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Vintage Walt Disney World: Mickey’s On Top of the World

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

Every time I walk into Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I always take a moment to glance up at Mickey Mouse walking on top of the world. You know which world I’m referring to, right? The Crossroads of the World landmark found at the entrance.

The Crossroads of the World Landmark at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Based on the original structure from Sunset Boulevard, The Crossroads of the World at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has one noticeable difference, Mickey Mouse. While Mickey looks itty bitty from the ground below, you can get a better sense of his size from the photograph below taken on Dec. 21, 1988.

The Crossroads of the World Landmark at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Mickey is 5’3” tall while the spinning globe he stands on is 6 feet in diameter. His right ear is made out of copper in order to serve as a lightning rod. Both Mickey and the globe were created by former Disney master sculptor Perry Russ.

The Crossroads of the World Landmark at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sitting on top of the world, Mickey has been walking and waving to every guest entering the park since opening day.

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  • Wow! He’s really that tall? Cool! I love Vintage WDW! 🙂

  • Very cool! I never realized he’s that tall. How often is Mickey repainted? I’m sure the Florida sun can be tough on him! Since his right ear serves as a lightning rod, has he ever been struck by lightning?

  • this year I have only been able to go 6 to Disney World and all those time I have gone to Hollywood studios to admired the statue

  • I have to learn to look up! In three visits to WDW, I’ve never noticed this structure or Mickey before. I guess I am so unpleasantly distracted by the hat that I’ve missed this gem.

  • Love seeing construction photos from Disney World, would really like to see some from construction of Wilderness Lodge!

  • That Mickey is taller than ME ! I am 5’1″ tall and yes most of the park Mickeys are just a bit taller than me….Vanessa from FL…

  • I was at Hollywood studios yesterday and I was actually admiring this. I can’t believe it’s that big!

  • I think it’s funny that that Mickey figure is 5’3. I bet if that sculpture were to stand right next to the Big Cheese himself in the park they would come to about the same height! =)

  • My wife and I were there on our honeymoon two years ago, and I didn’t even notice Mickey on top of the world. It just goes to show you that there’s always something new to find at Walt Disney World!

  • What a gorgeous picture! I miss that view, untainted by the Sorcerer’s Hat (which looks so out of place – would fit much better in the Animation Courtyard, or even in the backlot area, in my opinion).

    I’m so excited to visit the Studios next week 🙂

  • The three photos seem to show three different statues. Not just the modern Mickey vs. the Steam Boat Willy Mickey, but different poses. Can you tell us anything more?
    Tom in New Jersey

    • Hey Thomas! It is all the same Mickey Mouse. That second picture was flipped during scanning, so we flipped it back. He’s just unpainted in the second and third picture.

  • Wow, cue the small world music – my family and I are in Los Angeles right now on vacation before the D23 Expo. We were driving down Sunset Boulevard yesterday, and saw the “Crossroads of the World” building. We all said, “isn’t that an icon at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?” Thanks for answering the question.

    • Any time. 🙂

  • That globe is only 6″ in diameter?!

    PS LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage WDW posts!

    • Hey Vanessa – I’m glad you like the posts. And yes, the globe is actually six feet in diameter. I mistyped that, oops. We’ve since corrected it.

  • Great shots and I really enjoy your history-related posts. Is it possible that you meant Dec 21 of 1988 … as the park opened on May 1, 1989 and I am guessing the park wouldn’t have looked the way it did in the photos some 7 months after its debut.

    • Tony, you too are right! (I guess I should have stayed on vacation!) But in my defense, our slide is labeled incorrectly in the Resource Center – it is in fact 1988. (Of course, I should have realized this…)

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