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Caption This: An Epic Battle at The Universe of Energy Pavilion at Epcot

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week’s “Caption This” photo will look familiar to you if you’ve ever experienced The Universe of Energy at Epcot.

Caption This: An Epic Battle at The Universe of Energy Pavilion at Epcot

These two foes have been arguing over something since the pavilion opened in 1982. What could it be? A stegosaurus is a herbivore, so it can’t be dinner. Perhaps an argument over which attraction is next? Did someone lose the FASTPASS tickets?

You tell me in the comments section below.


  • T-Rex: Now, when you’re riding Space Mountain, it’s more fun if you hold your arms up… like THIS.

    • Ha!

  • Tyrannosaurus: “I did not step on your foot”
    Stegosaurus: “Yes you did you pea brain!”

  • T-Rex: “Just calm down. Horizons is never coming back.”
    Steg: “But, whyyyyyyyyyy?”


  • I refuse to go quietly into your belly.

    Universe of Energy!

  • Personally, I think they’re arguing over which one tastes more like chicken.

  • Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

  • “Stupid Judy!”
    “Stupid energy!”

  • Caption 1
    T-rex: I could sure use a turkey leg about now…

    Stegosaurus: Man you are SICK!

    Caption 2
    T-rex: Spectromagic!
    stegosaurus: No! Main Street Electrical Parade.

  • “Hey, how’d we get to Florida? Aren’t we supposed to be in Disneyland Railroad’s Primeval World?”

    Ricky B
    Inside the Magic

    • Thanks, Ricki B! 🙂

  • TRex “HEY, I saw those Mickey Ears First.”
    B’saurus “Nope, they are mine. I saw them first”
    TRex “You’d better hand ’em over”
    B’saurus “You can’t even reach the top of your head with those little arms – how would you put them on anyway?”

    • Too funny…

  • I think they are fighting over who gets to hang out with Ellen.

    • 🙂

  • (After having a Dole Whip))
    Taste Great!
    Less Filling!
    Taste Great!
    Less Filling!

  • Stego: He he, I have plates on my back!
    TRex: Aww, I want a cool outfit like yours!

  • “I’m related to Figment!!” “No, I’M related to Figment!!” “NO, I AM!!!” 😀

  • Did you see me in “Meet the Robinsons”? I was the one with the really big head and little arms.

  • “pardon me, do you have any grey poupon?”

  • Stego: We own this attraction – the families love to see us dinos!
    Trex: Yes but the families are tortured with 45 minutes of video screens with older dated material & actors than we are.
    Stego: Yes but the families love us dinos so much they still will wait through it all just to see us!
    Trex: Maybe Disney could create a fastpass version of our ride – so the families could go straight to the dinos?

  • Rex: Yep, definitely looks like a cavity.

    • Good one!

  • “Yeah!…SO I ‘have a big head and short arms’, what about it??”

    (Just wanted to see who was true enough Disney fan to get that one. 🙂 )

  • Face it, I want a man who can reach the top shelf.

  • “What are you doing in EPCOT rex! We had to be at DINOSAUR! 10 minutes ago and your watching Ellen!?!?” 😛

  • “no.. this seat is mine.. I want to see Fantasmic and we have been waiting here for 3 hours!”
    “Down in front please, you are blocking my view of World of Color!”

  • Rex: RAWWWRR!!! Were ya scared? Tell me honestly.
    Steg: I was close to being scared that time.
    Rex: I’m going for fearsome but I just can’t feel it! I think I’m starting to come off as annoying.

  • Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

  • T-Rex: “Cause I have a big head, and little arms, and I’m just not sure how well this plan was thought through”!

    Steg: Dude, for the last time already, Disney ISN’T making “Meet the Robinsons 2”!

  • T-Rex: Hey, can you check and see if I have part of that turkey leg stuck in my teeth?

    Stegosaurus: You got something stuck in your left bicuspid there….but it doesn’t look like turkey…..

  • @Timothy So funny, so true!

  • Steg: “I’ve been meaning to ask you how you keep your teeth so clean.”

    T-Rex: “I use a special floss.”

    Steg:” Impressive!”

  • You march yourself right back in there and brush those teeth again young man!

  • T-Rex “One little spark? More like one Big Bang!”
    Steg “Rex, that is just a theory”
    T-Rex “I like that show”

  • T-Rex: Where were you this afternoon? You know our show’s at 3 o’clock!
    Skeg: I just wanted to see the parade over at the Magic Kingdom!
    T-Rex: What a jerk! Anyway, Cinderella called me.
    Skeg: What?!
    T-Rex: She told me you were getting chummy with her mice!
    Skeg: That snitch ratted me out!

  • T-Rex: “Make fun of my tiny arms again! I dare ya!”

  • Curse your sudden, but Inevitable betrayal!

  • T-Rex: Hey, have you seen Ellen lately? She’s supposed to bring me a turkey leg and I’m starving.
    Skeg: I know, she’s supposed to bring me a Dole Pineapple Whip; where is she?
    T-Rex: She’s probably still swinging through the trees and forgot about us.

  • T-Rex: Seriously though, I can see your spine – you need to go to a chiropractor
    Stegosaurus: At least I don’t like a giant Lizard with Kangaroo arms
    T-Rex: What’s a kangaroo?
    Stegosaurus: What’s a chiropractor?

    WDW Fan Boys

    • Ha ha ha!

  • “Feel the flow, here we go,
    through the Universe of Energy.”

    “No ! I’m sure it went; Feel it grow, see it glow,
    it’s…the Universe of Energy.”

    “Dude, there is no way it said, ‘feel it grow'”

    “Well it did.”

  • We shouldn’t have left the resorts to eat now i have gas!!

  • “Do I have anything in my teeth?”

  • T-Rex: Yeah, so I got my 3 inch nail tips done so that when I hold on to the bar like this on splash mountain, I have a firmer grip.

    • Awesome.

  • Yes sir, yes sir, whatever you say s-s-s-sir!

  • Stegosaurus: The visitors are watching us, hurry up and strike a nice pose!
    T-rex: How about this *tries to eat stegosaurus*
    Stegosaurus: No! *stares up at T-rex in fear*

  • HaHa! I told you they’d never name a restaurant after a stegosaurus.

    • Funny 🙂

  • T-Rex: Touring Plans said today was going to be a 2 on the crowd calendar, but we waited an hour for this!
    Stegosaurus: People said they are usually reliable!
    T-Rex: I’m just glad I didn’t let you buy those audio guides…

  • Steggy: Where are the placemats; company will be here soon.

    T-Rex: They are on the top shelf; I can’t reach them!

    Steggy: Ugh! Never send a carnivore to do a herbivore’s job.

  • T Rex: “Do I have someone stuck in my teeth?”

  • T-Rex: “…from Dinosaur came over, we had the best steak at Le Cellier, have you been?”
    Stego: “No, but I’ve heard the food is excellent. Not really a meat-eater, Garden Grille’s more my style.”
    T-Rex: “They have some desserts I can really sink my teeth into– Guests coming!”
    Both: **growling, snarling, claw waving, tail whipping**
    T-Rex: “ROAR!!”
    … … …
    Stego: “Are they around the corner yet?
    T-Rex: “We’re good.”
    Stego: “Sweet. I’ve been meaning to ask, have you tried that new place at the Mexico pavilion…”

  • Stegg: Dude, I thought you were going to put your arms up on that ride?…
    T: My arms WERE up on that ride, look…this is up.
    Stegg: Really? Sorry

  • steg: “But uncle Rex I wanna ride small world”

    Rex: “are you crazy! don’t you know those dolls come to life when no one is looking?!”


  • “For the last time, oil shale IS the rock that burns!”

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