, relaxing dead space or does every inch of Disneyland need to have some sort of activity? Sometimes it’s nice to just relax.

  • yeah, what will happen to Princess Fantasy Faire and the Tangled meet and greet when this opens?

  • OH NO! Does this mean there will no more swing dancers and sounds of jazz from the big band of the 20’s!?!?! 🙁 This was one of my favorites when going to Disneyland.

  • NOT thrilled at all ….the Carnation Plaza Bandstand SHOULD STAY AS IS !!! this iconic venue would draw more if it were used more often …according to history , this venue was built to keep guests staying and playing after dark …known orchestral greats like Count Basie and Glenn Miller have played there amongst many other known and not-known entertainers ….Remember, this is located in Plaza Hub, Outside of Fantasyland, and Still represents Main Street , U.S.A. , Walt’s favorite section of the Land He built …..

  • The scene in Tangled, when she gets into the village for the first time, and the celebration of HER birthday is underway, gives me chills…the first thing I said to my grown girls was, ‘they really need to do that at the park!’. I was hoping to see it in the area that had been used for ‘Hunchback’…but the buildings/rides in Fantasy land to lend themselves to this idea. I think, at certain times of day, they should have ‘sidewalk chalk art’ for the kids. I know Disney has those ‘water vacs’ that suck up rain water, seems that they could wash up the areas after the kids have done the chalk drawings. I want to dance in the town square with “Eugene”…but only in the form of Zac Levi!!! He’s such a sweetheart and so very worthy of becoming an iconic Disney character. (so I do agree w/ having the male leads there too!). I think to kick it all off, invite Zac and Robbie Benson (voice of the Beast) down there….but give us all a good heads up! I have to drive over 4hrs. to get to my home away from home.

  • I would prefer this to be in the old Motor Boat cruise area, because I think it will clash with Main Street abit, however I am quite pleased with this, but hopefully the Princesses wont just be locked up in here and still be able to be in other places in the parks.

  • First of all, you guys on the east coast do NOT want a tangled meet and greet. It’s a 45 minute wait every time.
    Second, the princesses do not have plenty of space to roam around, only fantasy faire which is again, a 45 minute wait. I miss the days when the princesses DID roam around.
    Third, the post says that at night there will still be music and dancing.
    Fourth, having the pirnces there would be nice but the “gender neutral” comment is confusing. Most of the rest of the park is for “boys”. Tomorrowland=boys, frontierland=boys, critter county=boys, pirates and haunted mansion=boys, etc. etc. Can’t the little girls have an area that fits their dreams without someone complaining? And I say this as a mom of 2 Jessie and Jack Skellington loving little girls.
    I wouldnt worry too much about the area fitting or encroaching on main street. Disney always does a wonderful job of blending the theming.
    Finally and most importantly, what’s going to happen to the current fantasy faire area? Something exciting I hope??? Can’t wait to find out what’s next!

  • “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”
    — Walt Disney

    I’m excited to see the changes! I love Disneyland; Disney has truly been woven into my whole life but I wouldn’t want it to forever stay exactly the same.

    I don’t know when the completion date is for Fantasy Faire, I’m assuming it won’t take too long. It’s one more exciting change for us to see when we visit DL and CAP next year. :o)

  • This sounds so awesome!!! However, I’m sad to see the Carnation Stage get changed. Especially at night, it looks so pretty. And in the day, I know it’s well known, but it’s felt like a secret place to me 🙂 I like to sit on the bridges, walk around the pink roses and look up at the castle <3
    However, if I can feel like I'm walking around Belle's poor provincial town, that'll be quite nice too!! And dance with Rapunzel??? Yes please 🙂

  • I’m not sure how I feel about this. I love the idea of expanding and deepening the theme of Fantasyland, but I share concerns about how well this is going to mesh with Main St. and whether it is even really contiguous with Fantasyland. I guess it says a lot, however, that I had to look up where Carnation Plaza even was.

    I do agree with the one commentor above who questioned why every scrap of relaxing park space has to be filled with something. Often, the spaces that don’t have something are as important and necessary as the spaces that do. I still bemoan the loss of Tom Sawyer’s Island, which was one of my favoirte places – especially in the morning – expressly because it was nice, chill park-like setting.

  • I’ll add to the Carnation and Hub defenders: Main Street is Main Street, it’s the “opening credits” to your park experience until you walk through the castle. Start blurring the boundaries between the lands, and you destroy the immersive experience that Walt wanted to put into the separate lands.

    And while I’m a fan of the Tangled fair scene, at its heart, this seems like Park Envy: Disneyland wanted to follow their act and a announce a New Fantasyland Expansion at the second D23 they way they announced WDW’s at the first one, and keep the parks “equal” for new guest draws…But that’s just it–WDW HAD the land to expand on and experiment with (all that wilderness back to the railroad), Disneyland DIDN’T. They can’t announce what they don’t have.
    (That’s one of the things I personally like about Disneyland; with only so much surrounded Anaheim space to work with, they don’t have as much room to build new things, and either can’t build without tearing down, or have to make Walt’s old classics seem new with more live entertainment.)
    Disneyland isn’t always WDW, and what works Here won’t always work There.

  • I always wondered why they havent expanded on the back of fantasyland where it meets frontierland. The Thundermountain BBQ is there now- but I always though it would be cool if they themed it to American fairytales… Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Johnny Appleseed, Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It would be a great transition between the two lands.


  • I’m all for this. Yes, the Carnation Plaza Gardens is a historic location with a much honored past. But that area has been dead space for a lot of years. This is the boost that it needs. I don’t think Walt would mind. After all, he did say, “As long as there is imagination left in the world, Disneyland will never be complete.”
    As for breaking from the “theme” of the central hub, when you think of a castle, you don’t think of Buzz LIghtyear, Captain Jack, or Donald Duck. You think of Princesses. What better theme to have directly next to the castle than this new area.
    For those not aware of this, the Princesses aren’t confined to the Princess Fantasy Faire next to Toon Town. For over a year now they have been coming out to the castle several times a day for meet and greets. So it’s perfect that they will continue to be in that area after this project is complete. Until then, enjoy seeing them by the castle…and roaming the park as they go to and from there.

  • It’s always interesting how a mere suggestion of change freaks people out. Change is good and as Mr. Disney said and was noted previously, “Disneyland will never be complete…” and that suggests change.
    I am sure Disney will make this enhancement work beautifuly. They know how important character interaction is and especially with the Princess. Also true is the fact that us adults like to visit with our favorite Princess too. Not just adorable little Princess.

  • Wait… Is this happening at Disneyland Resort in California? 🙂

  • Everyone RELAX, it was announced at the presentation that;


    I’m happy to hear that Plaza gardens is getting a change.

  • And I agree with Walt’s statement;

    “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

  • …And everyone, I would seriously not worry;

    In the early 90’s, the Plaza Gardens stage was home to a Beauty and the Beast show, featuring Mickey and friends, and puppet versions of Lumiere, and Cogsworth.

    And even before that, it was home to a show featuring a Toon themed Roger Rabbit show. (It can be found of Youtube)

    So its NOT like the Plaza Gardens area haven’t seen its share of Fantasy-inspired changes over the years

    So please do not worry. I am sure that the Imagineers have taken your concerns into account.

    Walt wanted the park to change and receive enhancements.

    I choose to be cautiously optimistic. 🙂

  • I have to agree with the Carniation Plaza defenders. Sometimes change is good but this is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong the concept of Fantasy Faire is nice just not there. It will take away from the entire feel of the park , the feeling I love of walking down Main Street before entering the different areas of the park. The school I work for has performed at the Carnation Plaza stage for the past several years. Bring more entertainment, keep the evening Swing dancing and add more of the same. Give it that real down home USA feel. We don’t need more fantasyland added to the Main Street “Hub” area of the park.

  • I loved the swing music, too. I remember traveling down in the ’60 to listen to Arti Shaw play on stage. I also loved the Fantasia ice cream that was sold at the Plaza. But that is gone, too. Just when you get to really enjoy something it gets removed.

    Disney, when you get through moving a few things around, how about bringing back the Fantasia ice cream for us old-timers for “memory sake”?

  • Wait, this was a nice throwback to the original theatres of Fantasyland, but…your GETTING RID OF carnation plaza? That is our favorite place!! My favorite place! I loved being suprised on any number of visits where there was live entertianment groups from the area and that sort of thing. Not to mention the SWING NIGHTS there! :0 I know carnation plaza landed there sort of by accident, (It was orginally intended for where the Flagpole is now on Main, but it intefered with Walt’s view of the castle…) But…WHY? I feel kind of unsure…will some of the moat be destroyed for this?…Unsure…

  • Why is everyone being so negative about this? Disney Imagineers will NEVER dissapoint us! I personally think this is a great idea, FantasyLand had always been my favorite part of the park and seeing it expand would be great…although there is still some free space behind the castle walls and between “Small World” that could be used. Anyways for all the people freaking out about it destroying the theme to main St. Just look at the castle…and then look right! What is there? PIXIE HOLLOW! (previously Ariels grotto, which I still Miss =( oh well I have the ride now! =) anyways…) the point is pixie hollow is already accessible from main St. So if anything this new fantasyland expansion is going to balance things out. Just have faith, trust, and let the imagineers use their pixie dust and I’m sure you’ll all be happy when it’s done!!

  • I REALLY wish that some Disney fans would stop being so upset everytime Disneyland wants to change something.

    Some fans have Disneyland squeezed so tightly that the park is unable to breath. 🙁

    PLEASE wait until more details are revealed before you all cry foul.

    Its really unfortunate, every single time that Disneyland wants to change and/or enhance something, everyone shouts “NO!!”

    Its a really an unhealthy attitude.

    Walt WANTED Disneyland to change and evolve. In 1966, much of Frontierland was changed forever when new Orleans Square opened, and took up space that used to be Frontierland. That was all done under Walt’s watch.

  • David–Nicely said! 🙂

  • I am betting I am not the norm here. A re-do to fluffy princess meet and greet just does not sit well with me. I hope the theater is going to be used as a theater again, it certainly has not been used to it’s potential for years. However, I though the idea of Sleeping Beauty Castle was the entrance to Fantasyland? So now Fantasyland is going to be outside the castle? Huh? Plus Carnation Gardens is still part of Main Street. How will they transition to Frontierland now? I think it looks gaudy and would be better placed in Magic Kingdoms’ Redo of their Fantasyland. So walking down Main Street will suddenly become Fantasyland on one side and Main Street still on the other? Who thinks of this stuff??

  • I was there yesterday, in the very spot where they are going to build this. I took several pictures in panorama for some good before and after photos. Some are wondering where the castle will be in relation to the renderings. My best guess is that Sleeping Beauty’s Castle will be behind you and to your left as you look at the first concept drawing at the top of the page. I beleive the first drawing at the top of the page is your view as you head toward the transition-tunnel to Rancho del Zocalo restaurant in Frontierland.

  • Rhonda–
    Yes, the castle is AN entrance to Fantasyland, but it is certainly not the ONLY entrance.
    When facing the front of the castle, one could very easily walk to their right, passing the Alice restrooms and enter Fantasyland that way.

    And again, David has a point; For years now, Ariel’s Grotto (now Pixie Hollow) has been (and still is) a part of Fantasyland, and yet, it is well OUTSIDE of the castle, off to the side.

    And as I mentioned before, in the early 1990’s there was a Beauty and the Beast show on the Plaza Gardens stage.

    With all due respect, are people just not remembering these facts? Have I been clear in my posts here? Could I PLEASE get some back-up from others who agree?

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