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Announcing Our First ‘Trick or Meet-Up’ at Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

UPDATE: The list of attendees for our “Trick or Meet-Up” has now been posted. Please check the list to see if your RSVP was accepted. If you do not receive an e-mail from us confirming your reservation and your name does not appear on the list of attendees, your RSVP was not accepted. Be sure to check the Disney Parks Blog for updates on future meet-up events.

UPDATE: Oh my, what an amazing response for our “Trick or Meet-Up” at Walt Disney World Resort. Sign-up for the event is now closed. All participants have been or soon will be notified. Thank you and stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for first word of future meet-ups.

Attention foolish mortals, we’re now taking RSVPs for our first-ever “Trick or Meet-Up” at the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s happening on the night of September 29, 2011, at Magic Kingdom Park just after the park closes to the public.

Celebrate Halloween at Walt Disney World Resort's 'Trick or Meet-Up'

Meet-up attendees will be treated to special tours of The Haunted Mansion attraction queue hosted by Walt Disney Imagineers as well as some unique experiences on The Haunted Mansion attraction itself. There will be ghoulish photo opportunities and of course, a few other surprises.

The Disney Parks Blog team will be wearing their best Halloween costumes and it’d be great if you did too.

Our meet-up begins at 9:00 p.m. on September 29 and ends at 11:59 p.m. – a stroke before midnight. Please note that attendance is limited so sign up now.

  • All guests who RSVP for the event must be 18 years or older, but your guest does not need to be 18. You can only bring one guest.
  • Valid RSVPs must include 1) “Trick or Meet-Up RSVP” in the subject line and 2) your name in the body of the email. All RSVPs will be for the person who responds plus one guest.
  • Valid photo I.D. will be required at check-in.

We will send an e-mail to those whose valid RSVPs are received by us before we reach the planned capacity to confirm their attendance for the September 29 event. Depending on your e-mail settings, you may not receive the confirmation e-mail, so we recommend that you also check the list of attendees on the Disney Parks Blog this week. We will give an update at the top of this post that will include a link to the list of names of all confirmed attendees. If you do not receive an e-mail from us confirming your reservation and your name does not appear on the list of attendees, your RSVP was not accepted.

Please note the event is subject to change or cancellation.


  • Wish I was going! Are y’all going to do this again in the future?

  • To bad allot of people got shut out. Maybe they will have a D23 event.I am heading down the 29th.

  • Yea, I’m pretty disappointed about this too. We’re not allowed to use the internet at work so it’s not so much fun getting home and finding this event announced and closed without getting a chance to apply. At least maybe take the post down so we don’t know what we’re missing.

  • This is an awesome idea. Hopefully it will be a success and we can see more opportunities next year for events like this held multiple nights per week during the off nights of Not so Scary party dates.

  • how disappointed am i!! will be in wdw starting the day before and would have loved to have gone to this but like others didnt find out about it til I got home from work!! 🙁

  • Sounds like a great event. Is Disney planning any similar events in Anaheim, CA?

  • Will we know once all the entries are closed besides the absence of a message in our inbox? I too wish that there were more events on the east coast for D23. I am a charter member and haven’t been able to attend anything yet. 🙁 I wish there were things going on around the races since I go to all of those.

  • Also not happy about this. I am going to the Haunted Mansion Room for 1 More Event. The event also starts on September 29th. People can pick up their merchandise until 9:00PM at the Contemporary Resort. This would have been a nice lead in to the Room for 1 More Event. Pick up your merchandise and then go to the Haunted Mansion. The Room for 1 More event does not even go to the Haunted Mansion.

  • Not happy about this just got home from work and I miised this. I already have my room book for that weekend any chance for a other night for D23 members or passholders?

  • Hi Thomas, I second James’s question – This would have made a great surprise anniversary present for my husband while we are there 🙁 Unfortunately I didn’t see this until too late. Thanks for creating this amazing opportunity though!

  • Any chance you will open up for more people to go, or, do the same event on an additional evening? Really wanted to go.

  • So very excited that I get to go! Thanks to the people behind this. 🙂

  • Wow what a great idea, really hope they do a Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas meet up for when I’m out there.

  • Aw man; thought I got mine in quick enough, but I guess today wasn’t my lucky day. Have fun everyone, and I’ll see you at the 40th!

  • @Joshua this was on @DisneyParks twitter I believe.

  • Such fun! I am there at that time to celebrate my birthday and run the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon and this would have been such a great way to top it all off!!!! Maybe next time – glad I tried though!!

  • Quite an impressive list of those with confirmed RSVPs…looks like there might be 999 haunts on it. Hmmm – is there room for one more? 🙂

  • @Jeff I sent mine in at 10:35 EST.

    Now I need to start figuring out what I am doing for a costume! Any ideas?

  • every event you have is the night before i have a major exam. and don’t you think twitter is appropriate. no one checks blogs

  • So so so so so disappointed 🙁

  • Will there be more events like this coming up in the near future. My wife and I would love to see something like this when we come.

  • What a neat treat! No pun intended. My mom sent hers in at 10:58, we’re getting in the that morning to celebrate her birthday, but looks like she just missed out. It would have been fun… I hope everyone who made it has a fantastic time!

  • Sent mine in at 11:27 am Eastern.

    Not looking good for me 🙁

  • Yay! I’m in!!

  • I sent mine at 10:46 and I am in.

  • @Eric, What time did you send in your email? I sent mine @ 10:57 and have not received an email yet letting me know if I am in or not. Was I supposed to put anything in the email other than my name?

  • Will participants of the ‘Room for One More’ event be joining the ‘Trick or Meet-up’?

  • Dang, missed seeing this…would have LOVED to have joined. O’well..have fun all that got in.

  • Still waiting and hoping I get mine. *crosses fingers* pretty please!

  • Is this full

  • @Bob I share your sentiments. Sent out at 11:02 but no response yet…I’m just taking the Ghost Host’s warning: the spirits will materialize only if you remain quietly seated at all times.

  • Bummer. I registered 15 mins. after seeing the blog post and must have missed out. 🙁

  • I got in! Hooray!

    Now here is to hoping we can take photos and post for all to share 🙂


  • Looks like it is closed! Here’s to hoping!

    @April I have always wanted to get out to Disneyland while it is Haunted Mansion Holiday 🙂

  • Awaiting the email response is beginning to frighten me prematurely.

  • I’m jealous! For a second I thought this meet up was at Disneyland Park … boo hoo! But then again we do have the Haunted Mansion Holiday here which I LOVE. I’ve always thought it was at Disney World too. Anyway … congrats to all who made the rsvp in time. Haunted Mansion is one of my fav’s.

  • Hope I was one of the last ones to get in. I sent my e-mail and then refreshed this page right after to notice that registration was now closed. Hoping for the best!

  • I don’t know if I made it under the wire or not, but either way I am very grateful that you organized such an event — and that you’ve given me a reason to obsessively check your blog! 🙂

  • OMG….just sent in my email…hope we’re one of the lucky ones…

  • Just RSVP’d!

    Found out about this via Google+ !

    Thanks Thomas!

  • Wish they were doing this a little closer to Halloween. Won”t make this meet up.

  • I sent a RSVP as well, this sounds like a great event. HM has a special place in my heart as it was my first ever ride at WDW and I would love to attend.

  • I RSVP’ed as well.

  • I couldn’t ask for a better meet-up idea! The Haunted Mansion is easily my favorite Disney attraction of all time and to have a 3-hour meet-up there sounds like a perfect experience, especially when surprises are in store! I certainly sent my RSVP as quickly as possible and look forward to seeing the Disney Parks Blog team there.

    (And this will make two nights in a row of Mansion-related fun, with the Room For One More event taking place the following night…)

    Ricky B
    Inside the Magic

  • Sounds awesome! Hope we get to go!!!

  • This sounds like a blast! I sent my RSVP…hope to hear back with the good news I made it in soon! 🙂

  • This event looks absolutely spooktacular! I hope I made it on the RSVP list. Thanks for providing readers with such great opportunities to celebrate with Disney!

  • Already signed up!!! So excited…went to the Star Tours meet-up so can’t wait to see what surprises Disney has to offer on this Trick Or Meet-Up!!!!

  • Does the guest have to have a WDW ticket to get into the event?

    • Hi Mark, no ticket needed. This is an after-hours event.

  • Great idea! Hope to be one of the lucky folks that get in. The new queue is awesome at The Haunted Mansion. I love that it is still open even when the lines are shorter so you can still experience it.

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