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Moms Panel: If I Had Two Hours at Walt Disney World to Make a Lifelong Memory I Would…

You would think that being a NASA rocket scientist, Disney Dad Bernie Edwards dreams would be out of this world! Not so. When not thinking about his day job, Bernie is wishing he were goin’ fishin’!

Gone Fishin' at Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside

“If I had two hours at Walt Disney World Resort, I would put on my Walt Disney World Moms Panel hat and drive over to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside for an early morning breakfast at their food court, Riverside Mill. I would get the freshly made waffles or a create-your-own omelet. I would make the rest of the breakfast perfect by adding nice, rich espresso.

Then I would go cane pole fishing for bluegill and perch at the Ol’ Man Island, a fully stocked catch and release pond near the main swimming pool at Port Orleans Resort – Riverside.”

What special Disney Parks activity would be your pick to create a lifelong memory? Let me know in my comments section below!


  • I would get up early, have a delicious breakfast at the Riverside Mill food court at Port Orleans/Riverside, followed by a ride on the bus to the Magic Kingdom. Next, I would stroll through the shops on Main street followed by a “riding” tour of the “lands”. I would begin with Space Mt. in Tomorrowland, Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland, the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square, Splash Mt. in Frontierland, Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland, and end my tour with a quick snack of corndog nuggets from Casey’s Corner back on Main Street.

  • I would walk right down the middle of Main Street USA. 🙂 Take in the castle for a moment and head in through my most favorite hallway in the World. If my daughter is with me I will be forced to ride Snow White. I would not complain and then sneak on to It’s a Small World on our way over to Frontierland. We would walk by the water and look over to Tom Sawyer Island, but sorry Tommy Boy, no time for you today! 😀 I’m pretty sure you know where we are headed: Splash and Big Thunder, two mountains more famous than Everest. (And a wee bit easier to conquer) We would probably ride Splash first, I mean it’s right there. I will say “You May Get Wet” 50+ times in my best country voice. And read the pictures to my daughter as we pass through that last hallway before the loading zone. (“Brer Bear: Just Lookin”) Where were we? Oh yeah, ride Splash and try and dry off on Big Thunder. Pretty sure our time would be up by then but we would all be smiling. If we do have time…We May Get Wet!!!

  • I would definitely enter the World Showcase through the International Gateway and take a stroll around the countries. Where else can you visit so many places in so little time?

  • I would go on the Liberty Square Riverboat. Then I would get a box of Popcorn, sit on a shaded bench on Main Street and enjoy the surroundings, people watching. If I could get Snow White to join me, now that would be a memory to cherish!

  • I’d go see Wishes and the Magic the Memories and You, and then finish off my time with Mickey’s Philharmagic, and the Haunted Mansion if I had time 🙂

  • I would walk the boardwalk to the entrance to World Showcase and make my way to La Pattiserie for a Cafe au Lait and a croissant. I would sit for at least 20 minutes and enjoy the scenery and passers by. I would then make my way to Soarin and wait in line for my favorite ride. Then I would walk around the lake, stopping in Germany for some caramels to bring back to the hotel and of course my Christmas ornament I would then end up at Le Cellier for lunch, ah cheddar cheese soup, pretzel bread and filet with mushroom risotto and of course maple creme brulee. Magical 2 hours.

  • I would head over to the Magic Kingdom to Frontierland. I’d ride Big Thunder Mountain, followed by Splash Mountain. Get my Splash Mountain picture, then grab a turkey leg. If I had any time left, I would cool off in the Country Bear Jamboree.

  • I would head over to the Magic Kingdom to Frontierland. We’d ride Big Thunder Mountain, followed by Splash Mountain. Then we would grab a Turkey Leg and try to squeeze in to the Country Bear Jamboree!

  • An 8 hour shift working Monorails. Seriously…

  • I would join the Haunted Mansion as the 1000th ghost and stay there for the rest of eternity.

  • If I had two hours at Walt Disney World Resort, I would start off by catching the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, taking in all the sites from above – The lakes with the resorts on them, driving through Disney’s Contemporary Hotel. Then finally arriving at the entrance to Magic Kingdom. First I would start with a stroll down Main St USA – taking in the sites the smells of food and Cinderella’s Castle. Get some pictures with my family and continue on my way to TomorrowLand.

    In Tomorrowland, I would go to Space Mountain, then the Monsters Inc Laughing Floor. After that, I would go to Frontierland, listen to the music and take a trip to Tom Sawyers Island.

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