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A Bit a Disney Parks Pirate Treasure For Ye

You landlubbers dared to travel this far, so a reward is in order for ye. I happen to be in the possession of an exclusive pirate download – and I be willing to share, I be!

A Bit a Disney Parks Pirate Treasure For Ye

This Disney Parks Blog wallpaper depicts a group of worm-bellied bilge rats who found themselves in quite a predicament a few years ago. Keep it safely displayed and let it be a warning to ye – chart a straight course and keep a weather eye open, or ye could be sharin’ their fate!


  • You RRRRR awesome for this one!

  • Aye, Lass o’ the Tall Tales, I be scavengin’ the pirates takeover all day here on the Disney Parks Blog. Them Disney pirates be a fierce an’ mighty crew, full o’ magic.

    Bob “Rackham Ropeburn”

  • Ahoy! Thank ye for this piece o’ pirate treasure. It be a fine addition to me desktop. Landlubbers in the Parks best beware, there be pirates afoot today! Arrrgh!!!!

    Bob “Rackham Ropeburn”, Cap’n o’ The Dreaming Plunder of the East

    • Thanks, matey! Always happy to share…and keep checkin back. Us pirates have plenty of fun planned for today!

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