Ye Caption This: ‘Tis the Stanley Cup at Disneyland Park

Arrr the treasure be grand fer the NHL championship team, and they be gettin’ to take the Stanley Cup where e’er they please. ‘Twas the case in June 2007 when the mighty Chris Kunitz of then-champion Mighty Ducks brought the silver beauty to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Ye Caption This: ‘Tis the Stanley Cup at Disneyland Park

This photo be rare, you see – and Lord Stanley’s Cup is perhaps the greatest booty e’er discovered by the Pirates of the Caribbean.

How would a pirate “Caption This?”


  • Ahhhr, Now that those fo’c’sle swabs the Florida Panthers have won the cup I can die a happy man… Oh, wait…

  • Hopefully this will hold enough rum for Cap’t Jack!

  • Nothin’ shivers yer timbers like a sportin’ game of ice hockey.

  • Arrr! Fill me Stanley Cup to the brim with that thar rum.

  • This here be the biggest spyglass I’ve seen!

  • Them landlubbers on ice needn’t bother tryin’ to rescue this prized cup. Once pirates get thar hands on booty such as this, they shaln’t n’er part with it.

    Bob “Rackham Ropeburn”, Cap’n o’ The Dreaming Plunder of the East

    • Arr ye be right old pirate speak experts

  • We’ll be awaiting those Canucks. Surely they won’t be happy to find out it made it here first.

  • Aye, t’must have been a mighty duck indeed what could plunder a cup o’ that size…

  • Arrr..that be a large shiny silver cup in thar treasure, but don’t let those landlubber Kings lay their hands on it…only those of the mightiest duck may kiss the prize….

  • Yo Ho! Yo Ho! The Stanley Cup for me!

  • Oh, and Bill would say: Now that be a fine cup to drink me rum from.

  • Arrr! That be a right shiny mug..but I can’t drink me rum out a that! It ain’t got no handles!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That be a lot of rum.

  • Aye, Lord Stanley be it? Yer cup now be part of me plunder. Try and recover it at yer own peril. Properly warned ye be says I.

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