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Chef Jens Showcases Favorite New Tastes at Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

Just to get your mouth watering for the upcoming kick-off Sept. 30, Chef Jens Dahlmann shows my pal John Graham some of his favorite little bites at this year’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

From sweet lobster on a crunch roll to a kalua pork slider, calamari salad and Swedish meatballs (a kid favorite), take a look at the deliciousness you can sample on a walk around the World Showcase Promenade. Prices range from $3-6, and it’s fun to share. Have you ever tried bunny chow, a favorite vegetarian dish from South Africa?

There are 30 new tastes this year, says Chef Jens. The festival runs through Nov. 13, and we plan to try them all. How about you?


  • Hello there! My wife and I are annual passholders and live right across the street in Celebration, Florida. We go to Disney World about twice a week and have done so for many years, we love Disney!
    However I feel compelled to write about my disappointment regarding this year’s Food and Wine festival at Epcot. We typically go to the Food & Wine Festival many times throughout the festival season and have done so every year. To be honest we usually spend at least $100 each evening we go! However it can’t happen this year because of the abject lack of vegetarian options. We and the majority of our friends and family are vegetarians and in the past we have always had a great time making the Festival into a long and varied evening meal! I looked forward to doing so several times this season as well, but there is nothing for us. In the past you guys have been pretty great about having options like hummus, spanakopitas, curries, falafels, Indian and African dishes, pitas & dips, Mexican savories like empanadas, French dishes like tortes and quiches, German cheese spatzle, Spanish Gazpacho, salads, etc. for us! But this year other than cheese/desserts, there is only one or two options (“bunny chow” and a paltry greek salad). Even items that typically are vegetarian-friendly have had items like meat sauce or shrimp or bacon or chicken added – it’s almost as if it’s a joke, or being intentionally hostile to a vegetarian diet. The lack of food items also means we can’t exactly sample much in the way of wine without getting tipsy =(

    Why the change? Why this year?

    ThisI feel foolish now having really “talked up” how good the festival is for us vegetarians when my visiting family & local friends who hadn’t been before are just going to see a couple of cheese & dessert items. My wife and I can’t even go on our “dates” this year because there is simply not enough food to make a proper meal of it. I can’t believe it almost =(

    Please take this to heart, there are so many of us Disney fans and local residents who are vegetarians due to our religious/spiritual beliefs & lifestyle choices and you have always been so good in the past about including us.

  • Oh, i can’t wait to try the new dishes!! Only 15 days left & we’ll be there. This will be the 3rd year visiting the EPCOT Food & Wine festival, which has been such a treat & wonderful addition to my regular visits. I like to spread out eating at different kiosks over 2 or 3 days- there’s just so much to eat & drink!! This will also be our 2nd year in a row attending the Sweet Sundays event for brunch- great way to start the day off in fashion! See you real soon! Staying @ OKW.

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