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Blog Header Spotlights Early Magic Kingdom Artwork, Images

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Attention Magic Kingdom Park fans! In honor of the park’s upcoming 40th anniversary this Saturday, Oct. 1, we’re running a new series of header images on the blog that offer a peek back into the time of the park’s design and construction.

Early Artist Rendering of Swiss Family Treehouse at Magic Kingdom Park

This set of images, which ranges from artist renderings to early construction photographs of the park, include a handful of shots that even we have never seen before. Extreme Disney fans also may notice artwork and sketches by Mary Blair and Herb Ryman added into the rotation. Lastly, we wanted to send a big thank you to the Walt Disney Imagineering Art Library for providing these images!

Here’s one of my favorite shots, an early artist rendering of the Swiss Family Treehouse. What do you think?


  • This are just amazing! Where did you guys find all of these? Some I’ve NEVER seen! Just awesome!

  • Thanks Heather! We live on the west coast so we are Disneyland AP’s. We have been to WDW once and plan on going again when the Fantasyland expansion is finished. Looks like the T-Rex Cafe will be on our list of places to visit when we go back. 🙂

  • @ Jaime – I believe that is the T-Rex cafe in Downtown Disney. Looks like they also changed the headers now so that if you mouse over them you can see what/where it is 🙂

    Love the new retro ones as well!

  • Gorgeous blog headers!

  • Beautiful images and artwork! Thanks for sharing! Refreshing this page took me on a journey to the Disney past.

  • i love these. definitely refreshed a whole bunch of times and saved the images!

  • Awesome 🙂
    I wish I could be there Saturday but as I live in The Netherlands, that’s not gonna happen. I do hope there will be some 40th anniversary celebration going on the rest of the year, as I’ll be at WDW in December, yay!
    Love the headers (after I figured out what that meant), I love concept art.

  • Perfect idea! I love seeing images from or depicting the Parks. One reason I got my hands on The Art of Walt Disney World!

    Thanks again! Wish I could be there on Saturday!

  • Any chance these could wind up in a gallery to view? I’m sure I’m not the only one hitting refresh one too many times…

  • I love them! I love how retro they are. I have a question about one of the pics from the old headers though… There is a picture of a restaurant with a giant octopus on the ceiling and a fish tank under that and I recently saw it at the beginning of the new Animal Planet show “Tanked”. Can anyone tell me where and what that place is?!

  • Thank you thank you THANK YOU for giving the Magic Kingdom some love. I practically grew up in Walt Disney World, and this week has reminded me just how much I absolutely love my Vacation Kingdom of the World. 🙂 I will be there on Saturday!


  • I also just hit refresh for several minutes to see all the different pictures. My favorite is the view down Main Street with all the balloons. When is that from? I’ve never seen that image before.

  • Just refreshed my page about 30 times to see all of the new header images. My favourite is the one looking down Main Street with all the construction going on. Very interesting to see how Magic Kingdom came together. Wish I could be there on Saturday, too bad I’m in Canada and have school. But wish I could!

  • I’m LOVING the new header photos and concept art! Already spotted some that I’ve never seen before. I really hope these stay around longer and get added to the large mix of random Disney photos.

    -Travis M
    Discussion Kingdom & Retro Day WDW

  • Looks great! Any Polynesian Village ones?

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