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A Tour Through New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

One of my favorite moments at the recent D23 Expo was walking through the Carousel of Projects, an area full of displays, models and renderings of new projects coming soon to Disney Parks around the world. Inside, there were Cars Land ride vehicles, a model of Buena Vista Street and Carthay Circle Theater at Disney California Adventure park, and much more. I have to say, it was a lot of fun to watch the reaction of expo attendees to all of the updated projects – especially to the model of New Fantasyland, which laid out just what this expanded area will look like when its complete.

The Carousel of Projects New Fantasyland display also featured a ton of previously unreleased renderings of the expansion, which Walt Disney Imagineering was happy to share with us. Check them out in the gallery below.

Which new attraction are you most looking forward to?

New Fantasyland will include an area dedicated to Beauty and The Beast, including Maurice’s Cottage (left) and Beast’s Castle (middle). Once inside Maurice’s Cottage, guests can engage in a playful storytime with Belle and Lumiere. Gaston’s Pub will be another highlight of this new area. The interior of Gaston's Pub will be themed after the one featured in the film – a hunting lodge full of antlers. And of course, a portrait of Gaston will highlight the pub.
The Journey of The Little Mermaid will feature a statue of Ariel at the entrance. Inside the attraction, Ursula the sea witch bubbles up some trouble. Princess Fantasy Hall will be the place to meet and greet your favorite Disney royalty. The Seven Dwarf Mine Train will whisk guests along a twisting track through a diamond mine. Storybook Circus will be the new home to Dumbo the Flying Elephant, which will double in size and feature an interactive queue.

For more updates regarding New Fantasyland, check out the posts below:


  • Hi,
    I will be in Disneyworld from 18th december to 24th december. What can I expect to see/enjoy at Fantasyland? I have a 4 y.o. daughter and we are specially going to enjoy fantasyland attractions. Any tips on what week days are better to avoid crowds on december?

  • The pictures where awesome I can’t wait to see Beauty and the Beast and Mermaid the kids are going to like the Princesses they dress up all the time.

  • I can’t wait to see and ride all of the new stuff at Fantasyland and all over the parks that they have been doing. I visit all the time the first time being in 1971 so I have seen a lot of changes in Walt Disney World. Some years I have visited 3 or 4 times in the same year. My last visit was last October 2010 but had to leave as I got a call from home saying my Mother was dying so my sister and I had to leave the next morinig. We had been at the Halloween Party and had just gotten on Peter Pan’s flight. I am hoping to come in a few months. Our family love Walt Disney World. My Mother and I had been their Feb 2010 so that was her last visit but I am sure she is watching all the changes that Disney is too. I can’t wait to come you all have done a fantastic job there I can’t wait for little Mermaid. Thank you again

  • The posts are great. Anxiously waiting for this to open so I can bring my granddaughter who loves the princesses. Keep doing the great work you are doing in making Disney World the place to go for everyone no matter your age.

    • Thanks so much.

  • We are planning a trip to Disney in late April 2012, will any Fantasyland attractions be closed during this time for renovations? Any information is greatly appreciated!! We might have to hold off til later in the year for this awesome expansion!

    • The normal Fantasyland attractions are open – Small World, Peter Pan, Carousel, Dumbo, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, Snow White, Pooh, Tea Cups, etc. The additional attractions (featured here) begin to open in late 2012. I have no exact date yet.

  • I can’t wait for this to open! I am so excited!

  • Everyone keeps talking about Belle’s Village and the Little Mermaid ride, but hello THEY’RE BULIDING ANOTHER COASTER IN MAGIC KINGDOM! How exciting is that?!

  • Do you know if they are going to have a playground area to replace Pooh’s Playful Spot & the Toontown playground? My little girl just loved those areas and it’s nice to have a place where they can just run around for awhile. Also the water areas were nice to cool off on the hot days.

  • Do you know if the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Mine coaster will be like Thunder Mountain Railroad or more like the old Barnstormer in Toontown (a kiddie coaster)? Thanks!

    • I’ll post more when I know.

  • I’m looking forward to the new Seven Dwarfs Mine ride!

  • Jennifer, do you go to disney world often? I swear I’ve seen you there before! lol I’m always there. I live in Kissimmee. Next time I see ya I’ll say whats up 🙂

    • Of course I’m at WDW a lot!! Yes, please say hello next time. 🙂

  • You would be surprise how many little kid events we have been to that serves alcohol. We do not drink and I have never been able to understand why people find it necessary to drink at events for small children and family places? Can’t wait to book our next trip to see the new parts of Disney World, and after 2 trips to DW in the last 4 years, I did not even notice or miss the lack of alcohol. Good call Disney, good form!

  • One question, one comment. Is Beast’s Castle going to be a “full-size” castle like Cinderella’s or just a miniaturized one? And second, I’d really would like to see Belle’s fountain be the town fountain from the film and not filled with gushing BEER barrels!

  • I am excited to see all the changes that are being made to Fantasyland, I can’t wait to see the finished product. Our next trip to Walt Disney World is coming up in 37 days! How much of Fantasyland is open and what is closed?

  • I know some people probably won’t like me for this but, I hope Disney World stays alcohol free. I think that’s part of what makes it so great. Going to Cedar Point and King’s Island here in the midwest is fun, except for the people who drink. Why do you need alcohol to have a good time?

  • This looks great, but it makes me sad they didn’t add Wonderland. As far as I know, Alice and Wonderland is a classic favorites for both children and adults.

  • Will Fantasy Land be closed down as a whole during this next year for the new land? or will it close in sections. This is a lot of work but Disney can get it down. They are amazing. What rides will be taken out to make room? Will classics like the pooh ride or snow white ride be moved or peter pan?

    • Snow White will eventually be replaced with Princess Fairytale Hall (princess meet-and-greet). Snow White will have a larger area at the center of the expansion, plus the new Mine Train attraction. Dumbo will be touched up and relocated to the right side of Fantasyland. Pan, Small World, PhilharMagic, Carousel, Pooh and Tea Cups will remain unchanged.


  • The pictures look great and really build the anticipation! I can’t wait to see the new addtion to Fantasyland!! I’m most excited to ride Snow White’s Diamond Mine! Our favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain, it seems like this may be similar, so sure to be hit with us!!Saving to be there when it opens!!!

  • I know the new Fantasyland will opens in stages, do you know which part will open first and when (Spring, Summer, winter 2012)???

    • I don’t have any specific dates yet. All that’s been released is “late 2012”

  • I don’t think that the picture of a child drinking in Gaston’s pub will be of any concern, as the Magic Kingdom doesn’t serve alcohol… so of course, it HAS to be Root Beer in those mugs!

    Can’t wait for the Mine Train…looks like lots of fun. Also VERY excitied about the whole area devoted to Beauty and the Beast. Definitely my favorite Disney movie!

    So glad to be local so I can go visit as often as possible!

  • The new Fantasyland looks amazing. I cannot wait to go back next July!

  • What an excellent post, Jennifer, thank you! I love seeing the artist’s concepts of what is to become an amazing part of the Magic Kingdom. I can’t wait to bring my family!

  • I am very excited for the fantasyland expansion, however I find it gross that antlers are being used in Gaston’s pub. Does animal cruelty really need to be part of the decor?

  • can’t wait to see it and the new art of animation resort too. i guess it’s safe to say that in the renduring of Gaston’s pub, the kids are drinking Rootbeer!

  • Will The Voyage of the Little Mermaid attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios remain open after this new Little Mermaid ride opens?

    • I see no hints at all that it will close.

  • I am so excited especially I think for Belle and Ariel attractions perfect for my small children in Magic Kingdom!! We are planning to come 2nd week of October 2012 please tell me some of this will be finished not sure my daughter would forgive me if it wasn’t !!!!

  • I am soooo excited!!!! I wish it was finished already. I will be there the 25th of sept. for my birthday and I missed The Little Mermaid at California Adventure’s opening when I moved to North Carolina. I miss Disneyland but I am really pumped up about Disney World. The Beauty and the Beast part looks amazing..and another castle!

    • That’s the part I’m most excited about.

  • The Mine Train is bigger and more involved than I first thought. Wow, it’s going to be super!

    I do miss 20K though. Those subs were beautiful. I drove #8. I’m taking metal fabrication class so I can make a Nautilus wet bar for our backyard.

  • We’re travelling the end of September – just a few weeks! What is completed that we will be able to enjoy? This is a surprise for my 2 girls ages 10 and 6 and we are big Magic Kingdom fans.

    • The things above are still under construction, however, your favorite Fantasyland attractions are still open (Peter Pan, Pooh, Dumbo, Carousel, small world, etc.). Some newer things your little ones may be excited about include a highly themed meet-and-greet location for Tinker Bell, a play-and-greet experience with Rapunzel (get there early), and our new nighttime “The Magic, The Memories, And You!” nighttime show. And if your kids haven’t done a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique princess makeover, you may want to consider it!

  • Cannot wait for our next trip – we are big Disney World fans! My son, now 15, was a big Little Mermaid and B&B fan… he was even scared of Ursula!

  • Ursula was based on the 1980’s singer Divine, who I saw in concert a couple times. Great performer.

    I’m looking forward to no construction walls in Magic Kingdom. I’m sure verything will be fantastic, especially not having to wait so long for Dumbo.

    Also, if the demand is high enough, I’m sure Disney will change the rules about no alcohol at Magic Kingdom. Money talks, and as a single parent, I could use a beer on a hot day.

  • I am thrilled about the entire Fantasyland Expansion, but I think I am most excited about The Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train. My kids are most excited about Beast’s Castle, that way Belle won’t have to fly all the way from France to come visit Cinderella.

  • do you have any pics or videos of the casey jr area

    • This is it for now. If I get anything new, I’ll be happy to share.

  • I am impressed with what is being built. We almost decided to postpone our trip next summer until after the expansion was finished, but we are too excited for the bi-annual trip to cancel. And you can get a great view of expansion from Cinderella’s Castle (an added bonus to dinner for sure).

    • You’ll be happy you didn’t postpone. No matter what your family is interested in, there is SO MUCH going on here all the time. I’m sure you have a great time.

  • I was at the D23 Expo too and my FAVORITE part of the Parks and Resorts pavillion was seeing the Fantasyland Expansion model. It was just so detailed. I loved being able to get a better idea of what everything will look like. I also really enjoyed seeing some new artist renderings.

    Do you think you could post a larger file/higher resolution image of the 2 Little Mermaid artist renderings (The one of Eric’s Castle and the one of Ursula)??? I would really love to be able to make those images wallpapers for my computers. Thanks.

  • Everything looks wonderful and I can’t wait! Although im probably most excited for the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train it looks so cool!

  • I’m really lloking forward to the new expanded Dumbo Ride/Circus, and also The Mine Coaster! Disney does the best coasters. But I can’t wait to see what Fantasyland looks like with all those new Princess castles and homes. It looks great!

    • I agree…it’s going to look amazing.

  • Does Mr. Toad have ANY appearances at all? Have you considered him at all?

  • I would like to Know how Journey of the Little Mermaid will be different from Hollywood Studios Voyage of the Little Mermaid? Or will they Close Voyage and replace it after opening of the Journey. Thanks.

    • Yes, it’s a ride-through attraction, not a puppet show like at DHS. I’ve heard of no plans to change the show at DHS. There are room for our characters at each park!

  • I question what that kid with the turkey leg is drinking in Gaston’s Tavern…


  • At the top of the page there is a photo of individual swings going around a carousel. At what park is that ride? It looks awesome!

  • It’s nice to finally see some Beauty & the Beast attractions put up, so I’m looking forward to that.

  • I am actually excited to find out if a new special drink will be a part of Gaston’s Pub. A variation of root beer or butter beer perhaps?

  • When will Fantasyland open?

    • The new areas pictured here will begin to open in late 2012.

  • i’m so glad I live in florida and get annual passes, because I can not wait for this to open. Belle is my favorite princess. Did you notice though in the picture of Gastons Pub there is a child drinking “beer” I’m going to say it’s just root beer, but Disney might get some slack from that because the picture doesn’t say anything other than it’s Gastons Pub. I don’t care because obviously Disney doesn’t serve minors haha and it’s just a picture.

    • Actually, did you know there’s NO ALCOHOL served at Magic Kingdom Park at all? None.

  • cannot wait!!!!!!!

    • How CRAZY does Ursula look? Am I right??

  • I was wondering why the painting of Gaston is different from that in the film? Kinda weird being that the film image is so prominent… Also, will Belle’s fountain be in the land as well? The one where she reads to the sheep? Just wondering since it’s so iconic!

  • Great post as always, Jenn. I can’t wait to ride Journey of the Little Mermaid. I was trying to resist, but I looked at a few pictures and videos from inside the ride at Disneyland. It looks awesome! I’m excited for it to come to the east coast.

    • Thanks so much, Adam! Tom Smith and I were able to experience the attraction at Disney California Adventure a few weeks ago, and it’s guaranteed to be a kid-favorite!

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