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Who’s Your Favorite Disney Sidekick?

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

My young son and I recently watched Disney•Pixar’s “Cars” together for the first time. He loved it and by the end of the movie had begun pointing to the screen and saying, “Ca!” when a new car entered the scene. Although I had seen the movie before, what surprised me this time was how much I enjoyed the scenes that featured Lightning McQueen’s pal, Mater, who adds such an innocent comic relief to the film. A few days later, I happened to be walking through Disney’s Hollywood Studios past the new Lightning and Mater meet-and-greet, where I noticed a healthy line of guests waited excitedly to meet their racetrack heroes. Many were little kids in Cars T-shirts, autograph books at the ready.

These two recent encounters with Mater got me thinking about how all the great Disney characters have a best friend, a sidekick who often adds fun to a scene and helps the main character through a plotline of challenges. Where would Flynn Rider be without his rule-abiding horse, Maximus? Or Aladdin without wish-granting, joke-cracking Genie?

Which brings me to my next question: Who is your favorite Disney “sidekick” and where have you seen them at Disney Parks?

Here are my top suggestions. Feel free to add your favorite onto the list in the “comments” section below!

Tinker Bell from 'Peter Pan'

  1. Tinker Bell (Peter Pan)
    Where would Peter Pan be without his clever little pixie pal? Catch her at Magic Kingdom Park at Tink’s Magical Nook in Adventureland during the day, and leading the Main Street Electrical Parade through the park at night.
  2. Buzz Lightyear from the 'Toy Story' Franchise

  3. Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story franchise)
    Buzz and Woody go together like peas and carrots (wait, that’s from a different Tom Hanks film). But what makes him such a great sidekick is that whenever Woody is in trouble, it’s “Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!” Find this dedicated space ranger at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Toy Story Mania!, at character meet-and-greet areas, and in the daily Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun parade. Or join him at the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin attraction at Magic Kingdom Park.
  4. Finding Nemo – The Musical at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  5. Dory (Finding Nemo)
    When clownfish Marlin set off to find his son, Nemo, he never could’ve done it without his funny and forgetful friend, Dory. You can find her at The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction at Epcot and at Finding Nemo – The Musical at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park (pictured above).
  6. Elliot the Dragon from 'Pete's Dragon'

  7. Elliot the Dragon (Pete’s Dragon)
    When orphaned youngster Pete moves to a little fishing village in Maine, he’s befriended by a colorful dragon named Elliot, who shows him adventure and eventually helps save a member of Pete’s new family. Look for Elliot’s impressive appearance in the nightly Main Street Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom Park with Pete riding high upon his back.
  8. Mickey Mouse at Disney Parks

  9. Mickey Mouse (Plane Crazy)
    Well, one could consider Mickey to be Walt’s sidekick – always there through thick and thin in the early days of Walt’s success. At one point, Walt even considered naming his first theme park “Mickey Mouse Park,” before he settling on the name “Disneyland.” Look for Mickey Mouse in parades and meet-and-greets at each Disney park around the world, or grab a FASTPASS ticket to meet him at Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom Park.


  • There’s so many, but the first to pop into my head, the one I loved in childhood – Jiminy Cricket.

  • Sebastian! He loves and cares for Ariel so dearly!

  • Ms. Fickley-Baker, when are you going to reply to my Town Square Theater inquiry?

  • I’m going with Evinrude and Joanna from the Rescuers movies.

  • Amos Tucker from the Apple Dumpling Gang,

    Grumio in Babes in Toyland,

    The Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland,

    Max Goof and PJ from the Goof Troop, and Launchpad from Ducktales and Darkwing Duck.

  • i’m surprised no one’s mentioned the seven dwarfs!! those have to be my fave rave sidekicks. i was lucky enough to get a photo with all 7 during disneyland’s character fan days earlier this year. this is, by far, my favorite disney-related photo i have.

  • Getting slightly off-topic for a moment, regarding the mention of the Town Square Theater:

    Can you tell us what will happen to the current Princess room there, once the princesses leave there to move in to their new Fantasyland homes?

    One rumor I heard, that I hope comes true,is that when the Princesses are finally able to go back home to Fantasyland, their current room in the Town Square Theater might be converted into the “theater stage” section of the place, holding meet-and-greets with other characters from the “Mickey & Friends” franchise, including Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip & Dale, Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

    Besides, some of the posters in the Town Square Theater’s queue area already depict some of Mickey’s pals in them (ie: Oswald the Disappearing Rabbit, etc.).

    Hope you can shed a little light on this one.

  • well here’s one nobody has picked I’ll say Jim Douglas, he would be Herbie’s Side Kick. 🙂

  • MO! (From Wall-E)

  • “Hal” the Cockroach from Disney Pixar’s Wall-e

  • First and foremost my favorite Sidekicks are Timon and Pumbaa

    then Mushu, Phil(Hercules, Mater and of course, Jiminey Cricket

  • Sgt. Tibbs from 101 Dalmations!!!!

  • I’d have to say my all time favorite side-kick is Samson, Prince Phillip’s horse, from Sleeping Beauty. I loved him so much growing up!

    And I can’t forget Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, Scar’s henchmen, from The Lion King. Those three make my top ten list of favorite Disney characters!

    • If you look at stills from the film, Samson is VERY expressive.

  • The same day I’d read this, Disney Movie Rewards’s site asked the same question (along with nine other poll categories) and asked to name three out of a list of thirty.

    That turned out to be the hardest part: Of course Abu and Jiminy Cricket HAD to be on the list, but who to leave off?–To actually leave off Baloo, Jock & Trusty, Mushu, Jaq & Gus, Genie, Pascal and Thumper to make room for (well, obviously) Timothy Q. Mouse?

  • Too many to choose from! Sebastian (so loyal!), Lumiere (so romantic!), Tigger (so energetic!), Pascal (so supportive!), Timon & Pumbaa (so funny!), Maximus (so value-uncompromising!)…. But my top three have to be:

    3. Toby (just a plain ole nice guy!)

    2. Dash (so brave, helping his family at such a young age, and reminds me of myself when I was a kid– always dashing around all over the place!)

    1. Abu (what can I say… where would my favorite character, Aladdin, be without his savvy sidekick? Abu’s loyal, witty, daring, funny, charismatic, and even makes one heckuva elephant escort!)

    Hey Disney, here’s an idea– how’s about a parade just for sidekicks? Ya know, for everyone to cheers the little guy, to cheer on the everyday guy… 🙂

    • That’s a cute idea. 🙂

  • Sidekicks make the stories great! So many honorable mentions, but I think my favorite is Mushu. He cracks me up. Maybe a Disney Sidekick Pin set would be fun (chasers could be their heroes or heroines). What do you think?

  • My favorite is Pinnochio’s sidekick Jiminy Cricket. Although I have never seen him in the parks, I hear he is around from time to time. I would love to get a pic with him to add to my Jiminy collection!

  • my favorite sidekick is Genie. never had a friend like, right?

  • Roy & Minnie — statue in MK. While they are together and supporting each other, really Roy was sidekick to Walt and Minnie to Mickey as long as it is clearly understood that sidekick does not imply lesser person or figure. Sidekicks are essential to the show.

  • Donald Duck is not only the greatest sidekick – he is my favorite character!

  • Dory, Lumiere, and Sebastian.

  • They’re all awesome, and a lot of times, they all steal the show. Top 3 to me: Meeko, Pascal, and the Enchanted Objects. Stitch was more of a lead than a sidekick, but ohh the trouble I could cause with him by my side!!

  • Some of my favorite Disney sidekicks:

    -Sebastian, Flounder and Scuttle
    -Genie, Abu, Iago and Carpet
    -Timon & Pumbaa
    -Meeko, Flit and Percy (Pocahontas)
    -Hugo, Victor & Laverne (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
    -Phil and Pegasus (Hercules)
    -Mushu and Cri-Kee
    -Jiminy Cricket
    -Terk & Tantor (Tarzan)
    -Rutt & Tuke (Brother Bear)
    -Little John (Robin Hood)
    -Rufus (Kim Possible)
    -Brer Bear (Song of the South/Splash Mountain)
    -Louis and Ray (The Princess and the Frog)
    -Pascal and Maximus
    -Jaq & Gus-Gus
    -Lumiere and the other enchanted objects (Beauty and the Beast)

    • Wow, you really know your Disney films!

  • Pascal (Tangled), Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh), Thumper (Bambi), Pegasus (Hercules), Cri-Kee (Mulan), Mittens (Balto), Dawson (Great Mouse Detective)

  • I never thought of Buzz Lightyear as a sidekick. To me, they were co-stars 😉

    I think Dory has got to be my favorite out of that list!

  • There are lots of great sidekicks out there. My favorite will always be Launchpad McQuack (DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, and TaleSpin). No other sidekick appeared in as many different shows as he did. Always loyal and steady, with a fabulous optimistic outlook on life, he was there for his pals every time.

    I saw him once, about a decade ago, in front of the castle. And almost tackled him, poor thing. It’s one of my favorite pictures ever.

  • Meeko, Abu, Timone, Pumba, Zazu, and Rafiki! I am a huge sidekick fan and my cats are all name after these characters. Currently have Rafiki, Timone, and Zazu. I lost Pumba this winter. Still miss his sweet face!

    • Such a cute idea! Wish you could share pictures (we don’t have that capability…yet!).

  • So many,but my favorite is Jumba from Lilo and stitch

  • I would have to say Eeyore. But I have such a long list it really is hard to pick!

  • Pascal from Tangled !

  • Never seen Mickey as a sidekick when I talk to my little boy we tell him that Walt is Mickey daddy. But a good sidekick would be slinky dog. Never seen Buzz as a sidekick but as a cohero to Woddy.

    • Very cute! Slinky is a great character. I love dogs, and he’s a great Disney dog!

  • Hal from Wall-E <3

  • My favorite is Meeko from Pocahontas! He is the perfect combination of funny and adorable! I have seen him at Animal Kingdom!

  • Piglet is my absolute favorite, and he’s so hard to find! I finally got to meet him once several years ago at Animal Kingdom. A picture, an autograph, and a kiss on his nose. (blush!)

  • Amos(apple dumpling gang), Ray(princess and the frog), Launch Pad (ducktales and darkwing duck)

    • That first one is an interesting choice!

  • i love all of them when grew up with them and hearing walt disney himself and hosting special and saturday and sunday movies for kids. i miss that movie at night with disney. i wish i can go down there and see all people and thank them for being here and keepour spirits alive and our dream that it can come true.

  • I am an Aladdin fan, so Genie rocks, but my FAVORITE is Tigger!

  • Tigger!!! End of story 🙂

  • Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast and Pascal from Tangled!

  • Perry the Platypus – and I missed him the other day at Hollywood Studios 🙁

  • I have such a long list of great sidekicks from the Disney Movie Collection. But my favorite has always been Rafiki (Lion King). He is both funny and wise, plus he knows kung fu! lol

    • Fun fact: Rafiki is a favorite character of Erin Glover (my fellow blogger).

  • Do villain sidekicks count?

    If so, Kronk is the best.

    • OF COURSE villains count!

  • Can I like three sidekicks? Flounder, Sebastian and Scuttle from The Little Mermaid. Faithful friends through and through. Check all of them out at The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure at Disney California Adventure!

  • Maximus (Tangled) and Louis (Princess and the Frog):D

    • I just saw “Tangled” and really liked Maximus, too. 🙂

  • Mushu! Besides Mulan being one of my favorite Disney movies I love that Mushu is hilarious/sense of humor!

  • Dory from Nemo and Pip from Enchanted.

  • Max. Goofy’s son. You can’t have a better sidekick then your son.

  • Gurgi from the Black Cauldron!

    • LOVED him!

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