Hear the Tale ’a Pirates of the Caribbean from the Captain Himself

Ahoy me hearties! Here be a video featurin’ the captain himself, Walt Disney, tellin’ the tale a how Pirates of the Caribbean came to be. The bonnie lass in the clip is Julie Riehm, who I ’ear was a Disneyland Ambassador at the time – whatever that be!


  • This is Steve Jobs circa 1965/66

  • I just returned from a trip to Marceline, Mo. I love ole’ Uncle Walt!

  • Love all Walt Disney videos!!! Where can we find more of them? thanks! 🙂

  • Did any of the things Mr. Disney was showing, still in one piece somewhere?

  • Was that a camera Walt was carrying?

  • What an amazing thing to have a personal tour of The Pirates of the Caribbean with Walt Disney himself.

    Although I must admit – it was probably a bit intimidating too!

  • Cap’n Walt was a fascinatin’ man with a head for adventure an’ fun. That thar Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland an’ Walt Disney World be a favorite o’ me and me hearties.

    Bob “Rackham Ropeburn”, Cap’n o’ The Dreaming Plunder of the East

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