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Wildlife Wednesdays: Produce from The Land Pavilion at Epcot ‘Enriches’ Animals’ Day

Fred Petitt, Ph.D.

by , Agricultural and Water Sciences Director, Disney Parks

Our primary mission at The Land Pavilion at Epcot is sharing innovations in agriculture with our guests – the science of growing food in a sustainable way to meet the needs of people around the world. Being Disney, however, we’ve found many ways to make agricultural sciences fun.

Fruits Growing in Experimental Greenhouses at Epcot

On the Living with the Land boat ride, guests traveling through experimental greenhouses marvel at Mickey-shaped pumpkins, a tomato plant capable of producing thousands of tomatoes, sweet potatoes growing in mid-air and other exotic fruits, vegetables and flowers of all shapes and sizes.

Meerkats at Disney's Animal Kingdom

We’ve also found another way to have fun with The Land Pavilion produce – sharing it with the animal care team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park to be used as special treats and enrichment for the park’s animals. For example, shells from long-handled dipper gourds grown at The Land Pavilion make great toys for the meerkats on Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. The animal care team explains that enrichment items are important for the meerkats’ – and other animals’ – physical and mental health. They note that special treats such as foods, toys or fragrance prompt animals to explore, make choices and maintain a level of activity in their habitat similar to their natural behavior in the wild.

You may already know that produce grown at The Land Pavilion is served in several of our Epcot restaurants. You may not be aware, however, that some of The Land Pavilion’s produce – including the banana and ginger leaves that you might see on the boat ride – will soon be enjoyed as special treats and enrichment by the gorillas and other animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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  • I always hear that the products are used from The Land, but it’s really nice to SEE how the unique ones are used. Thanks!!

  • My kids and I love “Living with the Land”. Are any changes to the attraction coming in conjunction with the newly announced Chiquita sponsorship?

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