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Bake Me a Cake – Plaza Inn Carrot Cake at Disneyland Resort

We continue our series of over-the-top Disney Parks cakes, this time in the Disneyland Resort bakery with baker Sujatha Sownderraj. She shows us how they create the delectable carrot cake served at the Plaza Inn in Disneyland park – old-fashioned goodness with layers of sweet carrot cake and thick cream cheese frosting.

Watch and you’ll want to plan your next visit to the Plaza Inn.

Do you have a favorite Disney cake that you’d like to see the chef create?

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  • This was a video on how to ice a cake – interesting but not instructive on to ‘create’ the cake. I’d also like to add my request for the recipe for both the cake and the icing. Love Pam’s posts though!

  • Yum!

  • My son’s birthday is this month, and his first birthday party cake was a carrot cake.

  • It is a well kept secret… but if you visit the parks, you can request any recipe you like from Town Hall. Sometimes they will be missing one (like a new recipe) but they have most of them, and are willing to acquire a recipe if a guest asks. 🙂 (This is free btw)

    One time I went in and acquired fifteen recipes at once that they copied for me, including Mint Juleps, the Blue Bayou Potatoes, etc

  • Yum… Love these Bake Me a Cake videos – would love to see some from WDW… also other desserts and main dish demos from both parks too! (Or maybe they’re already on the blog and I haven’t foung them yet, lol.)

  • That was the desert that was at the top of my list when I worked at Disneyland. It was always moist and delicious and it has the world CARROT in it so it is GOOD FOR YOU.

  • We loves this cake!!!! nice video 🙂

  • they have an awesome chocolate cake i would love to know how they make that one

  • I can see the park from my hotel room right now! I guess I know where I’m going for my birthday dessert!!!!!! Thanks.

  • Really nice video, but, I think that most of us who watched it were hoping for a recipe.

  • Why don’t they make those carrot cake whoopie pies that they make at MGM Studios? I’ve gone twice to Disneyworld and bought two to bring home to California! PLEASE START MAKING THEM! I CAN’T AFFORD TO KEEP GOING TO FLORIDA TO GET THESE! LOL!

  • Any way we could get a recipe with that?

  • My mom and I were just talking about how that is the best carrot cake we’ve ever had! I know what I’m baking this weekend 🙂

  • wow, that looks delicious!! Lets go to the Plaza Inn! thanks 🙂

  • Okay,,Next week,,i’m going there to share a piece with my Grandson,,,

  • Is it possible to get the recipe? Would love to make this at home too.

  • Now this is just mean to show to those of us not at the park! Mmmm, I might drool on my keyboard.

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