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Today in Disney History: Test Flights Begin at Mission: SPACE

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Mission: SPACE, a space-flight simulator attraction, launched into soft-opening phase at Epcot Aug. 15, 2003.

Mission: SPACE at Epcot

In this attraction, guests head to the International Space Training Center (ISTC) where they become trainees in a simulation exercise for an upcoming space flight to Mars.

The pre-show is narrated by actor Gary Sinise (“Apollo 13”), who assigns new trainees a specific role to play in the mission, including the parts of navigator, pilot, commander and engineer. Teams then board their simulator and experience the thrill of a countdown and blast off, then work together to control the craft as it rockets around the moon, experiences a period of hypersleep and lands on the Red Planet.

The attraction uses a multiple-arm centrifuge to simulate the illusion of speed and strong gravitational forces. As an astronaut in training, you are given the choice to be a part of the Orange Team or the Green Team. For guests who are sensitive to strong motion, they may choose to join the Green Team for a gentler experience.

So which team do you join? The Orange Team or the Green Team?


  • orange team all the way to mesa verde.

  • So Glad to be Cast Member here!! Love me some Space!

  • HAHAHAHA!! the only time i ever rode this ride was when there were no “green team” “orange team” options – there was just one and it was intense to say the least. So I guess that would now be the “orange team” side. It is a fun ride but I have to admit that we were all feeling a little queasy after riding this ride :> and I do not get motion sickness so that is saying something.

  • Always Orange team! Never done green myself actually. Going next year and taking young ones so I will likely get a chance to experience the Greener side of things 😉 This is absolutely one of the highlights (ride wise!) for me at Epcot.

  • Nothing competes with Orange Team in my book! 🙂

  • I am an orange team myself. I went two years ago with my family right before my Dad deployed to Iraq (we used the salute pass, awesome!). My Dad kept stating that we should ride the green team one for my sister, but she kept exclaiming that she could ride the orange one because she had before. We get on the ride and my Dad points out that there were no more barf bags, which I thought was him trying to be funny. We rode the attraction, which was amazing. we go to get out and my Dad is pale and walking slowly. I didn’t realize that he actually gets motion sickness but he did not want to reveal this to us.

  • Love that this is narrated by Gary Sinise. Also love that this attraction has educational value!

    • Me too. He’s a great narrator.

  • Don’t forget to push that button!!

  • I used to only go on green team but i tried orange once and it didn’t feel like spinning at all! It truly is a whole different ride on either side!

  • That date also marks the first day I ever visited Walt Disney World 🙂

  • I believe this is the ride that replaced one of my favorites at Epcot: “Horizons”.

    • Did you know there are some elements of Mission: SPACE that have secret nods to Horizons?

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