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The Most Talked-About Treat at Disney Parks

The Most Talked-About Treat at Disney Parks

If last week’s D23 crowd and blog posts are any indication, this adorable pretzel has to be one of the most coveted tastes at Walt Disney World Resort. You can only find them one place: in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom at Frontierland Pretzel Wagon between the Diamond Horseshoe and Pecos Bill Cafe (next to the turkey leg cart). Pair the twist with cheese and chocolate dipping sauces. Insiders tell us it’s still in “testing phase” at Walt Disney World Resort, but we bet it’s here to stay.

You also can find it at Disneyland park at Refreshment Corner, Bengal Barbecue, Frontierland Pretzel, Small World Pretzel and Tomorrowland Pretzel. At Disney California Adventure Park, they are sold at Bayside Brews, the Beer Truck and Hollywood Pretzel. Have you joined the Mickey pretzel craze and tried one yet?


  • mm looks yummy never had one of those if i ever go to disney land and its still their i am defintaly gonna try one

  • cream cheese filled pretzels are THE best pretzels found at the Disney Parks…SO good

  • I love the Mickey pretzel! I had one last weekend!!

  • Thats really cute, I can get one and a Dole Whip

  • That looks awesome!!! My daughter has type 1 diabetes… any idea how many carbs are in that pretzel?

  • This will be a must have snack for my pretzel loving twin girls on our next trip!!!! Another Great new treat from Disney!!!!

  • If they are avail in January when we go, the kids and I will absolutely try them. ADORABLE!

  • I hope these delicious looking morsels are still around in October!

  • That looks awesome! Our family doesn’t eat dairy, and so many of the mickey-shaped treats have dairy in them. I’m hoping this uses the same recipe as the other plain WDW pretzels. If so, I’m sure we’ll be seeking them out on our next trip to WDW!!! 🙂

  • Yummy!! Can’t wait until October when I can try one. Maybe I’ll dip one ear in chocolate, and the other in cheese………….Oh My!!

  • Will they count as a “snack” in the dinning plan??

  • OHHH we are going in Dec. Those look good. How many carbs is it (I have a type 1 kid)? Also, is it free of peanuts/tree nuts? Thanks.

  • These are adorable and look delicious. We will definitely be getting one(or more) of these on our next trip to Disneyland this January.

  • Pretty bad i have been so many times i know EXACTLY where that wagon is !

  • SOOO looking forwrd to getting one next week!

  • Love the Mickey pretzel, always try to get one with cheese sauce when I go to Disneyland. I wish they would offer a spicy/nacho cheese sauce as an option

  • I love soft pretzels with mustard. Not sure about cheese and chocolate. I think it’s a good semi-healthy treat offering.

  • We are going for Labor day weekend, I will be sure to try one.

  • Those look great. Have to keep news of this from my daughter or we’ll be returning just to get one. The premium mickey bars are great, but I miss the bars of my youth with the vanilla face and the chocolate eyes…etc. Not nearly premium ice cream, but I have very fond memories of them.

  • We are headed to DisneyWorld in October so if they have them then I am in!!!!!

  • I have never seen these at WDW! We’ll take 5!!! 8(;0D

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