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Two Princesses Meet at Magic Kingdom Park

As a Disney Parks photographer, I have had the good fortune to photograph many special occasions and have enjoyed capturing the Disney Princesses many times. On this special morning, I photographed a darling little girl as she met Rapunzel for the very first time. Ava was nearing her fifth birthday (which she spent having breakfast with the princesses inside Cinderella Castle) and her autograph book lacked only one princess – Rapunzel. As a surprise, Ava’s parents took her to the Magic Kingdom Park early one morning and walked directly to Fantasyland to make sure she was first in line to greet Rapunzel. I hope these photographs speak for themselves.

Ava Meets Rapunzel at Magic Kingdom Park Ava Meets Rapunzel at Magic Kingdom Park Ava Meets Rapunzel at Magic Kingdom Park

Ava was thrilled, and afterward, as the family walked down Main Street, U.S.A., she could be heard announcing to Mom and Dad, “This is a perfect day!” Indeed, it was…

Here’s a look back at more magical moments from around Magic Kingdom Park:


  • We were there in July for our daughter’s birthday. We tried all week to meet Rapunzel who is our daughter’s favorite princess. The last night of our trip we met her with only a 15 min wait. Our daughter has green eyes and long blonde hair we keep braided and Rapunzel told her she looked just like her but didn’t have flowers in her braid. She then put flowers in our daughters braid. She was almost crying. “Best birthday ever!” is all she could say!!! Thank you WDW and a very special Rapunzel for this memory.

  • Gene,

    My daughter was lucky enough to have the exact same experience with Rapunzel. We were able to take pictures and it made the entire trip worth it.

  • My family will be arriving at WDW the end of September for a week. It will be the first visit for our children – our daughter who just turned six, and our son will turn on September 20th. To top it off, on Sept. 29th it will be our 10th wedding anniversary, and October 3rd will be my birthday, and my husband’s is Sept. 14th. So needless to say – we have a LOT of celebrating to do and couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to introduce our kids to the magic of Disney…

  • I’m such a baby, but this brought tears to my eyes, as the beautiful Disney magic frequently does 🙂 Moments like these are really what the Disney Parks are all about! Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks Allison- Indeed, it is from that same morning.

  • Great pictures Gene!!! Did I see one from this shoot now being use on the WDW site regarding the Rapunzel Meet & Greet????

  • So sweet! 🙂

  • In 2008 we took my 4 year old daughter to WDW, we had lunch with several of the Princess but had trouble meeting up with Ariel. My duaghter picked out an Ariel dress, and a necklace that she so wanted to show Ariel. We went to the Dreams Come True parade that Ariel was in and Prince Eric saw my daughter trying to show Ariel her outfit looking to the top of the float, but Ariel still saw her and made a point to blow her a kiss and her and Eric gave me and my daughter a wonderful memory, My daughter was so excited to see her and she now knew that she loved her outfit, and the special necklace that she was wearing! It is one of our favorite memories to see the look on my daughters face when Ariel was so excited to see her! We are going back in september and cannot wait for our next memory!

  • I remember my daughter’s 1st trip to Disney (1998). She was 6 years old and we managed to get breakfast in the castle. Starstruck doesn’t even touch it. We are going back in late Nov for our last trip as a family of 4 before she graduates and heads off to college. I stayed awake all night so we could get reservations for Cinderella with our “little” princess one last time. To this day – she’s a dead ringer for Ariel, but Belle is still her favorite. 🙂

  • the grand kids and my daughter and myself went to disney world this year for the first time and we all had a fabulus time it was the best vacation ever.we are even talking about going back next year.

  • My little girl will be celebrating some very special milestones next week when we go to Disney–her first trip to Disney, her fourth birthday and her victory over cancer! Her Make-a-Wish trip there will be oh-so-magical–but it can only be complete if she meets the princess whose movie was essential during her time in the hospital: Ariel! We can’t wait to meet her and watch our daughter’s eyes light up!

  • I have so many many wonderful memories from disney parks. I have been lucky enough to visit 3 of them. Now we have a granddaughter that we get to take every year! 🙂 It is the best. And in between visits, I sit and watch the disney memories website. My husband laughs whenever he sees me tearing up at one of them. I dont even know the people! LOL But I know the feelings. And it is lovely. We all need more of that! 🙂

  • It has been many years since we visited Walt Disney World. Our last visit was March 2004. Prior to that we were lucky enough to visit twice in 7 months. At that time my daughter was only 4 years old. She was treated wonderfully by all the princesses and other characters that we met but especially by Megera (who officially is not a princess). My daughter decided one morning while getting ready for MGM studio park, that she would wear a Megera outfit so that Megera would see her and come over and talk to her. Unbelievably, during the parade Megera did see her and did come over and speak to her and told her to come and visit her at the theater. She was so sweet to my daughter and spent a lot of time with her singing and showing her how to stand with her hand on her hip etc. We have all of it on video and she may not remember it as much as we do but it is a memory I will always have! When we went back later in January, we saw the same Megera and told her we were so happy to see her again since last summer, she picked right up on it and acted like she remembered her and that they were best of friends.

  • Great pictures!!!! Makes me think of the first time I took my daughter, she was 5 as well! And for those 4 days I was her hero! All I can remember is her telling me and my wife that this was the best day ever!!! And she grabbed my face and said ” daddy you are the best daddy in the world! Thank you for taking me to mickeys house!” I remember shedding a tear! We’ve been AP holders ever since!

  • We celebrated our daughter Isabella’s, 5th birthday at WDW in 2008. It was the trip of a lifetime. We stayed at The Animal Kingdom Lodge (her pick), and EVERY cast member made it such a special day for us. The staff at Boma’s even gave her a card signed by everyone in their native language! We dined with the characters and filled up our autograph books. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique was also an unforgetable experience. Disney Bakery did a fantastic job on a Princess cake that had a strawberry custard filling. We will never forget that family vacation. Our son will be 5 next year, and we can’t wait to go back and create more magical Disney memories!

  • Too bad Disney decided to take Flynn Rider away. That would have made for an even better picture.

  • My 7yr old LOVES to say “That was the best day EVER!” I know that if she met Rapunzel that she would have a new best day! Hopefully while we are there for Christmas. 🙂

  • We were at Walt Disney World this past Feb. 2011 for my daughters 3rd birthday and her first trip there. She really wanted to meet Tangled. Everytime we got near her area there was a 2 hours plus wait to see her. One day ( on her actual birthday) we got there early and we only waited 15 minutes. She got in to meet Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. They saw that it was my daughters birthday they gave her a special treat. My daughter got to see Rapunzels Crown that Flynn Rider keeps in his sachel. She was soo happy and her face lit up. They even let her put it on and they took a picture all together. That is one day my daughter still talks about and will never forget. Thank you Rapunzel and Walt Disney World for making my daughters dream come true!

  • You have the best job in the world! Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

  • This brings tears to my eyes! My daughter is 5 years old, and we will be making our first trip to WDW in 18 days. I cannot wait to watch her as she meets her favorite princesses. Belle is her favorite, so I am so excited for Joy Beth to meet her!

  • You have a wonderful job!!! How nice it must be to see so many dreams coming true. I love your pictures. I have to agree with the little princess, Ava, having seen all of the princesses and had a picture taken with them is a perfect day. Thank you for the memories and pictures you share with us.

  • I spent my 2nd birthday in Disney World and had lunch in Cinderella’s Castle. 22 years after the fact (yikes!)my family still talks about it. In fact, my grandfather saved the blue napkin from his place setting and gave it to me when I moved into my first apartment. When I marry next year, we’re going back to make another 22 years and more of memories 🙂

  • Great photos! We are taking my 5yr old daughter near the end of Sept. for the first time and she really really wants to meet Ariel and Rapunzel. 🙂

  • We vacationed this year at Disney World and our youngest daughter Delaney got to celebrate her 5th birthday on the trip. She felt the very same way and all trip kept saying and still says “This was the best vacation ever!” We treated her to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and lunch in the castle. Those were some great pictures you posted. All the photographers in all the parks helped to make her trip and ours a very “Magical” experience. We purchased many pictures off the photo pass and have them framed so we can always remember Delaney’s “best vacation ever!”

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