What’s My Line? Can You Place These Disneyland Attraction Quotes?

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Bonus point if you can name this attraction!

In past “What’s My Line?” posts, Disney Parks Blog readers have asked for more of a challenge. So in an attempt meet that request, I’m trying something new – well, old. Below you’ll find some quotes from Disneyland attractions past. This edition requires you to reach back into your memory – for some of you, even your childhood. Since these attractions are no longer found in our parks – you’ve got to know your stuff to get them right!

  1. Just refrain from hibernatin’.
  2. Nowadays we see these rugged mountains as a challenge of a different kind.
  3. You have escaped TRON’s Game Grid for now, Users.
  5. The smoking lamp is out.

Special thanks to my fellow Disneyland Resort cast member, Roberta, for her help with these quotes. Leave your answers in the comments and I’ll update this post with the correct attractions later today.

UPDATE: How well did your memory serve you? Here are the correct answers:

  1. Country Bear Jamboree
  2. Circle-Vision: American Journeys
  3. PeopleMover: Thru the World of TRON
  4. Adventure Thru Inner Space
  5. Submarine Voyage


  • Actually, using the precise wording “The Smoking Lamp Is Out” is from the Submarine Voyage Through Liquid Space. The Mine Train line is “And eh, no smoking please, because we don’t want to start a forest fire.”

    The America Sings photo above is, specifically, right after Sam introduces “Blossom-nosed Murphy” and they are singing Sweet Adeline.

  • Love your America Sings photo. I remember getting elected to cutting that Barber Chair out for the show because I had one at home to draw from. Speaking of No Smoking, in Paris Disneyland Big Thunder they have a vintage “No Smoking” sign in 18 languages.

  • I think it is awesome that so many people remember their experiences on iconic Disney attractions, now long gone. I know I do!

    So many guests (myself included) carry the details of childhood visits as a vivid part of their Disney memories and would have enjoyed sharing these memories with their own children. Perhaps there should not be such a quick draw to remove the iconic attractions from Disney Parks in order to satisfy the common belief that change is always good.

    I still think it was a rather large mistake to have the PeopleMover disappear. It was a beloved and iconic attraction – ironically even more relevant today with the launch of the new TRON franchise.

    And – hurrah for the Imagineers who have made enjoying the original Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room possible again!

  • Eric–
    That is really not a cool comment. This is the official Disney Parks blog. A place where guest’s comments should be respectful and offer constructive thoughts and criticism. Please don’t be so mean-spirited. Even though you were kidding, it still comes across as snarky.

  • I have to say, “The smoking lamp is out” was used on both the Mine Train and on the Submarine Voyage, as well as on the Disneyland Railroad. That last one has a few correct answers…

    • Thanks, Duane – points for everyone!

  • What do you mean, “Country Bears isn’t still around”? They’re over at…ohh, DisneyLAND, sorry. 😉

  • 1. Country Bear Jamboree
    2. American Journeys
    3. Peoplemover!! Miss that one.
    4. Adventure Thru Inner Space
    5. Disneyland Railroad

    I LOVE these posts! They’re so fun!

  • i didn’t know any. i haven’t been to Disneyland, only Disney World.

  • 1) Country Bear Jamboree
    2) American Journeys
    3) PeopleMover
    4) Adventure thru InnerSpace
    5) Submarine Voyage

  • 1) Country Bear Jamboree
    2) America the Beautiful Presented in Circle Vision 360
    3) Peoplemover
    4) Adventures Through Inner-Space
    5) The Original Submarine Voyage

  • Change 5) to original Submarine Voyage – Forgot this is for old attractions

  • 1) Country Bear Jamboree
    2) Circle Vision
    3) People Mover
    4) Journey to Inner Space
    5) Disneyland Railroad

    Bonus) America Sings

  • 1) The Country Bear Jamboree
    2) American Journeys
    3) PeopleMover
    4) Adventures thru InnerSpace
    5) Mine Train thru Nature’s Wonderland

    Ah, the memories.

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