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Moms Panel: If I Had Two Hours at Walt Disney World to Make a Lifelong Memory I Would…

Walt Disney World Moms Panelist Monina Wagner is our proud representative from the Midwest. Her fantasy in our series “If I Had Two Hours” is below!

Sunset Boulevard at Disney's Hollywood Studios

“I know dreams really do come true at Walt Disney World Resort. So armed with only two hours, my daughter and I would march straight to the Streets of America at Disney’s Hollywood Studios so that I could grab a latte and a carrot cake cookie. We then would head for Sunset Boulevard and sit on one of the benches along the avenue.

I sit back and unwind while drinking my latte as my daughter looks for her favorite Streetmosphere performer. She loves “Otto Von Bonn Bahn” the most but enjoys all of the Citizens of Hollywood as they act up a storm and ‘meet their fans.’

The Citizens of Hollywood are able entertain my family for hours. We watch their skits and are thrilled when we are chosen to participate. If my daughter can walk the red carpet with them, we act like paparazzi snapping photos of our little celebrity!”

How would spend two hours making your family feel like a movie star at Disney Parks? Let me know in my comments section below!


  • We would take a leisurely stroll down Magic Kingdom’s Main Street at night. While the magic is present during the day, I think the lights at night lend an extra aura to the experience. We could check out all the newances of Main St., such as the window printings and discovering who or what they represent, party telephone, aroma of baked goods, etc. It would just be nice to check out all the nooks and crannies that have been endowed with a magical touch.Topped off by a dinner in the Cinderella castle.

  • Sounds like you’re a great Mom. I confess, the first time I visited HS (last Sept.) I didn’t even know about the “performers”. We’ll have to sit and watch for them this year (5 days to go – Yippee!!)

  • Well something I have always wanted to do… is visit Princess Suite in Cinderalla’s Castle…. and get a picture of my daughter with Cinderalla infront of the castle…. always see it in commericals… but never seen her outside the castle….

    Also I would love to go on one of the behind the scene tours…. see how the magic happens…

  • Perform with a Disney orchestra playing Soarin’ music.

  • That’s a hard one! There’s never enough time in Disney World. If I had to choice just 2 hours worth I think I would take my camera and head to the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom. I can spend hours searching for all the animals carved in the tree. It’s so amazing 🙂

  • I’d do the thing that makes me happiest. I’d walk around the World Showcase with my camera, see the American Adventure and end it with my absolute favorite- Illuminations. Oh, and I’d eat some pastries from France and Nine Dragons along the way.

  • I would go towards the end of the day to watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. my son loves the blue tram in Tomorrowland, as he said “but dad, it’s relaxing” also watching the water show from our Comtempory bedroom window was fun. but 2 hours would be a challenge.

  • Only two hours? Well, it’d definitely be Magic Kingdom. Hop on the Walt Disney World Railroad and get off in Frontierland. Ride Thunder Mountain Railroad, head down to Pirates of the Caribbean, back up to Haunted Mansion, and then out Main Street, USA.
    If done in the evening, it can easily be done! You get to ride three of the best rides, see Adventureland at night (which is always incredible), and maybe catch the end of a parade as it heads from Mainstreet through Frontierland.

  • If I had 2 hours, I would take the kids to Animal Kingdom in early September – the weather is nice and the crowds are light. The first thing I would do is grab a fast pass for Kali River Rapids. Then, we would head over and have breakfast with Donald and Mickey at Tusker House. Next, we would ride Kali River Rapids and Expedition Everest. Before we headed out, we would stop by the Boneyard for the kids to play. We did this with the kids this past summer and yes, all in just about two hours!

  • My grown autistic daughter loves the Kim Possible Missons, but is frustrated at there being so many other people doing the same activity. I’d give her the time to explore World Showcase and complete as many missions as she could. We hope to get back to Disney World next spring; possibly the second half of April. We’d love if you and your daughter could join us.

  • I absolutely adore the fireworks display at Walt Disney World. My fantasy would be to spend two hours in the Princess Suite in Cinderalla’s Castle and watch the fireworks from the window. It would make me feel like a real princess. Of course, my Prince Charming (my hubby of almost 40 years) would be by my side. Hoping to make my dream come true next year. We honeymooned in Disney World in 1972 and hope to renew our vows there next year on our 40th anniversary.

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