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More Room For Haunted Mansion Event at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

'Room For One More' Merchandise from Disney Parks

The first time I experienced The Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom Park, I didn’t see it. Before visiting Florida as a child, I had never been to a haunted house. Clearly, the delightfully unlivable mansion was too much for me back then since I only listened to that first ride. Today, the attraction is one of my favorites. My son and I recently visited there where we played in the extended graveyard queue and had a ball with the 999 happy haunts. This Fall marks the 40th anniversary of the attraction, and to celebrate, we are holding a merchandise event called “Room for 1 More” (we announced it via the Disney Parks Blog back in July). I caught up with Tyler Dumas, Disney Design Group Graphic Artist, to learn more about his work for that hauntingly awesome event logo.

“I’m a huge fan of The Haunted Mansion,” exclaimed Tyler. “For the logo, we focused on the graveyard caretaker since he would be the one eventually caring for that ‘one more’ volunteer. My fellow artist Brian Blackmore created the character sketch of him and his dog. I envisioned a grungy feel to the artwork, so I chose three or four dark colors and used a classic gothic font. I think the tee-shirts capture that grungy feel the best.”

You may recall Tyler’s work from another 40th Anniversary-related item earlier this past year – the Cinderella Castle collage. The “Room For 1 More” logo art is featured on a variety of items including a hat, messenger bag, tumbler and a timepiece.

'Room For One More' Merchandise from Disney Parks

The logo merchandise is only a small sampling of unique merchandise created for this event. We have several well known artists who will be debuting items at this event including George Scribner, Greg McCullough, Elisabete Gomes, Dave Avanzino, Jim Shore, Robert Olszewski and more. I spoke with Disney Design Group artist Costa Alavezos, who you may remember from a recent article discussing those precious Disney Ear Hat holiday ornaments. Costa has created several items for this event but my favorite is titled “Graveyard Band.”

“I created an original work on an 18-inch by 24-inch canvas titled ‘Graveyard Band,’” explained Costa. “It took me about three- to four weeks to complete it as I would work on it a little each night at home. The graveyard is the scene I remember the best from the attraction, particularly the band that greets you at its entrance. There are so many amazing things to see in that part that I wish the ride would slow down [laughs].”

'Room For One More' Merchandise from Disney Parks

There will also be some unique collectible one-of-a-kind Vinylmation figures designed by Noah, Miss Mindy (who recently had two incredible figures at the D23 Expo), Monty Maldovan and Quynh Kimball. I also love the collectible (and reversible) Disney Ear Hat that comes with both a pin and Vinylmation 3-inch figure.

'Room For One More' Merchandise from Disney Parks

Speaking of pins, there will be a unique feature to several of them that uses a black light (something that was a hit for the pins celebrating the 40th Anniversary of The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland in 2009). There is a lanyard medal featuring a gargoyle from the stretching room that contains a black light attachment. When shined on certain pins and packaging, the light will reveal hidden things (Tyler mentioned to look for three ghosts who like to follow people home).

The best news I have to share is that, like the name of the event implies, we still have “room for one more” guest. If you’d like ticket information or to see more of the unique items created, please visit Any volunteers?


  • Ahhhhhh! That’s the Mr. Toad from the HM pet cemetary! Now I’m even MORE sad (if that’s possible…lol) that we can’t afford tickets to this event now! I bet this even is going to be so much fun!

  • Steven, Thanks for your help! I got my tickets and cannot wait.

  • Thanks Steven 🙂 If there are any extra pins after the event, would we do best to look at the pin trader store in DTD, or one of the pin shops in the parks?

    • @Anthony – First, I’m sorry to hear of the challenges. I spoke with the Event Services team. They asked that you please telephone them so they can resolve this issue for you – 407-827-7600. From my understanding, the current system does not allow for the results to be sent via email.

      @Amy – I spoke with our planning team. If there are any pins remaining after the event, they would be most likely sold at Magic Kingdom on October 1. They may also make their way to Disney’s Pin Traders at Downtown Disney Marketplace (but that may take a few days).

  • I’m very lucky I will be attending Disney Worlds 40th Anniversary on October 1st and I was awarded tickets to attend The Room for One more Event but I have to say the whole process for this event has been moving very slow I’m still waiting to receive the results for what I was awarded through the random selection process? I received an e mail stating the results were to be mailed out on or about Sept 2nd then received another e mail saying there has been a delay because of the labor day holiday? I’m not sure why Event services used regular mail but in the future I think it would be much better to just e mail the results for these special events and the random selection process.

  • Thank you for responding to my earlier comment 🙂 I also closed my eyes the whole way through the first time I rode HM as a child. You mentioned that some of the merchandise may be available after the event if it doesn’t sell out… Does that include the pins? My son loves collecting pins (he actually got into it because we used them as a therapy tool for his motor skills disability. Removing and replacing the pin backs is great for his therapy!) HM is his favorite ride so we were hoping to get him the black light pin and some of the others 🙂 Thanks!

    • @David – That is a great question. I’ll have to do some digging on that one. I know from previous experience that many times the collectible pieces are shared between Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I’ve seen that with items I’ve purchased before while visiting California. I’ll have to check with the planning team in California for a definitive answer. Please stay tuned.

      @Amy – Ah, I’m not alone! Yes, that would include the pins (provided there are quantities remaining). And thank you for sharing your story. I always like to hear stories like yours 🙂

  • I live on the west coast, just 30 minutes from Disneyland. What, if any, of the open and limited products will be available at both parks? During the HM 40 here, I understand much was also available at WDW. What and when will makes its way out here to Disneyland? THANK YOU!!!

  • Hello, when I began to purchase tickets it says that the random selection process has already taken place. If this is the case is there any way to find out what is available before making the purchase? The event sounds fun but I would be really disappointed if we cannot purchase any of the items we are interested in. Thank you!

    • @Marleen – I invite you to keep visiting the Disney Parks Blog as we typically announce big events like this via the Blog. Additionally, you can visit which is one of our Disney Theme Park Merchandise websites. The site offers a look at special collectible items and other various events taking place at Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

      @Jennifer – I spoke with our Merchandise Special Events and Event Services teams. They advised they can take your order via the telephone. I invite you to contact the Event Services team at 407-827-7600. 🙂

  • Hi, how can I find out about these events ahead of time? When are they typically announced? We’d love to go — this is my husband’s favorite ride.

  • id like to get some, but will it be availiable after Halloween?

  • Why can’t Disney ever make a simple T-shirt for the Haunted Mansion, or better yet, a good quality polo shirt? It always has to be elaborate. Sure, these shirts are nice, but some of us would prefer something tasteful yet simple to show our allegiance to our favorite ride.

    • @David – Thank you for your comment. I’ll share your feedback with our development team. From my experience, I’ve learned that our developers like to offer (and try) a variety of different items and styles.

  • I was wondering how I could get some of the open edition pieces. I love the Jim Shore organ player!

    • @Zack, Melissa, Andrew and Amy – Select items (including the Organist by Jim Shore) will be available to all Guests after the event has concluded.

      If you would like to order select items (depending upon availability), please contact Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or send an email to beginning Wednesday, October 5.

  • Wow, these items look amazing! Do you know if they will be available after the event? We will be there in November. I’ve noticed for some time that there hasn’t been enough Mansion merchandise! Thank you!

  • Will these be available in December at Walt Disney World? I plan to visit then and hope to get some of these.

  • Will these items be available for purchase online? I will not be traveling to WDW til next year (2012) and my son loves the Haunted Mansion!!!

  • I remember the first time I road the Haunted Mansion Ride and how spooked I got when I turned that corner and the ghost was sitting next to me. I was a little disapointed the last few times, because now the ride turns to soon and I could see the ghost sitting in the car before me, so it took the “wow” factor away from it. Still a great ride though.

  • How can someone go about ordering open edition items like the Jim Shore organist?

    Love the items and would love to be there but sadly I live in NC and we are coming for New Years Eve!

  • Steve,
    This is really exciting! It will be great to have more actual ride merch, instead of just Nightmare before christmas merch (not that I don’t love it too). Also, how can I contact you? I have a cover of “Grim Grinning Ghosts” that I think you could really use in this promotion.

    • @Jennifer – I spoke with our Merchandise Events team for some additional details. The $285 ticket include a Haunted Mansion-themed dinner with entertainment, first opportunity to purchase items created for this event, a special event commemorative photo a unique event gift. The gift … wow! It rocks! You also get an opportunity to meet with other Haunted Mansion fans from around the world. I attended one of the first Haunted Mansion events in 2002 when I served as a Disney Ambassador. It was great! I hope you decide to join us 🙂

      @Logan – Thanks for the offer of the cover music. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to accept it. Sorry 🙁

  • Can you tell me what the $285.00 includes??? Like do we get some of the stuff shown for free?? or do we have to purchase it too? It seems like alot of money just to be admitted into the party! I would love to go but thats alot of money.

  • Will these items be available online, for those of us who have already visited the park this year on vacation?

    • @Christine – The figurine of the hree hitchhiking ghosts sounds like an open edition figurine by Jim Shore that debuted in September of 2009. I believe it is still available in our galleries. The Haunted Mansion figurine sounds like the one by sculptor Robert Olszewski which will debut at the “Room For 1 More” event. It will then be sold in our Art of Disney gallery locations. I know there was another figurine done featuring The Haunted Mansion in Florida that I’ve seen in current Halloween displays (like at World of Disney).

      @Elissabeth and Jason – Currently, there are no plans to release the event merchandise online. However, if you are not able to make it to Magic Kingdom to pick up these fantastic pieces, you can contact Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or send an email to beginning Wednesday, October 5 to order the pieces you desire.

  • I’ve never been a big fan of the haunted mansion but i love the t-shirt designs is any of the merchindise in this article gonna be on sale online?????

  • I recently saw a figurine of the three hitch hiking ghosts and a figurine of the Haunted Mansion. How long will these be available for and can we buy them on line other than the Magic Kingdom?

  • hi will this merchandise for the haunted mansion be available in oct

    • @Anon – We typically don’t share attendance numbers for events. Sorry. The great news is that we do have a few more tickets remaining for the event.

      @Gail – It depends on which item(s) you are seeking. Items will be sold to event attendees first. If a limited edition item sells out at the event, then it won’t be available after the event. Yet, there are several collectible pieces that are debuting at this event, so you may be able to find them at the Art of Disney locations in Florida when you visit. Have a safe trip!

  • THANK YOU for posting the availability of tickets for this event! When I found out about the event in July, the RSP for tickets had already ended. I was crushed at having missed my opportunity to attend. But, with the information from your post, I was able to get tickets today. SO EXCITED!

    Can you please tell me how many people the event is limited to? I cannot find the informtion anywhere. Also, can you tell me why the tickets are now available?

    Looking forward to celebrating my favorite Disney attraction in ONLY 27 days!

  • I am dying ( no pun intended…lol) to get some of these things for my son’s birthday. They are amazing! Will any of the items be available in the parks or at Downtown Disney after the event takes place?

    • @Amy – Yes, any remaining event merchandise will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. I invite you to visit the Diamond Horseshoe and the Main Street Gallery in Magic Kingdom on October 1 where we will have a release of items celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. Remaining event merchandise offered in these locations following the event. It is important to note that for some of the items (like Jim Shore, Walt Disney Classics Collection and other gallery items)are open editions and being launched at this event. This will be the first opportunity for fans to purchase these items. Many of the collectible pieces will make their way to the Art of Disney locations after the event. But to be the first to have something = golden! 🙂

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if there is anyway to purchase any of the “Room for 1 More” Haunted Mansion products before Sept. 30th? We are planning to be at Disney World Sept. 13-17 and will be attending the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. It would be great to be able to wear the shirts or ear hats for that event. Also, where can I find the candy corn headband that just came out and is there any other great headbands or earhats with a Halloween theme?

    • @Andrea – Unfortunately, the tee-shirts were created specifically for the event and won’t be released until September 30. As for headbands and other hats with Halloween themes, I would check World of Disney at Downtown Disney. They have a Halloween display in the center of the store that offers lots of choices.

  • It looks like some of the Mystery pins are on silver medal and some are on gold (the duelers). Is the photo a teaser of the chasers?

    Will there be upclose pics of the Noah Vinylmations previewed the on Vinylmation Blog? I’m “dying” to see the 3″ Noah Vinylmation.

    Can’t wait for the event!

    • @Hannah – Someone has good eyes! 🙂 As soon as I get some additional images of the figures from Noah, I will post them on

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