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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Aug. 2, 2011

It’s time once again for “Where at Disney Parks Can You Find…”. Do you know where in the Disneyland Resort you can find this? Also, what is it? Bonus question: where was this before? Remember to check back later today to see the answer.

Where at Disney Parks Can You Find…

If you knew that the mystery photo is located in “a bug’s land” and is Manny the praying mantis next to Flik’s Flyers, you are correct. The bug figures that were in Bountiful Valley Farm were recently relocated to various locations in “a bug’s land” and of course fit in quite nicely.

Part of ‘a bug's land’ and is Manny the Praying Mantis Next to Flik's Flyers


  • Bugs Life in CA Adventure Park

  • Looks like something you would see in Bugs Land in California Adventure but technically that’s not Disneyland resort is it?

  • I’m gonna say that’s Manny’s hat in A Bugs Land.

  • That is part of the Manny statue that used to be in Bountiful Valley Farm. Now that the farm is gone, the Manny statue is curently in Flik’s Fun Fair in a planter next to Flik’s Flyers.

    Marisa– Yes, California Adventure is a part of the Disneyland Resort. 🙂

  • I think that is Manny’s hat because you can see the antennas coming up exactly like Manny’s do.

  • As immortalized by the voice artistry of the late, great Jonathan Harris.

  • I was thinking Bug’s Land also, but like Marisa, I thought where in Disneyland not Cal. Adventure.

  • “Disneyland Resort” encompasses both Disneyland and California Adventure, as well as the onsite hotels.

  • Hi Paul, It was fun to meet you as you were shooting this photo during our recent Disney vacation. I’m a fellow photographer, and appreciate the fun challenges that your posts provide.

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