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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Sept. 19, 2011

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Have You Seen This Blue Cap at Disney Parks?

If you thought our last mystery image was a cinch to solve, take a look at today’s puzzler. It may be the most difficult of the year. This worn blue cap can be found somewhere at Disney Parks but it’s not easy to spot. Have you seen it? Please put your answers in the comments and we’ll update the post with the answer later today.

Tractor at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

That’s right, the blue cap belongs to a most interesting tractor found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. It’s parked in the Asia area of the park and now I bet you’ll always notice it. How’d you do this week?

Tractor at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


  • I don’t recall ever seeing this, but I’m going to guess Asia at Animal Kingdom.

    • Fantastic guess, Jeff. Well done.

  • is it on the truck that sits to the side of the road when entering Asia in Animal Kingdom?

  • I’m banking in one of the Indiana Jones attractions, as part of a refueling source or apparatus.

  • This is at the truck stop filled with coca cola bottles. I think it was in Hollywood Studios

  • I’m guessing it’s Tow Mater’s gas cap over at the Hollywood Studios.

  • I’m going to go with my first instinct and say it is in Asia in Animal Kingdom.

    • You got it, Edward. Thanks.

  • I agree with @James that it’s on an Indiana Jones prop truck.

  • Animal Kingdom on the truck/Icecream shop by Expedition Everest?

  • My first thought was something you go by in the boneyard, on your way to Catastrophe Canyon in the Backlot Tour… and then I starting wondering if it’s on Tow Mater, over at Luigi’s Garage?

    The Anandapur ice cream truck is blue, and I don’t think it was that rusty.

  • I really think it’s Tow Mater’s gas cap

  • This is Tow Mater gas cap filling in Hollywood Studios

  • This is Tow Maters gas cap filler in Disney Hollywood Studios

  • I’ve already guessed, but it also looks like it could be from a fireworks barge at EPCOT… AHH! What’s the answer, what’s the answer?

  • I think Tow Mater’s cap is a bit different…

  • Could be a prop at Jungle Cruise?

  • Oh I know. The truck at Village Traders in Epcot’s world showcase!

  • Hi Thomas.

    It’s true. This mystery image was very difficult to identify this time. It isn’t common to notice that detail.

    It’s a tractor near to Yeti Palace Hotel (restrooms)in Asia area.

    • Wow, can’t stump you, Carlos. You nailed it.

  • I think its the tractor thing in the Asia area one becuase i remeber seeing it becuse i go to WDW every year, and becuase of the writeing on it…

  • Now my question is – what kind of tractor is it? Was it actually brought over from Asia?

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