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Cap’n Jack’s Ghost Ship Has Cast Off From Ko Olina

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Ye come seekin’ adventure and salty ol’ pirates, aye? Sure ye come to the proper place. But keep a weather eye open, mates, and hold on tight.

Ahoy! Here be Long John of Aulani, hailin’ ye from the Sandwich Isles – Hawai‘i, as they’re called by those livin’ in these waters.

Cap’n Jack’s Ghost Ship Has Cast Off From Ko Olina

Cap’n Jack Sparrow has cast anchor and set sail for now, but his vessel, the Black Pearl, was berthed here for many a moon on the shores of Ko Olina, which I’ve made me home port these past weeks. There’s scuttlebutt that the ship might return, but the sea dogs in this parts might just be seein’ things. Ghost ships be like mermaids, a mate can never be too sure they’re real.

Cap’n Jack’s Ghost Ship Has Cast Off From Ko Olina

Bein’ on these islands can put a crimp in a pirate’s line. It be tough to say “Arrrr” or “Shiver Me Timbers” among folk whose alphabet forsakes letters like R, S and T.


  • FYI- The ship is GONE from Ko Olina marina. I stayed at Aulani Saturday to Sunday. I ran by where the ship was moored for over a year. It’s no longer there.

    It could be at Barbers Point Marina, but then it was supposed to set sail for South America for the next filming of Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • Oh my gosh to be able to go on a Disney cruise at our age would be a reward and also its both of our birthdays and anniversary to celebrate.

  • Joel…. Good eye….Actually the Queen Anne’s Revenge and the Black Pearl are one in the same… The ship was converted into the Queen Anne’s Revenge for the movie “On Stranger Tides” across the Ko’Olina Harbor (Marisco Ship yard). Queen Anne’s Revenge is currently drydocked at the Marisco shipyard and in the process of being converted back into the Black Pearl…. You can see the ship from at Marisco from the Ko’Olina Jetty.

  • So very cool! Castaway Cay is in much need of a replacement for The Flying Dutchmen. I’m just sayin’.. Ha

  • This is *not* the Black Pearl, but is Black Beard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge. It’s no longer docked in the Ko Olina Marina.

  • I hope it is still there in 2 weeks when I am in Hawaii! I cannot wait to stay at Aulani

  • would be so cool to see it!

  • Me family an me were takin’ a bit of rest in these here isles last winter when we spotted this ol’ bucket with our own eyes. We carefully approached her and took many a photograph. She was tied up on her port side with nary a sole on board. A nice surprise.

  • That would be amazing to see in person. Disney should hold a contest to get onboard at different events! How cool. The WDWdads would love to command such a ship!

  • Wish I were there to see it

  • Be thar any talks to anchor the Black Pearl in Disney’s Castaway Cay with the Flying Dutchman? I saw the spectral ship o’ Davy Jones when I sailed the Bahamian waters on the Disney Wonder.

    Bob “Rackham Ropeburn”, Cap’n o’ The Dreaming Plunder of the East

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